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Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 30 October 2019

Renuvion J-Plasma body contouring and skin tightening is an innovative minimally invasive treatment that tightens as well as contours saggy skin in almost any area of the body. It can offer particularly desirable results as a non-surgical neck lift procedure.

A special device delivering helium plasma energy via small incisions to the undersurface of the skin in the neck region helps achieve a tauter and more contoured neck appearance.

Renuvion J-Plasma can be performed as a stand-alone procedure. However, it is frequently performed along with liposuction cosmetic surgery. While liposuction eliminates fat below the chin and around the neck, J-Plasma tightens the skin. This provides remarkable improvements to the neck contours without traditional neck lift surgery.

Renuvion J-Plasma Procedure

The same local tumescent anesthesia used for liposuction is also administered in the neck area to perform J-Plasma neck lift. The surgeon will place small incisions in the treatment area. If the patient is undergoing liposuction along with J-Plasma, the surgeon will perform the liposuction first.

They will then use the same incisions to insert a unique device to deliver helium plasma energy to the skin’s under-surface to tighten and contour it in a precise way. The helium energy immediately tightens the skin and encourages the production of new collagen in the treated skin facilitating improvement which will continue for several months after the procedure.  

What Is Helium Plasma Energy?

In the normal state, helium is an inert, non-reactive gas. But when it is ionized with radiofrequency energy, it becomes reactive.

This is a state that scientist call “plasma.” On contact, helium plasma tightens the skin’s undersurface immediately and to such a degree that is incomparable to other available technologies such as radiofrequency, ultrasound or lasers.

Besides, helium plasma is significantly cooler than laser energy. This makes it much less potentially harmful. Now, there is an FDA-approved device available that can deliver helium plasma in a completely safe and effective manner for skin tightening in almost any area of the body such as torso, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, back, etc.

Results with Renuvion J-Plasma Neck Lift

Both body contouring and skin tightening procedures offer visible outcomes within 1 to 2 weeks, as soon as the inflammation subsides. There is often considerable improvement in the appearance of the neck within one month of the procedure. The helium energy prompts the production of collagen over the next 3 to 6 months following the procedure enabling the neck to appear tauter and more youthful.


The patient may experience mild inflammation and light bruising following this procedure. This typically resolves in 7 to 14 days. Even if this procedure is done along with liposuction, there is no additional recovery time than if the patient had received liposuction alone.

The surgeon may recommend recipients of J-Plasma procedure to wear the same post-op garments as liposuction patients. Similar to liposuction recovery, patients can resume light activities and short walks at home within 2 to 3 days.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 28 October 2019

The safety and quality of the breast implants available today have encouraged many women to decide actively on their breast appearance. Women want to feel confident about their appearance, which usually includes a desire for perkier and more youthful looking breasts. A patient may seek to enhance the shape and look of her breasts, but how can she get dramatic outcomes that still look natural? A number of factors will go into determining natural looking results with breast implant plastic surgery.

Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Many surgeons are performing plastic surgeries today. Unfortunately, not all of these surgeons are well-qualified in matching the right implant size and type with a specific patient’s body shape and frame. The most important factor that affects the outcomes of the breast enlargement procedure is the choice of the cosmetic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon should be skilled and capable of employing a wide range of surgical techniques and procedures to offer the patient the most natural breast appearance possible with minimal scarring. The patient may not be able to achieve the natural outcomes she seeks if the surgeon follows a cookie-cutter approach and relies on specific favorite techniques only. 

Choose the Right Implant Type

The patient’s choice of an implant, as well as the implant placement technique, will determine the appearance, tautness, and firmness of the breast augmentation plastic surgery results. Before choosing saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants, the patient should discuss her desired outcomes with the plastic surgeon.

The shape of the implant, round or teardrop, also impacts the appearance of the breasts after the enhancement procedure. The surgeon should recommend the best implant shape according to the patient’s body type to accomplish natural outcomes.

While people mistakenly believe that round implants always create a round breast shape and teardrop implants create a natural breast shape, this is not necessarily true. In choosing the correct implant shape, other physical attributes also play a vital role.

Choose the Right Implant Size

The choice of the correct sized breast implant is a crucial factor in achieving natural looking results. The patient may seek to attain a specific cup size. However, cup sizes are subjective. It is essential to focus on the implant size that will offer the patient the natural results she seeks.

In reality, there is only one right size for a specific patient. A well-proportioned look requires the placement of implants that are neither too big nor too small in relation to the body.

Implants that are too big will make the breasts appear artificial and round. If the implants are too small, the breasts will look loose and empty on the top. The most beautiful outcomes from breast implant surgery are a result of accurate measurements. The surgeon will help the patient visualize how different sized implants will appear on the patient.



Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 26 October 2019

Liposuction fat reduction procedure currently ranks as the second most popular plastic surgery. For more than 30 years, patients suffering from stubborn fat pockets in certain areas have benefited from liposuction to achieve sculpted contours. But one of the downsides with liposuction is that some patients may have significant tissue laxity in the treated sites, which will create saggy or loose skin after fat elimination.

Now with the introduction of J Plasma skin tightening technique, a surgeon can overcome this limitation and create attractive contours with smooth and tight skin by combining liposuction with J Plasma.

Less Invasive Procedure with Targeted Results

One of the foremost surgical techniques to perform fat reduction today is tumescent liposuction. The plastic surgery procedure is less invasive and avoids the need for general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will create small incisions in the affected sites through which a slim cannula will be introduced into the deeper tissue to eliminate excess fat deposits.

Small incisions will ensure that the recovery is faster and scarring, if any, is minimal. If the patient suffers from significant tissue laxity due to excess fat pockets, liposuction alone can end up creating uneven results with saggy and loose skin. To overcome this hurdle, your surgeon will utilize the power of J Plasma along with tumescent liposuction.

J Plasma energy will allow the surgeon to produce targeted tightening under the skin (sub-dermal contraction). As the tissue contracts and the fat deposits are eliminated, it will reveal slimmer as well as tighter skin in the treated areas. The patient can have noticeable, natural looking, and sustainable body contouring results with this combined procedure.

Efficient In-Clinic Procedure

The surgeon will use lidocaine or another local anaesthetic to numb the affected sites. Most patients will stay awake throughout the surgery, but may be given a calming medication prior to the procedure. Through the small incisions, the surgeon will insert the thin cannula into the targeted tissue areas to dislodge unwanted fat cells.

Once the fats are sufficiently loosened up, the surgeon will suction them out with the help of a syringe or pump attached to the outer end of the cannula. The fat removal treatment will be performed quickly, and will be followed by the introduction of J Plasma through the cannula. Cold plasma will help to tighten the tissue from within in the areas where the fat has just been reduced with liposuction. The J Plasma procedure will help to create tighter, smoother skin, and eliminate tissue laxity. The complete procedure, including liposuction and J Plasma, may take about one to two hours. The patient can usually return home the same day.



Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 24 October 2019

Even full, voluptuous lips can lose some of their volume due to the process of aging. Lip augmentation cosmetic surgery can help create a more youthful facial appearance and offer enhanced confidence to patients who have experienced a loss of fullness in their lips.

Treatment options such as lip augmentation filler injections, lip implant plastic surgery, and fat transfer are available to patients seeking lip enhancement.

Sustainability of Outcomes with Lip Augmentation Dermal Fillers

Over the years, there have been significant advancements in lip dermal filler injections. But these solutions do not offer permanent results. Lip filler longevity depends on the type of filler used and the body’s response to it.

Lip fillers, for example, will last longer in younger individuals due to adequate collagen and hyaluronic acid production to support and enhance the outcomes. On the other hand, older adults will need routine treatments such as Restylane. Some of the commonly used filler injectables are:


For lip augmentation, Juvederm is used mainly to fill wrinkles around the mouth. The Juvederm gel is hypoallergenic. It creates instant fullness in the treated site. The results are natural looking and can last up to one year.


Restylane comprises hyaluronic acid (HA). This dermal filler provides fullness and a natural brightness to the tissue. The outcomes last between six and 12 months. After that, the body absorbs the HA through its natural processes.


HA is also the primary ingredient in Perlane. This helps Perlane outcomes appear natural and sustain for an extended period. The outcomes of this dermal filler can sustain between six months to one year.


The patient will have to undergo an allergy test before receiving collagen-based lip fillers as animal-based fillers can lead to an allergic reaction. Human collagen-based injections are also available. The outcomes sustain for approximately three months in both cases.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer for lip augmentation involves the removal of fat from one area of the body and its use for lip enhancement. The fat does not create an allergic response as it comes from the patient’s own body. The results last for between three to six months. After that, the patient may require a touch-up procedure.

In general, dermal fillers can sustain in the lips for between three months to a year depending on the type of filler administered.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 20 October 2019

The J-Plasma Renuvion body lift and skin tightening procedure can effectively re-contour the body. Patients can accomplish a more youthful body shape as well as tauter skin without undergoing excisional surgery. J-Plasma Renuvion is an efficient procedure that can be safely administered in-office.

This body lift procedure may involve the use of local anesthesia and oral sedation to ensure that the patient remains comfortable. People seeking a more contoured and firmer body may find the J-Plasma Renuvion treatment to be highly beneficial. The procedure involves minimal downtime and discomfort to lift and tighten lax tissue.

Treatment Area

J-Plasma powered Renuvion body lift can firm and contour the below mentioned areas very effectively:

Upper arms



Upper and lower back


Plasma Energy

The Renuvion body lift and skin tightening involve the use of a specialized device to target cold plasma energy to the treatment site.

This cold plasma is produced by ionizing helium gas with RF energy. Helium is a highly stable gas which can be energized at very low levels of energy enabling this treatment to be targeted, safe, and effective.

As cold plasma is not heat-based like lasers, the procedure involves minimal risk of injury to the treated tissues. These cold plasma characteristics make it an ideal treatment for patients who desire body contouring with minimal discomfort, downtime, and risks.

Suitable Candidates

Renuvion body lift and skin tightening procedure is a suitable treatment for individuals with mild to moderate sagging skin. A person can develop loose skin and uneven contours due to major weight loss or aging.

In addition, it is ideal for people who have undergone liposuction or another non-surgical body sculpting procedure in the past and are seeking further contouring, toning, and tightening.  


The time taken to complete this procedure is between one to two hours. The patient will be administered local anaesthesia to numb the treatment areas.

Subsequently, the Renuvion provider will place tiny incisions on the affected sites. They will use these incisions to apply the Renuvion device on the skin’s under surface to deliver cold plasma energy to the tissue layers being treated.

This will immediately constrict, tighten, and firm the tissue from inside out. Patients will instantly notice the treatment benefits, and the effects will continually enhance over time. The cold plasma energy will prompt the production of new collagen fibers for fuller, smoother skin and longer lasting outcomes.


A majority of patients can resume their routine activities in around two to three days following the procedure. In around three weeks, they can restart exercising as well. The treatment provider may prescribe some pain medicines to help the patient remain comfortable during the initial recovery phase.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 18 October 2019

Facial rejuvenation aesthetic treatments aim to provide a more youthful appearance to a person’s face. These treatments can help reduce wrinkles, age spots, and lines as well as signs of sleeplessness, stress, and sun damage.

An important aspect is to understand which facial rejuvenation procedure is most appropriate and effective. Facial rejuvenation treatments can be both invasive and non-invasive. They may make use of ultrasound, lights, surgical incisions, lasers, and chemicals. It may take days or even weeks for the patient to heal from such procedures.

Some patients may eventually find themselves wondering if the made the right decision after undergoing these procedures.

Patients seeking the latest procedures to reduce signs of aging on the face such as sunspots should evaluate the state-of-the-art J-Plasma treatment. This unique treatment offers beautiful results non-surgically and causes minimal side-effects.

How J-Plasma Works

J-Plasma makes use of “plasma” which is not the clear fluid found in the body or another kind of bodily fluid. In this case, plasma refers to helium energized gas which is an excellent conductor of electrical pulses. Plasma is called the “fourth state of matter,” in addition to solids, liquids, and other gases.

The J-Plasma device uses radio frequency (RF) energy on helium gas to ionize it. This converts the helium gas into cold plasma. When the cold plasma emanates from the device in a stream, the treatment provider applies this device to the patient’s skin.

The J-Plasma device may be used underneath the skin (subdermally) or over the surface. In case it is used on the undersurface of the skin, it is inserted into the skin via small incisions. The provider will use the device to deliver ionized gas underneath the skin making it tighter immediately. This technique is often used on the body as a liposuction alternative.

J-Plasma Candidates

Although J-Plasma may be recommended as a nonsurgical alternative to facelift surgery, it can offer the skin many additional benefits than merely making it tauter or reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The J-Plasma procedure can treat signs of aging on the face such as sunspots and irregular pigmentation. This factor allows the J-Plasma treatment to rival other noninvasive facial rejuvenation procedures such as laser resurfacing and intense pulsed light (IPL).

Ideal candidates for the J-Plasma procedure are individuals with mild to moderate skin aberrations such as sunspots and who want a dramatic improvement in their skin.

However, patients should understand that J-Plasma is not always a suitable spot treatment. It is more appropriate for the treatment of the entire neck and face area. But certain individuals do seek J-Plasma spot procedures to address specific concerns.


J-Plasma skin rejuvenation effects are immediately visible. The skin beneath the eliminated superficial skin layer is noticeably smoother. The skin is free of aberrations such as sunspots and attains brilliance which further enhances its dazzling and smooth look. The complete effects of a J-Plasma procedure may take months to become apparent. The redness associated with the procedure also fully subsides in a few months.  


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 15 October 2019

A qualified plastic surgeon and their team will perform the neck lift surgery inside the operating room using a few key steps. The plastic surgery procedure will mainly involve the reduction of excess skin from the neck area. However, in some cases, the surgeon will tighten the underlying loose neck muscles as well.

The surgeon will inform the patient of the various steps involved in the surgery during the pre-operative consultation process. A committed surgeon will ensure that the patient understands all facets of neck lift surgery to be able to make a poignant decision.

Neck Lift Preparation

The patient will need to undertake some preparatory steps before the neck lift surgery for a safe and predictable procedure. The surgeon will require the patient to avoid tobacco consumption, and refrain from consuming, excessive alcohol and fatty and sugary foods.

They will also ask the patient to discontinue the use of blood thinners, NSAIDs, and specific vitamin and herbal supplements.

The surgeon may place these restrictions on the patient a few weeks prior to the procedure. Furthermore, the surgeon or their team will offer the patient guidelines for the day of the neck lift surgery. The patient should arrange for transportation and aftercare (if necessary) to enjoy a relaxed post-op recovery period.

Neck Lift Anaesthesia

The surgeon may perform the neck lift under general or local anesthesia with sedation. This decision will be made during the surgical planning process. If the surgery is performed using general anesthesia, the patient will be asleep during the procedure. An anesthesiologist or a certified nurse anesthetist will administer the general anesthesia.

After the surgery is complete, the patient will be brought out of anesthesia. However, they may experience mild side effects for a few hours, such as nausea and grogginess.

Neck Lift Incision Placement

The surgeon will perform the neck lift by placing tiny incisions. However, their size and location will depend on the customized surgical plan developed at the time of the consultation.

They will generally place the incisions beneath the chin and behind the ears to ensure that they remain discreet. Tiny incisions will heal rapidly and cause minimal permanent scarring.

If the patient chooses to undergo the neck lift plastic surgery along with facelift or neck liposuction, the surgeon may place the incisions in different locations. However, they will try to use common incisions as far as possible for the entire procedure.

Neck Lift Surgical Procedure

In some cases, all that the patient may need is a simple fat reduction surgery in the neck area to develop a shapely neck appearance. However, other patients may need a significant elimination of neck skin and fat along with the restructuring of the underlying neck muscles for desirable results.

The surgeon may choose to remove fat tissue from the neck through surgical excision instead of liposuction in such cases. They may also have to remove a small portion of the platysma muscle to tighten the loose neck muscles.

Sealing the Neck Lift Incisions

After the surgery is complete, the surgeon will re-drape the remaining skin tautly over the neck. They will seal the incisions cautiously with dissolvable or traditional sutures.




Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 12 October 2019

J-Plasma Renuvion is a minimally invasive medical spa treatment that provides an effective alternative to facelift surgery as well as many other face, chin, body, and neck skin tightening procedures.

J-Plasma causes the superficial skin layer to peel away delicately. A new layer of fresh, tighter, and more youthful skin emerges in the treated site. Patients who are concerned with the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes will find this revolutionary treatment to be highly beneficial.  

The patient undergoes the J-Plasma Renuvion skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment under local anaesthesia. This makes it a safe and comfortable procedure for the patient.

It is an ideal solution for individuals considering a reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet as well as facial revitalization in a non-surgical manner. This procedure is also suitable for people who have received facial surgery in the past and now want to improve the appearance of fine lines and age spots on the skin.

J-Plasma Benefits


J-Plasma Renuvion does not involve surgery. Therefore, it does not lead to the pain and risks commonly associated with cosmetic surgeries. Furthermore, it does not cause scarring, other than if it is administered on the undersurface of the skin. The incision scars are minimal even in the case of a subdermal treatment.

Significant Results

J-Plasma Renuvion before and after pictures display significant improvements. Despite being a nonsurgical procedure, it effectively mitigates signs of facial aging such as crow’s feet.

Brief Procedure

J-Plasma is, at times, promoted as the “the one hour facelift.” However, this medical procedure is usually complete in under 45 minutes.

One Treatment Sessions Only

Patients typically require a single J-Plasma session to attain desirable outcomes. This differentiates it from various other available nonsurgical procedures. However, some individuals may have to undergo more than one J-Plasma Renuvion treatment.

J Plasma Procedure

While J-Plasma is a skin resurfacing procedure, it delivers the ionized energy to the superficial skin layer. This enables the skin to peel away to reveal a brighter and more youthful skin layer. J-Plasma reduces skin discoloration, improves texture, constricts pores, mitigates deep and fine lines, and tightens sagging skin. When applied underneath the skin, J-Plasma is a robust tightening procedure. The treatment provider applies ionized helium gas to the skin in a manner reminiscent of using a precise paintbrush. This offers highly targeted “cool plasma” delivery. This attribute helps treat the skin from the outside causing skin peeling and contracting, or pure tightening if used subdermally.

The J-Plasma procedure does not involve any major discomfort and is performed using local anesthesia. In addition, the patient may be prescribed pain medications and other solutions to help reduce the discomfort. In general, if the entire area undergoes J-Plasma treatment, the provider will use an extra pass to enhance the skin tightening.

Effective In-Clinic Procedure

J-Plasma is comfortable in-office procedure that typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete. It involves minimal pain can efficiently mitigate signs of aging such as crow’s feet around the eyes.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 8 October 2019

A robust jaw of a man conveys his masculine power. Now a stronger jaw line is within the easy reach of all men due to the advancements in plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. As a result, more men now want to have a stronger jaw line to improve the personality.

The trend has received a boost with the arrival of many FDA approved dermal fillers. In fact, a 100 percent increase has been recorded in the number of men seeking jaw line definition in the past one year. The main attraction of facial filler injections for jaw enhancement is that there are no cuts or incisions involved in the process.

Looking Younger with a Solid Jaw Line

Conventionally, robust jaw line and pumped up looks are a facial feature of many male film personalities. The desire to replicate such rugged looks naturally exists in many men who want a dramatic enhancement of their jaw line. Dermal filler injections are a popular solution to achieve this look because it avoids the need for a plastic surgery procedure.

The urge to maintain a youthful look drives many men for facial filler injections. According to experts, concerns about a weakened jaw line ranks as a major worry after hair and belly in the list of men’s physical aesthetic priorities.

Fillers for the Jaw

Among the facial fillers, Juvederm Voluma is the most sought-after one due to its ability to effectively augment the jaw line. Approved by the FDA, the filler is good for cheek augmentation as well as for various off-label uses. The merits of Voluma include its higher gel consistency and deeper concentration of hyaluronic acid.

The gel firmness of Voluma also eliminates the risk of accidentally developing any ‘effeminate’ male jaw. Yet another leading filler is the HA-based filler Restylane Lyft, which was FDA approved in 2015. Lyft is very effective in off-label jaw line improvement. Kybella, approved by the FDA and launched in 2015 is also an innovative injectable treatment used in chin fat reduction. The injection dissolves fats under the jaw and gives safe and predictable results.

Negligible Downtime

Low or zero downtime of injectable treatments makes a strong appeal to men. They can even schedule their jaw contouring appointment during the lunch hour from work, and simply go back to office after the treatment.

Now more men are receiving dermal fillers every six to 12 months for a consistently stronger jaw line. In case of men, better results follow from one or two injection vials of the dermal filler with the complete in-office procedure lasting less than 30 minutes. 


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 5 October 2019

At times, it can be difficult to eliminate stubborn fatty pockets on the flanks, thighs, abdomen, and other body areas, even with diet and exercise. These stubborn fat deposits are usually not responsive to natural treatment. 

Liposuction plastic surgery is an effective solution to eliminate excess fat from various body areas. 

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will establish whether the patient is a good candidate for liposuction surgery, and explain its advantages and limitations to them. 

Good Candidates

Prior to proceeding further, an experienced surgeon will first determine the patient’s candidacy for liposuction surgery. Appropriate candidates for this surgery are in good overall health and weigh within 25 pounds of their optimal weight range. 

They want to eliminate fat deposits that have been unresponsive to diet and exercise. People who are 18 years or older and meet the required health criteria are ideal candidates for liposuction plastic surgery.

The following individuals may not be suitable candidates for liposuction:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

People who use blood thinners, unless they can stop using these medicines in the weeks prior to the surgery

People with medical conditions that could impede the healing process

People who are allergic to lidocaine (which is used in tumescent liposuction) 

Teenagers and Liposuction

In rare cases, a surgeon will approve a teen patient as a candidate for liposuction surgery. If the teen patient has lost a large amount of weight that has left behind stubborn fatty deposits, they may be an appropriate candidate for liposuction. 

The surgeon will also make sure that the teen patient has the emotional maturity to cope with the liposuction procedure.

The surgeon may establish that only one problem area needs treatment to improve the teen patient’s self-confidence. Some teens are unhappy about the presence of excess fat deposits in the hips, calves, under the chin, or other areas. 

This may cause embarrassment for them in their peer group. Liposuction plastic surgery may be an effective procedure for such patients as it can remove fatty pockets in specific areas to develop a more contoured, toned appearance. 

Adult Candidates

There is no upper age limit for patients considering liposuction surgery. But liposuction does involve certain risks, similar to any surgical procedure. 

The patient should be in good overall health to be able to cope with the surgery and anaesthesia. Patients with serious medical conditions or those on specific medications may not be ideal candidates for liposuction surgery.

Individuals considering liposuction should consult their primary care doctor and plastic surgeon to understand whether they are ideal candidates for liposuction.

Liposuction eliminates fat, but it does not tighten sagging skin. For this reason, the presence of relatively elastic skin will typically create better surgical results. Patients who are older tend to have less elastic skin.

Health Issues

The presence of certain conditions may exclude some patients as liposuction surgery candidates. Individuals with chronic problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure may not be suitable liposuction candidates.

People with a weakened immune system or those with heart conditions, poor blood supply, or lung disease may not be suitable candidates for liposuction as it could cause serious health complications. 

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