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Botox® Treatment Areas

Fillers in Dubai | 31 December 2019

Botox treatment is administered through a series of precise and formulated injection points. The product is introduced to the face via ultra-fine microneedles. They are specially-designed to reduce the pain of the injection and to make your treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We do, however, provide numbing cream for patients, if requested.

The wrinkles injections themselves usually take a matter of minutes, but we may wish to monitor you for a brief period after your treatment, or consult you before treatment if it is your first time. This is to ensure that you get the right treatment for you, and that your safety is upheld at all times.

There are many different uses for Botox, including for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and it is also used to treat cerebral palsy within children. It is incredibly safe and has lots of clinical studies and trials behind it to back its efficacy. For cosmetic treatment, botulinum toxin is used is small doses to temporarily relax facial muscles and prevent overuse. This in time will smooth facial lines and wrinkles and give a rejuvenated result.

Some of the most popular areas to treat with Botox include:


The glabella (“Elevens”) refers to the small area of the forehead between the eyebrows. As we often use this muscle to create expressions, it can mean some of our most prominent wrinkles and grooves are formed in this area. Relaxing the muscle and the tension in this area can dramatically reduce lines and soften your facial features.  


Usually an area treated in combination with the glabella and the crow’s feet, the forehead is a problem area for many. As we age, the facial muscles and the fat pads in our face shift and migrate down the face, making us look older, tired and quite sad looking. A small amount of Botox to this area can help lift the brow line and reduce the weight pulling the features down.  


Formed at the corners of our eyes, crow’s feet are often a bugbear of our patients’. While in some cases we can remove these lines completely, most – at the very least – will notice a softer and younger appearance around the eyes after Botox.  

Botox can also be used for:


For those who suffer with migraines, the relentless pain, the days spent indoors with curtains shut and the disruption this causes to everyday life can start to get too much. Just a few, precise injections can alleviate the tension built up and ease the pain of your migraine. 


Just as migraines dictate their sufferers’ lives, hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that controls many aspects of day-to-day activities. Excessive sweating is often embarrassing and inconvenient for people, but with regular Botox treatment, you can start to manage the issue and considerably reduce the amount you sweat.  

What are the risk factors and causes of wrinkles?

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 26 December 2019

Although wrinkles can signify wisdom, or at least some level of maturity, there is no question that newly born infants also have wrinkles. The real concern that most of us have is that certain types of wrinkling are associated with the aging process. In our current “pop” culture, people do not view aging positively. Generally, the treatment of normal skin aging that does not result in a functional abnormality is termed “cosmetic.” Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance.

Many products and procedures promise to reduce wrinkles. Some do little or nothing (like the products that claim they reduce “the appearance of fine lines,” which means that they don’t reduce the lines themselves). Others can achieve a fair amount of success.

Although all of our skin ages, sun exposure dramatically enhances the rate at which this occurs. Changes brought on by sun damage (photoaging) include dry skin (really roughness), sagginess, skin growths like keratoses, lentigos (“liver spots”), and wrinkles. Just compare the skin on the face and neck of a poorly pigmented farmer to the skin of his buttocks.

Most wrinkles associated with aging appear on the parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest. These sites are the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms. Wrinkles come in two categories: fine surface lines and deep furrows related to muscular contraction. Some deep furrows are anatomical in nature and have little to do with aging. Generally, it is only the aging wrinkles that really bother people. There are two basic approaches to the amelioration of these signs of aging: prevention and treatment. Topical wrinkle treatments are, in general, much more effective for fine lines. Deeper creases may require more invasive techniques, such injection of fillers, local muscle paralysis, or plastic surgery. There is a special form of wrinkling called “cellulite” that produces a “cottage cheese-like” appearance to the skin. Cellulite most commonly appears in the hips and buttocks of women and is due to fat deposition in certain anatomical areas in the dermis.

What are risk factors and causes of wrinkles?


Degree of natural skin pigmentation (more is better)

Sun and ultraviolet exposure

Heredity (some families wrinkle more)

The loss of subcutaneous fat on a person’s body (people with more subcutaneous fat have fewer wrinkles)

Some of these factors are beyond our control. The main preventive measures we can take are to minimize sun exposure and not smoke. These measures can, at best, delay wrinkles.

Sun protection factor SPF numbers on sunscreen labels refer to protection against UVB radiation (the “sunburn rays”). Higher SPF numbers (50) are better at protecting the skin than lower numbers. Broad-spectrum sunscreens offer protection against UVB and UVA radiation (longer-wave ultraviolet light). UVA rays are abundant in sunlight and produced by tanning salon light bulbs; they may not cause immediate sunburn but do produce aging and an increase skin cancer risk over time. (Sorry, but there is no such thing as a “safe tan.”) Sunscreens that block UVA indicate this on the label and contain ingredients such as Parsol, Mexoryl, and benzophenones.

Procedural options

Glycolic acid peels: These superficial peels can make a very slight difference in the intensity of fine wrinkles.

Deeper peels: These peels use ingredients like salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid and penetrate somewhat deeper into the skin. Deeper peels do a better job of smoothing fine lines. The deeper the peel, however, the greater the risk of side effects such as long-lasting pigment changes (changes in the color of the skin) and scarring. Such peels may require anesthesia. Mild sedation helps ease short-term but intense discomfort.

Microdermabrasion: This refers to “sanding the skin” with a machine containing silica or aluminum crystals; many estheticians offer this service, usually in “packages” of six or seven sessions. Microdermabrasion does not change skin anatomy, though it may make the face feel smoother. Cosmetic products marketed as “home microdermabrasion” are just mild exfoliants — harmless but not likely to produce any meaningful change in wrinkles.

Dermabrasion: This is a true surgical procedure, often performed under general anesthesia. The treating physician uses a rotating instrument to sand the skin down. Depending a great deal on the skill and experience of the operator, dermabrasion can result in excellent improvement but can also produce significant side effects, including scarring and permanent changes in skin color.

Laser resurfacing: Using instruments such as the carbon dioxide and erbium lasers, physicians can achieve results similar to those of dermabrasion with greater reliability and precision. A medical professionals passes the laser several times over the area to be treated until the damage reaches the middle of the dermis, the skin’s second layer. This helps stimulate the body’s natural collagen synthesis (production), which plumps up sagging skin and wrinkles. Some dermatologists perform laser resurfacing under “conscious sedation,” in which the patient remains awake and receives intravenous medications to calm and ease pain. Doctors combine this sedation with the application of topical anesthetic creams such as EMLA, as well as injections of local anesthetics like lidocaine. Patients may need to repeat procedures to maximize improvement. Skin takes a long time to heal (weeks to months) after resurfacing. In addition, this procedure, like dermabrasion, can cause permanent pigment changes and scarring.

Fractional resurfacing: Newer lasers work through a modification of traditional laser resurfacing. Treatments affect not the whole skin but instead only evenly spaced spots surrounded by undamaged skin. Healing is much faster than traditional resurfacing, with less “downtime” afterward. Patients may need several treatments to achieve full benefit.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing: Newer lasers attempt to stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin without damaging the epidermis. Studies and clinical experience suggest that such procedures can improve fine wrinkles, though not as much as laser resurfacing. Several treatments may be necessary. These procedures are almost painless and there is little or no redness, peeling, or downtime afterward.

Heat and radiofrequency: Another variation of noninvasive facial rejuvenation is to heat tissue using radiofrequency devices and infrared light sources. Techniques are still in development, but results to date suggest that such treatments are safe and can produce visible and lasting improvement, though not as much as surgical techniques like facelifts (rhytidectomy).

Cosmetic surgery: Surgical facelifts, brow lifts, and similar operations can be very helpful for selected patients.

Thread lift: In this procedure, a barbed, medical professionals insert a stiff thread into facial skin in the appropriate direction and the tissue is pulled to catch on the barbs, producing a lifted appearance. Whether or not the effect is sustained is controversial, but there is no doubt that in the short term there can be a modest cosmetic benefit using only a local anesthetic associated with minimal downtime.

Botox: Injection of botulinum toxin, the muscle poison, can paralyze facial muscles that produce the “frown lines” on the forehead, fine lines around the eyes, and other wrinkles. Improvement lasts several months, and patients must have repeated injections to sustain improvement.

Dermal Fillers: Medical professionals inject fillers into the skin to increase volume and flatten wrinkles and folds. In the past, the most popular filler was collagen. More recently, health care professionals use new filler substances such as hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm) and calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), lactic acid (Sculptra), and autologous fat transplants because their effects can last six to nine months or even longer.

Anyone considering any of the cosmetic procedures should be sure to consult doctors who have experience in one or several of these techniques. Patients should fully inform themselves about the risks and potential benefits of the procedure they are considering before going forward.

98% of women undergoing breast augmentation say the results met or exceeded their expectations!

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 24 December 2019

Ninety-eight percent of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery say the results met or exceeded their expectations, according to a prospective outcome study published in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Women also report improvements in self-esteem and quality of life after breast augmentation, according to the study. The study adds high-quality information regarding expected outcomes after breast augmentation-including recovery time and psychological benefits.

The survey study evaluated 225 consecutive women who returned for interviews at least one month after breast augmentation over a five-year period. Interviews included questions about the recovery, results, complications and psychological effects. The average patient age was 34 years old, and the majority of women received saline-filled breast implants placed under the muscle. The average implant volume was 390 cc.

On a 10-point scale, the women reported an average pain score during recovery of 5.9. On average, they used prescription pain medication for five days and were off work seven days. Patients felt they were “back to normal” about 25 days after surgery.

Eighty-five percent of women rated their new breast size “just right.” Thirteen percent would have preferred a larger size and less than two percent a smaller size. Only one percent expressed dissatisfaction with their scars, which were usually located in the crease under the breast. Seventy-five percent of women rated their breast firmness “just right.” When asked to rate the result, over half of the patients gave it a perfect 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Almost all patients (98 percent) reported that the results met or exceeded their expectations.

Nearly 40 percent of the women surveyed experienced at least temporary nipple numbness after surgery. Persistent numbness was reported by only two percent. The complication rate reported by patients was 10 percent. When asked about psychological effects, 92 percent of women reported improved self-esteem after breast augmentation and 64 percent reported an improved quality of life. Before surgery, the majority of women (86 percent) were self-conscious about their breasts. After surgery, only 13 percent were self-conscious about them.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The study results provide new information for women considering breast augmentation, particularly in terms of their expectations of the recovery and results. This study is valuable in providing information from the patient’s perspective, not the surgeon’s. Patient satisfaction is the most important measure of surgical success.

A Brow Lift Can Knock Back The Years

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 22 December 2019

Whether you’re a man or a woman, many people suffer from muscles in the face relaxing as they get older. This can cause the brows to lower, leading to an ‘overhang’ on the face. There are some temporary options available to fix this – such as Botox – but Brow Lift surgery offers a much more permanent solution to the problem.

Whether you have deep lines on your forehead or a heavy, drooping brow (or both) a Brow Lift will help raise all this up and smooth out your forehead, for a more youthful appearance.

In the majority of cases, the procedure can be carried out through tiny incisions made behind the hairline. For some males undergoing the treatment, this can even be done in the brows themselves, to ensure visible scars are kept to a minimum.

What happens during the procedure?

During the procedure you will be placed under local anaesthetic. The surgeon will then make small cuts in your hairline (or as previously mentioned, in the brow itself) and use an incision in the scalp or endoscopic technology to tighten the skin and muscles across the forehead for a smoother appearance.

How long before the scars heal?

This varies from person to person but in most cases the scars will disappear within a few weeks.

How much bruising can be expected?

There is often very little bruising to none at all. If you do suffer from some bruising, ice packs and painkillers will help minimise discomfort.

Can this procedure be combined with a full Face Lift?

Yes. In fact, combining the two is a very popular option; it can be combined with both a Face Lift and Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) as they focus on the lower two-thirds of the face and eyes, whilst a Brow Lift focusses only on the top third (the forehead and temples).

How long after surgery before I can wash my hair?

Usually only a couple of days.  

Don’t Put up With Sagging Skin‎

Fillers in Dubai | 20 December 2019

Dermal Fillers are used to treat the effects of ageing in the skin by restoring the volume, lifting and plumping the areas that may have lost elasticity and firmness over time. As we age, our skin naturally loses fatty tissue and collagen, resulting in a gradual loss of volume. Fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, a form of sugar that naturally occurs in our body to aid the repair of damaged tissue. If you are looking to plump areas of concern, restructuring the trouble areas for a more defined, youthful appearance, Dermal Fillers might be the perfect solution.

Dermal Fillers are a fantastic anti-ageing injectables solution for many men and women. By restoring shape, volume and plumpness to the skin, they can effectively address concerns including fine lines and wrinkles on the face as well as tightening loose skin around the jawline and neck. Dermal Fillers can also be used to plump and rejuvenate ageing skin on hands.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. I recommend a one to one consultation to discuss your treatment options.


The delicate under eye area often shows many signs of ageing, through sagging skin, loss of volume and dark circles, causing the under eye area to become hollow and darkened. This is often referred to as the ‘tear trough’. Dermal Filler Treatments provide a safe, minimally invasive and impressive solution to improve the appearance of the under eye area, effectively treating sagging skin, indentations and stubborn dark circles.


If you desire cheeks with more volume, plumpness and lift, then Dermal Fillers could be the perfect solution. This fast, effective and minimally invasive treatment enables specific parts of the face to be lifted, enhanced and shaped, giving you the ‘cheeky’ look you desire.


Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, but fear that cosmetic surgery could be a step too far. My nose Dermal Fillers can be a great non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative to correct a hooked or bumpy nose with zero downtime. It is also a safe and effective solution for broken or misshaped noses.


Dermal Fillers can be a great alternative to facial surgery if you have suffered from a loss of definition around your jawline due to the ageing process. When used in conjunction with Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers can be a fantastic solution to tighten loose skin for a younger looking, chiselled jawline. As the years go by it is common for skin under the chin to sag, creating the unsightly appearance of a ‘double-chin’. Dermal Fillers can be used to reshape or add volume to the chin area, creating the look you desire. Some people that wish to smooth out a crease in their chin, either on the bottom of the chin (bum crease) or in between the lower lip and the chin, can also get them effectively addressed with Dermal Fillers.


Hands are often the giveaway sign for a person’s age, yet we spend time focusing on our faces, without a thought for the skin on our hard working hands. Dermal Fillers can restore youthful hands by smoothing, tightening and plumping the skin.


Feeling self-conscious about your face?

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 18 December 2019

Your face is the first thing people see about you, and it is often how you are remembered by the people you meet. Feeling self-conscious about your face can have a huge impact on your confidence and the way you feel when you meet new people. Cosmetic procedures of the face can encompass a wide range of treatments focused on different target areas; the ears, brow, eyes, nose, skin or general shape of the face, depending on your overall aesthetic goals. Whether you want to rebalance the proportions of your face, or simply just restore some youthfulness. I offer you a first-class service to help give you the cosmetic outcome you have always wanted!


I offer a number of cosmetic procedures that can provide aesthetic enhancement to your face:


Also known as ‘otoplasty’ or ‘pinnaplasty’, this is a general procedure for altering the shape and/or position of the ears. It can include pinning them back, reducing their size or reshaping them due to deformity or following injury.  


A brow lift is a procedure that provides subtle rejuvenation to the upper proportion of your face to give a youthful, smoother result. This surgery can directly address a heavier, thicker brow to give a refreshed, lighter overall appearance to the face.


As skin matures, it can lose its firm appearance – this is often seen most prominently around the eyes, where the muscles around the eyes begin to sag. Dropping of the eyelid and dark circles under the eye can give the appearance of tiredness and weariness, and for some people can affect their confidence. Eyelid-lifting surgery, also known as ‘blepharoplasty’ aims to tighten the loose skin around the eyes to lift the overall appearance and help you to achieve a youthful look with sparkling eyes. Here you can find out more about eyelid surgery.


Over time, facial skin can begin to drop and face and neck muscles can lose their natural tone as part of the normal ageing process. A facelift procedure targets the lower two-thirds of the face to remove excess fat and skin by restoring the tautness of the skin to give outstanding and long-lasting youthful results. This is often done alongside eyelid surgery to give an overall lift of the face. Read more about face lift surgery.

breast augmentation goes beyond an improved appearance and self-esteem

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 15 December 2019

A new survey finds that individuals who undergo breast augmentation surgery or breast lift surgery enjoy benefits that go beyond an improved appearance and self-esteem.

Data collected by an online community for sharing and learning about cosmetic surgeries and treatments, revealed that 34 percent of those who had undergone these procedures reported an overall increase in satisfaction with their sex life. In addition, 61 percent of those surveyed said that they had sex more frequently after their breast augmentation or breast lift surgery and 70 percent of respondents said their overall sex life satisfaction improved after undergoing one of these procedures. Women seem to feel more confident after the procedure, and you can easily see how that improved confidence will lead to improvements in other areas of their lives.

The survey shows that the majority of women who undergo breast enhancement surgeries are satisfied with the outcome. According to hundreds of breast implant reviews and stories, 7.5 out of 10 women who have had the surgery say it was “worth it.” Slightly more (eight out of 10) women who have had breast lift surgery rate the procedure as “worth it.”

Breast augmentation surgery remains the most popular surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons in 2018, with more than 318,000 individuals undergoing it, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It was the most common plastic surgery among women between the ages of 19 and 34 last year, but is also common among those between the ages of 35 and 50.

Common reasons women choose to undergo this surgery include the perception of underdeveloped breasts, differences in the sizes of the breasts or changes after pregnancy or breast-feeding. The procedure, which is used to improve breast shape and size, can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve self-esteem.



Beautiful Lip Fillers & Enhancement

Fillers in Dubai | 12 December 2019

By creating beautiful fuller and yet natural looking lips can accentuate the smile and achieve a more beautiful symmetry to the face.

As thinning lips become a common reality as we get older, the safe and effective anti ageing treatment of lip enhancement has become increasingly popular. The best way to give lips a fuller, plumper appearance – and hence a more attractive, youthful appearance – is to restore lost volume and moisture with lip fillers that contain the body’s own natural material, hyaluronic acid. Lip fillers are the most common form of treatment to subtly smooth fine lines around the mouth.

Lip injections results can last up to 12 months. You will see an immediate result after visiting my clinic for lip enhancement however, it will not be your final result. Optimum results will be see after a few weeks as the product retains water to rejuvenate and add volume. My mission is natural, subtle results, rather than exaggerated or fake looks, and as such we always prefer to under-treat any concern, but if you feel that you would benefit from more product, you should make this known to me within your follow up consultation.

At first, it is normal to be able to feel the product within the lips, but this should settle down over the next few weeks as the hyaluronic acid gets to work. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the way your lips appear, these HA injections can be reversed using an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which is introduced into the area via needle and dissolves the product, which is then flushed out of the body through natural processes.

Tuberous Breast Correction

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 9 December 2019

Breasts that have an elongated appearance are often referred to as tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts can vary in severity and there a variety of plastic surgery techniques that can help improve the appearance of them.

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, constricted breasts or breast hypoplasia is an abnormality of the breast shape. Patients with tuberous breasts may notice that their breasts have a tight narrow base and tend to be oval or pointed in shape. It is common for tuberous breasts to be asymmetric and it is common for the areola area to be domed and enlarged.

It is not known what causes tuberous breasts and you don’t often know that you have them until puberty. As the breast begins to grow there is a lack of breast tissue development which results in the droopy appearance. Many patients feel troubled and are embarrassed about the appearance of their chest.

Although relatively common, tuberous breasts can vary in severity. A mild form of tubular breasts may just be a high breast crease with a short distance from the nipple to the fold under the breast. In more severe cases tuberous breasts can take on an elongated breast shape with doming of the areola.

Tuberous breasts can be corrected with cosmetic surgery and the technique used will depend on the severity of your tubular breasts and what your desired result is. Usually a specialised breast augmentation technique is used to release the constricted tissue, increase the volume and stretch out the tissue. Some patients may need a mastopexy/breast uplift to tighten the breast if they don’t want a breast implant.

I recommend that you come in for a consultation, where I will be able to advise you on whether you have tuberous breasts as well as detailing your treatment options.

Some of the Many Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 December 2019

Having performed many breast augmentations for women every year, I have found that patients all have different goals and benefits in mind for their breast augmentation surgeries. Here I  describe 5 of the most common benefits that breast augmentation patients are seeking.

1. Added Volume and Curves

Some women are born with breasts that are naturally small and flat and don’t provide their desired curves to their physique. Because breast implants especially add volume to the top of the breasts, a breast augmentation is a perfect way to add volume and curves to your silhouette, making you feel more voluptuous and feminine. Whether your goal is to go up to a certain cup size, fill out a bikini top, or just have curves in your everyday clothing, a breast augmentation can give you that new look you desire.

2. Even Out Naturally Asymmetrical Breasts

All women have some degree of breast asymmetry. But for some women, the differences in their breast sizes are so noticeable that it makes shopping for bras and bathing suits difficult, and the differences can be embarrassingly noticeable in clothing. A breast augmentation is a great way to balance out naturally uneven breasts for women. Because you can choose a different breast implant size, shape and profile per breast, a breast augmentation can allow you to finally have evenly matched breasts that fit well into bras, bathing suits, and clothing.

Restore Breasts After Pregnancy and Aging

We all know that pregnancy can take a toll on a mother’s body, especially her breasts. Mothers often end up with breasts that are sagging and have decreased volume, particularly if they breastfed their babies. And even women who do not have children notice similar changes in their breasts as gravity takes over as they age. A breast augmentation is a fantastic way to restore lost volume to breasts and make them appear more youthful and perkier.

3. Rebuild Breasts After a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is an extremely physically and emotionally difficult disease to deal with, and a mastectomy, though it can be life-saving, can leave a woman feeling like a shell of her former self. A post-mastectomy breast augmentation/reconstruction, which can be performed either using a woman’s own body tissue or a silicone or saline breast implant, can restore breasts and help cancer patients and survivors feel like themselves again. Dr. Vigo specializes in helping women with mastectomy reconstructions and would be honored to discuss this procedure with you.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

For women who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their breasts, their current look can make them feel inferior and lack confidence. A breast augmentation can be a confidence booster, making women feel more comfortable in their bodies and confident enough to step out in Dubai in beach attire.

If you’re curious about the additional benefits to receiving a breast augmentation, the best thing you can do is talk to Dr. Matteo Vigo about the procedure. 

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