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Fillers In Dubai | 26 September 2022

Rhinoplasty without surgery is a highly effective restorative technique. The nose can be changed with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers in a short amount of time with a minimum amount of personal time required. As a result, the non-careful rhinoplasy has gained widespread recognition among all demographics. This procedure reshapes the nose and harmonises the facial features using quality hyaluronic acid. To change the definition, projection, profile, and overall condition of the nose, I utilise nose fillers. In that capacity, non-careful rhinoplasty works best for repairing, stretching, streamlining, and enhancing knocks or marks on the nose as well as for advancing imbalances. The following are some of the key benefits of my tailored, careless rhinoplasty:

– Safe and compelling treatment utilizing premium dermal fillers

– Completely custom non careful rhinoplasty nose reshaping treatment

– Profile adjusting by treating the jawline region if necessary

– All medicines performed by an accomplished stylish specialist

– Premium hyaluronic corrosive dermal fillers

– Normal looking outcomes

– Committed aftercare and follow-up

There are currently an ever-growing number of non-surgical procedures available in aesthetic medicine. Being careless implies less risk, less time for margin, and less effects, but with very similar results. The new, careless nose work that uses dermal fillers suggests that I can do a lot in a short amount of time without getting frustrated. However, careful rhinoplasty has a month or longer of recovery time and consistently produces notably unsatisfactory outcomes. A few years ago, I was one of the pioneering doctors who helped develop the non-surgery technique that is now used by doctors all throughout the UAE.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 21 September 2022

With ageing, our muscles become less flexible and our skin loses its flexibility. This causes an accumulation of free skin on the eyelids, which forms expanding wrinkles in the lower tops and folds in the upper covers. The muscle that supports the skin is simultaneously loosening, allowing the fat that cushions the eyes to protrude forward and give the appearance of looseness. There is a learned tendency for sacks to form in some families during early adulthood before any skin changes.

What kind of surgery is blepharoplasty? The medical treatment known as blepharoplasty, also referred to as an eyelid reduction, is used to reshape the eyelids. Lowering your top eyelids can improve your vision and give you a younger appearance. Decreases in the lower eyelids can help with puffiness and kink reduction.

Why would one’s eyelids shrink? Our muscles become less flexible as we age, and our skin becomes less elastic. This causes the upper covers of the eyelids to fold and the bottom tops to acquire creases. Additionally, the muscle beneath the skin begins to relax, allowing the fat that surrounds the eyes to swell and advance to create the appearance of looseness. There is an inherited inclination for packs to foster during the early adult years in some families.

Folds, wrinkles, and looseness frequently seem to be worse in the morning, especially after stressful or sleepless periods. This is due to the fact that while someone is sleeping, fluids that normally permeates the entire body when they are standing will typically find comfy areas where the skin is free, such as the eyelids. The ageing system can also result in skin folds building up in the upper eyelids and eyelids that hang open. There may be so much extra skin in some situations that the top covers overhang over the eyelashes.

What will go place prior to my activity? We will meet to talk about your needs and the reason you require a medical procedure. I’ll make a note of any illnesses you now have or have had in the past. You should specifically inform me if you have ever experienced thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, or an eye condition (like a withdrew retina or glaucoma). I will also note any prescriptions you are currently taking, including any herbal remedies and drugs that have not been approved by your primary care physician. I’ll examine your face, eyes, and skin in addition to taking a few photos for your medical records. You will need to complete a consent form before I can take, store, and use the images.

Your level and weight will be measured so that the operation can be protected. I could suggest delaying your activities if you are overweight, pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. I’ll make sure you can lie flat even if the surgery is performed while you’re under the influence of a nearby sedative. I might contend that you need to see an ophthalmologist.

How is the treatment carried out? Eyelid reductions can be performed while receiving local or general anaesthesia. In a conventional procedure, I make slices in the upper covers’ wrinkles and the lower covers’ area right under the lashes, following the natural contours of your eyelids (see the eye on the left of the chart inverse). These cuts are slightly widened to extend into the crow’s feet (also known as chuckle lines) at the outer corners of the eyes.

The elective therapy is what? 

Sometimes the eyelid can appear to be sagging due to a listing temple and brow. Instead of lowering the eyelids, I could advise lifting the eyebrows. 

Only the skin kinks that the medical procedure removes will progress to the following stage. Usually, the skin folds that extend onto the cheek will not be displaced. It could be beneficial to undergo a facelift or necklift (or both) concurrently with an eyelid reduction if you also have creases and sagging skin elsewhere on your body, including on your neck.



Fillers In Dubai | 16 September 2022

The aim of treating the upper lip is to creatively create a structure that complements the patient’s unique facial features and takes into account the patient’s age and ethnic background. The goal of treating the lower lip is to increase the vermilion’s mass, notable visible quality, and imaginative projection. To avoid an animated appearance, the doctor should spell forth appropriate guidelines and patient assumptions for lip enlargement in comparison to standard lip lengths.

Being able to see your injectables being opened in front of you and knowing that your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon is performing the infusions means a lot. Avoid using blood thinners like ibuprofen and fish oil for about a day in advance because they can increase swelling. If you choose to use a desensitising lotion, plan on leaving it on your lips for about 10 minutes. The lips quickly absorb food and don’t require prolonged effective sedation. The skin surface should then be properly purified before infusions are carried out.

Your PCP should move cautiously, pausing periodically to show you the progress the patient is making. There is a real balance and craftsmanship involved, so I feel that you really need to go slowly. Typically, you infuse the top lip first, balance it out on the other side, and then infuse the base lip. About 15 to 20 minutes pass. As with Botox, what you see is what you get; there is no waiting for it to take effect. 


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 14 September 2022

To enhance body confidence and to feel comfortable with the size and condition of their breasts, many women choose to have their breast size increased by a medical operation. 

Implants are positioned either behind the muscle the bosom rests on or behind the bosom itself. The easiest option is to place inserts behind the bosom. In severely thin women, implants under the muscle provide great cushioning. What is best for you will be discussed with you by your specialist. Inserts are often inserted through an incision in the bosom wrinkling (the inframammary crease). They may also be inserted through an opening in the areola or an armpit incision.

Sometimes a channel, which is a cylinder joined to a bag or container, is left in place to drain away any liquid or blood. This is removed after some time spent on the ward. Bosom inserts have an exterior layer consisting of silicone or, occasionally, polyurethane. This either contains saline or silicone gel, which is typically normal. Saline embeds typically feel more foreign than silicone ones, which can come in a variety of shapes. Saline-filled embeds tend to feel less typical, have a greater risk of undulating, and have the potential to empty. Bosom embeds normally last 10 years, though they can occasionally last longer or shorter.

The size of inserts is indicated by weight, cubic centimetres (cm3), or millilitres (ml) (grams). When you first meet with your specialist before the activity, they will examine your breasts, the size of your ribcage, and the firmness of your skin. Your preferred embed size will be discussed with you by them. Large inserts typically look less normal on slimmer women. If someone needs to be present with you during this assessment, your specialist will ask. Your doctor can only give you a general estimate of your cup size. Tell your expert if you want to extend the specific reach further or keep it at a more modest length.

Inserts might be tear- or round-shaped (physical). The highest part of the bosom is fuller on round inserts. You can choose the width and level independently with tear moulded inserts. With the two shapes, you can determine that the embed (the projection) stands out to be essentially undetectable in the grand scheme of things. Your professional and you will discuss which shape is best for you.

The surgical technique known as bosom enlargement can reduce mild sagginess. You can have a bosom boost activity without an embed if your breasts are adequate size for you notwithstanding being droopy. The term “mastopexy” refers to this medical technique. Through cuts made around the areola and under the breasts, the areola is elevated during this surgical operation, and the skin and tissue of the bosoms are fixed. Sometimes it is necessary to perform the two embeds and lifting simultaneously or in two distinct activities.


Fillers in Dubai | 12 September 2022

Dermal fillers, as opposed to botulinum toxin injectables like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, which affect the way the muscles in your upper face move, “occupy room” merely beneath the skin to fill in creases and restore volume lost to ageing. Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are incredibly popular due to their consistent, natural-looking results. Here is the skinny on corrosive hyaluronic fillers like Restylane Lyft, Belotero Balance, and the Juvéderm family of fillers.

For the curious, hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan that is found in connective, brain, and epithelial tissues in humans. From now until the end of us: The body typically produces HA as a sugar. Since it draws in water, HA helps maintain a greased-up, elegant, and youthful appearance. The hyaluronic acid and collagen that make up the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, are typically depleted as we age.

The way HA interacts with the moisture in your skin is the reason it produces such a strong bond in dermal fillers. In a gel structure, HA will expand when mixed with water, which eventually fills in wrinkles and kinks and restores the appearance of normal volume. Dermal fillers either contain HA that has been mixed using microbes or that has been obtained from animals like chicken brush. Since it mimics the HA that is already present in our bodies, there is very little risk of an adverse reaction.

Because of advancements in our understanding of the ageing process, how hyaluronic acid functions, and the characteristics of readily available dermal fillers, we are able to provide results that are more consistent and long-lasting. Dermal fillers frequently contain hyaluronic acid that has undergone a crosslinking cycle in which the particles have been artificially clung to help them endure in the body for longer periods of time.

Different hyaluronic acid fillers have different properties, and some are better suited to treating particular issues than others. Where a filler works best and how long results will last depend on its consistency, the size of the hyaluronic corrosive particle, and how the atoms are strengthened. Even though hyaluronic acid fillers are well-known, they shouldn’t be your only option. In some cases, a different product will provide you better results. Mineral combinations and collagen are quite a few of the fixings used to create non-hyaluronic corrosive fillers. Frequently, these products provide a dual advantage by helping your body produce more collagen for a fuller, better-looking appearance while also effectively smoothing out wrinkles and stouting the skin.


Abdominoplasty Dubai | 8 September 2022

When it comes to getting the desired, more toned midsection, a sound diet plan and regular exercise routine can fall short. Many women and men discover that the mid-region and surrounding regions remain resistant to change despite calorie counting and investing significant amounts of time in workout facilities, which is frequently a depressing truth. In other cases, the lack of conditioning and refinement is justified by the existence of excessive skin or a potentially long stomach muscle build, neither of which can be totally remedied by diet and training. This is particularly typical for women who have had at least one pregnancy and for those who have suffered significant weight loss.

Abdominoplasty (stomach fold) is frequently beneficial for patients who want to achieve a firmer, more youthful-looking midriff. 

a reduction in excessive abdominal skin and constrained fat pockets (by means of liposuction) 

Fixing of extended or perhaps free abs 

Skin in the lower abdomen and middle needs to be fixed and smoothed out. 

a decrease in the number of mild to severe stretch impressions 

A solution for hernias near the bellybutton 

A more toned and trim waistline and stomach area

Finally, nothing in this should be interpreted in any way that suggests having a stomach fold surgery is a good way to reduce your carb intake and increase your exercise regimen. However, when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, abdominoplasty may be able to help you address any remaining concerns that are preventing you from achieving your ideal figure.


Botox Dubai | 4 September 2022

The list of conditions that Botox can address almost seems to go on forever. 

Botox is definitely a wonder medicine because it has been shown to significantly reduce facial scars from damage and also reduce psoriasis skin plaques. 

Botox can also be used to treat Hyperhidrosis, often known as excessive sweating. An very successful treatment can significantly reduce the amount of sweat produced under the arm, and for real people who suffer from excessive sweating, this treatment can be a real lifesaver, especially during the middle of the year.

In addition, people use Botox® to help lessen the impacts of headaches, unlike other types of cerebral discomfort. The sensitive areas of the temple are where migraines move; by injecting Botox® here and blocking these areas, the headache can’t travel, and for some people, it will completely disappear.

The most common unintended consequences are minor swelling at the injection site, which is normal and indicates that the Botox® has reached the muscle; these minor hiccups will subside in about 40 minutes. Additionally, you can experience some redness and swelling near the infusion site. If you do have swelling, it will usually seem like tiny pinprick marks and may take up to seven days for them to completely go away. On the off chance that you truly just take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen as you would normally do, some people actually do experience post-treatment headaches.

Ptosis, which is linked to infusions of Botox® in the temple when post-treatment the forehead dips and feels incredibly heavy, is one side effect of Botox® that worries people. A complete ptosis is fascinating, but what is more common is what many people refer to as a halfway ptosis. If you develop an incomplete ptosis, it is unlikely that anybody else would notice, and it will resolve in about four months and a half. 

Results will start to show up approximately 4 days after treatment, but it may take 10–14 days to see all of them. We anticipate a significant reduction in the size and depth of the lines and kinks. 14 days post treatment.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 September 2022

You could be requested to do the following in order to prepare for breast augmentation: 

– Take a blood sample. 

– Change or modify your current drugs. 

– Give up smoking 

– Ibuprofen and some other painkillers should be avoided as they increase the risk of death. 

You will visit with your specialist and choose the ideal embeds for your physique, desired outcomes, and style of life before having a treatment to increase your breast size. Your PCP will most likely advise organised bosom implants if you prefer a natural look and feel. Your specialist should walk you through the process and address any questions you may have. If your doctor ever makes you feel uncomfortable or won’t address important questions, consider looking for another  specialist.

Bosom augmentation procedures frequently take several hours, but as long as there are no complications, you should be able to go home the same day. You will receive IV sedation or wide sedation during the activity. 

Your specialist will either place the inserts over (superficial) or below (submuscular) the chest wall muscles (subglandular). The cut will then be sealed by your professional using tape, lines, or paste. A short visit to the medical facility or clinic is typically not required for a bosom augmentation operation. Make sure you have a friend or relative available to drive you home following the surgery, which should take around an hour.

Your breasts will be covered in dressing and a backup bra or piece of gauze. For the best outcome, it’s critical to adhere to all post-operative instructions from your specialist. Wear your support bra, rest for however long your doctor advises, take any prescribed medication, and be aware of the signs of contamination. If you have any concerns, call your PCP straight away. If you believe there is an emergency, go to the ER. The worst of the irritation should subside within the first week, although swelling and irritability will persist for a month. You’ll get the best embeds if you follow your doctor’s recommendations for limiting exercise, working out, and follow-up appointments.

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