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Tummy Tuck Dubai | 28 April 2023

By removing extra, loose skin and fat and mending the muscles in your abdominal wall, an abdominoplasty can improve the appearance of your abdomen. The stretch marks on your lower stomach can also be substantially, although not completely, reduced by treatment. It is widely recognised that weak muscles and a large centre area affect the contour of the body at any time, including after pregnancy and major weight loss. The majority of patients said this strategy helped them feel more confident.

This procedure will be done by Dr. Vigo, who will also use sutures to straighten your abs after removing the loose stomach skin. Your doctor will examine your midsection to locate your new navel, the incision sites, and the centre of your midsection. A solution containing lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, and epinephrine, a vasoconstrictor that stops bleeding by tightening veins, will be administered.

The crucial stomach fold will be sliced from one hipbone to the next over the pubic hill. One additional incision is done around your navel during a full abdominoplasty. Your surgeon will use a more restricted cut in a belly fold that is smaller than usual. The doctor will first loosen the skin from your abdominal wall to your ribcage before pulling the muscles in your strength into a tighter position. This is the part of the medical treatment that corrects the musculature. After your abdominal muscles have been strengthened, your specialist may remove additional fat with liposuction or another method. To remove the surplus skin, your abdominal skin is then pulled down over your cut line.

After that, Dr. Vigo will stamp where your navel is. Even after the tissue surrounding it has been shifted, the navel frequently holds its position. The specialist cuts a hole in your skin and rewraps it around your navel while also sewing it. To seal the entrance locations, your specialist will use tissue sticks, stitches, staples, or Steri-Strips.

Dr. Vigo typically creates at least one channel during a full abdominoplasty to prevent liquid buildup that can strain the cut. The channel is an oval-shaped, decent plastic cylinder that enters the body through a tiny hole under the initial incision and exits through a tiny bulb. You will be instructed to break each empty bulb before sealing it again in order to aid in the wound’s healing. Your professional in tasteful plastic and their team want to make sure you obtain the greatest results and have the most straightforward and fun procedure.

The ideal option for you will be decided in a private session with your board-guaranteed plastic expert. Here are a few creative tactics: Traditional belly folds have a cut across the lower abdomen and an entrance point near the navel. Muscles are corrected, extra skin is eliminated, and liposuction may be used to shape the midsection. If the skin has been weakened by pregnancies, congenital laxity, or weight, it is removed during this surgical operation from the area above the abdomen down to the pubic region.


Botox Dubai | 23 April 2023

Botox is undoubtedly already familiar to you as an anti-flaw treatment, but it also offers benefits that go beyond aesthetic enhancement and can treat a variety of diseases. 

You might also be surprised to learn that the widely used Botox therapy has positive side effects that aid in the treatment of mental health issues like depression. Botox injections stop the nerves’ chemical signals from telling muscles to contract. Botox lacks botulinum toxin A, making it a potent, useful protein with a strong safety track record. This prevents the danger of botulism food contamination. 

Botox, which was first created for medical use, is being used to treat a broad variety of ailments today. Botox can be used as a muscle relaxant to treat a variety of illnesses, potentially reducing the need for medications. Botox is an approved medical treatment for:

Squinting or jerking the eyes can injure the eyes and damage vision in severe circumstances. Additionally, it could be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Botox can make it easier to control the problematic muscle spasms and withdrawals surrounding the eye. little neck. Neck fits, also known as cervical dystonia, are caused by neck muscle compressions that force your head into an unpleasant posture. persistent headaches. By relaxing muscles and blocking neurons from delivering pain messages to the brain, Botox may reduce the frequency of headache bouts.

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive underarm perspiration that occurs even when you’re not heated or doing out. Slow eye is a result of an imbalance in the muscles that regulate where the eye is located. Furthermore, Botox may lessen neurological conditions like cerebral paralysis, which can cause limbs to draw inward. The treatment of jaw issues linked to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) abnormalities is another therapeutic use of Botox.

Each and every one of us is negatively affected by time, and the indicators of ageing are frequently right in front of us. After some time, facial motions such as smiling, frowning, squinting, and eating may cause kinks and essentially imperceptible modifications to develop. These conditions typically manifest in our 30s or earlier as the skin gradually loses its firmness and flexibility, and as we age, the resulting creases and wrinkles become more noticeable.

In situations like this, Botox offers a temporary solution that can be repeated as needed. Botox can also be used to minimise neck groups, which are vertical wrinkles caused by hanging muscles. An increasingly popular less intrusive alternative to plastic surgery is botox cosmetic therapy.

The most common nonsurgical corrective technique is botulinum toxin injections, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of nonsurgical, acceptable medications increased by roughly 200% between 2000 and 2017. In the United States, there were 2% more botulinum toxin type A prescriptions written in 2017 alone, totaling over 7,000,000. Crow’s feet are kinks at the periphery of the eye that can be brought on by issues including face muscle compressions. Botox is routinely used to temporarily block nerve signals and cure crow’s feet.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 20 April 2023

Many women are looking for ways to increase the size and quality of their breasts, whether it’s because of pregnancy, weight reduction, or ageing. Depending on your cosmetic concerns, Dr. Vigo can perform a variety of breast surgeries, including bosom augmentation, bosom mastopexy, and bosom lifts.

Breast augmentation is likely the most common corrective operation, and patients consider a variety of goals and benefits before choosing this particular bosom procedure. If you are thinking of getting a breast augmentation, you might benefit from these five particular advantages.

Even though many women have some degree of lopsidedness in their breasts, some women may feel that their differences in bosom size are so obvious that it affects their confidence in their appearance and makes dressing challenging. An excellent way to level out unequal breasts is with breast augmentation. This medical operation will allow you to have equally matched breasts that will comfortably fit into dresses, bras and swimwear since you can choose a different breast implant size, shape and profile for each breast.

An increase in volume and curves Some women have tiny breasts from birth, which often prevent them from properly bending their bodies. A breast increase is a particularly efficient way to add curves and volume to your shape since bosom inserts give volume to the highest point of your bosoms. A breast augmentation may provide you with the new style and form you prefer, whether you want to go up a size or simply finish your everyday attire in a better way.

Any woman will notice that as time passes, her breasts gradually lose their former volume and begin to droop. Sometimes breast enlargements might help you restore your youthful vigour.

Greater Body Size Ratio – Breast augmentation can give your body a more proportionate appearance. Women who have larger hips and smaller breasts may feel that their bodies are unbalanced or obese. The appearance of being more composed and well-groomed may result from having an augmentation to enlarge your breasts.

Better Clothing alternatives – One of the least appreciated benefits of getting a bosom augmentation is that you may have a lot more alternatives for the kinds of clothing you can buy. Whereas before you would have avoided wearing them, slipover shirts, two-piece tops and more form-fitting shirts may now be commonly spotted in your closet.


Botox Dubai | 17 April 2023

To administer Botox therapy, a series of precise and calibrated injection locations are used. The face is known to the object by incredibly small microneedles. They are designed precisely to make your treatment as comfortable and quiet as is reasonably expected by reducing the discomfort of the infusion. In any case, if requested, we do provide patients with desensitising cream.

The injections themselves usually just take a few minutes, but if this will be your most memorable experience, we might want to keep an eye on you for a time following your treatment or provide you with counselling before treatment. This is to ensure that you receive the best care possible and that your welfare is always protected.

Numerous conditions, including hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and juvenile cerebral paralysis, are treated with Botox. It is incredibly well secured and has a plethora of clinical trials and criteria to support its usefulness. In corrective therapy, tiny doses of botulinum toxin are administered to temporarily relax the facial muscles and stop abuse.  

The areas that receive Botox treatments most frequently are:

Between the eyebrows on the forehead, there is a little area known as the glabella (“Elevens”). Since we frequently use this muscle to speak, it’s possible that some of our most pronounced kinks and notches are located here. Your face’s highlights may be mellowed, and lines may be dramatically reduced, by relaxing the muscle and strain in this area.

When treating the glabella, crow’s feet, and temple pain, some patients also have pain in the temple. As we age, the fat pads in front of us and the facial muscles alter position and movement, making us appear more aged, jaded, and generally unpleasant. You can elevate the temple line and minimise the force dragging the components downward by injecting a little amount of Botox in this region.

The crow’s feet, which are delineated at the corners of our eyes, are frequently associated with evil by our patients. Though we hardly ever completely remove these lines, most people notice a softer and more youthful appearance around the eyes after Botox.


Tummy Tuck Dubai | 14 April 2023

In an abdominalplasty, often known as a “tummy tuck,” excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen, and the stomach muscles are tightened to give the area a flatter, tauter appearance. If your weight is stable, you’re physically healthy, you don’t smoke, and you have realistic expectations, you have a decent chance of acquiring a belly fold.

Skin, fat, and muscle make up the intestinal wall. The “rectus belt” is a thick sheath that surrounds the rectus abdominis muscles, which are responsible for creating the “six pack” of abdominal muscles. Pregnancy and weight gain frequently weaken and loosen this fascial layer. As a result, as a patient gets healthier or has children, her stomach wall may loosen. The excess skin and fat are removed, and the fascial layer that covers the rectus abdominis muscles is repaired.

The lower abdomen’s level entrance point, inside the two-piece line, is where the abdominoplasty surgery is carried out. The incision can be performed in the same location and extended to the sides in patients who have already had a C-segment. The mid-regional rectus abdominis muscles are rectified, and excess skin and fat are controlled and redraped. The umbilicus, or navel, must typically be relocated by a second incision during an abdominal surgery treatment. The “smaller than usual” abdominoplasty technique combines fat and skin excision with weaker muscle restoration, only performs a shallow swimsuit cut, and leaves the navel in its original location.

The surgical process takes one to two hours to complete and is carried out under a lot of sedation. Many people are concerned about the risk even though general anaesthesia is extremely safe and ensures that you will be completely awake during treatment. You can anticipate receiving routine bloodwork, clinical imaging, and preliminary latitude before a medical operation. You shouldn’t eat or drink after 12 PM the night before a medical treatment. In order for the anesthesiologist to focus securely on you throughout the treatment, you must make sure that you are not full before it. You should be able to get a suitable adult to drive you home after surgery.


Abdominoplasty Dubai | 10 April 2023

Excess skin and fat can mutilate the midriff after childbirth or weight loss. Many women discover that their muscles and skin don’t return to their original appearance, especially after having a second child or twins, which may cause a repetitive stretch in the centre. By eliminating superfluous skin and fat and bolstering the abs, abdominal surgery, often known as “stomach fold” surgery, tightens the abdomen. If your weight is consistent, your health is good, you don’t smoke, and you have reasonable expectations, you have a decent chance of developing a belly fold.

Skin, fat, and muscle make up the intestinal wall. There is the rectus sash, a substantial band that covers the rectus abdominis muscles, which are the “six pack” of abdominal muscles. Pregnancy and weight gain frequently weaken and loosen this fascial layer. As a result, a patient’s abdominal wall may sag after gaining weight or having children. The excess skin and fat are removed, and the fascial layer that covers the rectus abdominis muscles is repaired.

An even cut is made inside the two-piece line in the lower midsection during the abdominoplasty operation. Patients who have had a C-segment before can have the incision created in a comparable location and extended to the sides. The extra skin and fat are controlled and redraped while the rectus abdominis muscles of the stomach are tightened. The umbilicus, or navel, must typically be relocated by a second incision during an abdominal surgery treatment. The “small scale” abdominoplasty technique restores the lower abdominal muscles while preserving the navel’s original position by merely removing skin and fat through a constrained flat swimsuit cut.

Sometimes liposuction and abdominal surgery are combined to shape the sides. Only a small portion of people choose to have surgery to simultaneously elevate, enlarge, or do both to their breasts. A “mom makeover” approach is the term used to describe the union of a breast lift and belly fold surgery.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 3 April 2023

A woman’s self-esteem may suffer if she has hanging or drooping breasts, which are caused by unwinding tendons. You can feel and appear more established than you would like as a result. After a breast lift, breast augmentation, or mastopexy procedure, your breasts may look fuller and may be repositioned on your body for a more attractive appearance, which can be a wonderful way for you to regain your confidence in your body.

A mastopexy procedure can help your body tighten up and seem more youthful. Size, form, and sagging breasts A Breast Uplift or Mastopexy may be your best option if your breasts are hollow or drooping, or if you are unhappy with the way your breasts look or where your areola is situated.

Often the problem is a lack of volume and tone in the bosom rather than size. A mastopexy, commonly known as a breast lift, can rejuvenate and restore your breasts if they are “empty” or otherwise make you feel unattractive and sluggish. areola location, size, and bosom skin A mastopexy can effectively address stretched and fragile skin, excessively huge areolas, and descending pointed areolas that might alter how you feel about the vibe of your breasts.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 April 2023

The ears may be the first part of the body to reach adult size. If the ear sticks out excessively, it may be considered noticeable. Approximately 2% of people believe that their ears protrude abnormally. The problem, which is often acquired, is caused by the absence of the characteristic ligament folds in the ear.

Bullying at school is typically a factor in the majority of issues involving prominent ears in young people. The majority of medical professionals advise against performing surgery to fix protruding ears on children until they are old enough to understand what it involves. The child is likely to participate at this age and take pleasure in the outcomes. Keep in mind that not everyone who has visible ears wants them corrected. If medical operations are performed on children before they are old enough to understand, they will suffer needlessly. Because the ear ligament is frequently sensitive in the early years, exercises for separate ears are therefore rarely done on children under the age of five.

“Otoplasty” is the term for the meticulous modification of identifiable ears. The majority of medical professionals advise delaying this treatment until a child’s ears have fully matured, which is normally around age eight. Some experts believe the child should have the freedom to decide. There isn’t just one proper answer to this problem; rather, several strategies should be used with each child.

Children receive treatment that also involves a general sedative, despite the fact that adults can receive treatment while under local anaesthesia. A cut is made behind the ear, near the notch between the ear and the side of the head, during the procedure. The ligament may have been weakened by scoring the front of the ear, removing a small portion of the ligament bowl (concha), or hiding the ligament with a fastener buried in the rear while reshaping or rotating the ear towards the head. The skin is then sealed off, and to provide protection, the area is typically wrapped in a bandage or piece of clothing.

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