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Breast Augmentation Dubai | 28 June 2018

With an abundance of information on breast augmentation available and easily accessible opinions, it is easier than ever to do your research online about all the different types of implants. Some tips for things to do before you meet with Dr Vigo are:

Make sure that, as you research online or talk to friends, you take notes on what you like and don’t like or want and don’t want. Bring in breast augmentation before and after photos as a reference. Write down any questions that you think of and have them ready to ask.

Don’t get too caught up in someone else’s experience. Because everyone’s bodies and experiences are so unique, it is most beneficial to discuss your personal needs one on one with your trusted surgeon. Remember that Dr Vigo is here to help you and you can’t ask too many questions or anything he hasn’t heard before.

Once you know your “why,” and you select a surgeon you know you can trust, deciding on “what” will be easier. Breast augmentation has come a long way and with highly experienced specialist surgeons like Dr Vigo can offer the best experience to their patients without compromise. Women can feel confident knowing that their “why” is understood and they will be receiving an incredible experience and even better results.

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23 June 2018

Breast size and shape is a common concern for many women, who often worry their breasts aren’t big or round enough. Now the favourite cup size has been revealed. Breast size is a topic of contention, and some men and women are very specific about what is the right size for them. However, a C cup is the perfect size, according to a recent survey. A C cup is also the most frequently asked for size among patients with the prevailing tendency for breast augmentation today being for a smaller, more natural augmentation. It is not just size that comes into consideration when it comes to the preferred breast size. Shape is also a consideration. Round breasts are the preferred shape generally. Bell shape breasts, fuller at the bottom with less volume on top are also popular.


20 June 2018

When it comes to breast augmentation, patients are typically looking to increase their breast size, but there are a few other key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right breast implants that will both achieve the desired results and highlight your natural figure.

When considering breast implants, it is important to distinguish between cup size and implant size. Bra sizes are not uniform and can vary from brand to brand and by style, whereas implant sizes are uniform and are measured in cubic centimeters of volume. Discussing the difference with your surgeon can help find the right match for you.

It’s similarly vital to know what you are looking for as a result of the surgery. Some patients seek subtle improvements while others hope for dramatic changes. Visually, patients may be looking to increase cleavage, lift sagging breasts, or alter breast position.

Another aspect to consider is your lifestyle. If you work out, play a lot of sports, or have a physically demanding job, this could affect the size of breast implants you choose. Of course, women who lead an active life can still enjoy implants, just in some cases a smaller increase in volume may be a better choice.

Perhaps most importantly for those having breast augmentation is to have good rapport with your surgeon. Be sure to clearly communicate your goals and discuss them with your doctor. He or she will be able to help you choose the right size for implants as well as possibly suggesting a breast lift to go with the augmentation. In the office you will also have the opportunity to look at before and after photos to find pictures of women with similar body types and see how their augmentation improved their appearance. 


15 June 2018

Before making a final decision on considering breast augmentation it’s essential to be able to ask your surgeon the right questions during your consultation.

The first thing to do is ask your surgeon if breast augmentation is right for you. This will entail letting him or her know your ultimate goals which will provide the information needed to let you know if breast augmentation will help you achieve those goals. Next, ask for advice on choosing the right implant size. Generally, those getting breast implants a part of their cosmetic surgery want to choose a size that complements their figure and still maintains a natural look. You should also talk to your doctor about the difference between your options for the type of implants. The final look and feel of your augmentation could be affected by this decision and your doctor will be able to help you choose according to your individual plan. When consulting with your surgeon about breast augmentation, get to know the surgical techniques that are available. Submuscular and subglandular implants offer different advantages for different body types and lifestyles. Bringing this up during your consultation will help you get the best results.

Finally, it is important to ask what the recovery will be like. Your surgeon should be able to give you a good idea of how long it will take to return to work, your normal exercise routine, and more. With this knowledge you will be able to prepare your home to make your recovery more comfortable and stock up on supplies you will need. Many women can return to work in a week or two and resume exercise in four to six weeks, but it depends on other personal factors.

As with any other procedure, the more knowledge and understanding of the breast augmentation process you have, the better chances of success you will have. Having an experienced, trustworthy, and friendly surgeon is important in getting the results you want.


10 June 2018

The 4D Crisalix scanning device projects images of your potential figure to help you choose your implant size. After undressing and getting the distances between your nipples measured, the distances between your sternum and nipples measured and the distance from each nipple to your ribcage recorded, you simply need to stand as still as you can while you are scanned from every angle possible – which is where the 4D visualisation begins.

The iPad I use has the Crisalix camera scan device attached to it, it scans in real time, in 4D and the imaging software recreates your body on the iPad screen – every contour precisely rendered in front of you! A tap of a button and your body appears on screen in the consultation room. In addition to scanning every curve, roll, wrinkle and mole on your top half, it’s also scanned your skin tone, which is replicated exactly on the screen.

One second and a tap of my screen later and you have the breasts you’ve always wished you had. Fuller, natural, it is likely your silhouette is completely different and you’ve been able to see what you’d look like with implants without having to go under the knife – even the moles you have are recreated with the precision scanner. 

The amazing thing about the Crisalix technology is that I can make sure – as a surgeon – that I am on the same aesthetic page as the patient that I’ll be operating on. I’ve had women in consultation tell me adamantly they want a 400cc implant but no two bodies are the same and until this imaging software there wasn’t an accurate way to show patients what their implants would look like in their bodies.

My Crisalix technology puts the power in the hands of the patient which can only be a good thing.


06 June 2018

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women but breast enhancement doesn’t always involve breast implants. Fat transfer breast augmentation is also a safe, effective and natural way to increase breast size, and the procedure is even scarless.

Here are the steps to the fat grafting process.

Fatty tissue is the best material to use for breast augmentation because it eradicates the common concerns with breast implants such as capsular contracture, loss of sensation in your nipples, implant deflation and visible rippling.

The three main steps of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

– The fat cells are removed from a donor location on your body via liposuction.  

– The fat is separated from the anesthetic liquid used in liposuction, condensed and readied for the breast augmentation procedure.

– The fat is injected into the breasts to increase breast size.

How Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Work?

In the most simplistic terms, a fat transfer is accomplished by a procedure called liposuction. Fat from one part of your body especially the thighs or stomach or buttocks is removed and then injected into the desired area of the body – not just the breasts. The collected fat naturally contains stem cells which are preserved through the use of very fine, needle-like harvesting cannulas. Between the liposuctioning and the injection, the fat is cleaned and filtered in a sterile closed system. This method improves the chances of fat cell survival and prevents contamination prior to reinjection.

The Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Unlike the breast implant whose size is fixed, a fat transfer augmentation cannot guarantee a specific size outcome.

Pros: Improves self-esteem, It’s all natural, Reduces risk and has a natural feel 

Cons: Outcomes can be hard to determine because the volume injected is not always equal to the final, stable size. May require multiple treatments – because of unanticipated fat absorption, the treatment may need to be repeated to create the desired outcome.


01 June 2018

Many of my patients come to me thinking bigger is always better, even when their body type could benefit from smaller implants.

With the breast augmentation gaining momentum a few years back, women were opting for large breast implants. However, the scenario has changed and women are looking for more natural results with breasts that look less obviously enhanced. This is leading to the trend of 3D imaging for breast augmentation. 3D imaging provides a higher chance of offering results as per the plan. This is also helping women to choose the implant size that results in the natural looking breast augmentation. Lifestyle is the most important factor in a decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Hence, women are seeking breast implants to balance the figure than to dominate their appearance.

To balance an active lifestyle, many women prefer smaller implants that can offer a more fit and athletic look. Advancement in breast augmentation technology is resulting in improved design, fill volumes and construction, accelerating the development of new devices that leads to less wrinkling and rippling. 

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