10 June 2018

The 4D Crisalix scanning device projects images of your potential figure to help you choose your implant size. After undressing and getting the distances between your nipples measured, the distances between your sternum and nipples measured and the distance from each nipple to your ribcage recorded, you simply need to stand as still as you can while you are scanned from every angle possible – which is where the 4D visualisation begins.

The iPad I use has the Crisalix camera scan device attached to it, it scans in real time, in 4D and the imaging software recreates your body on the iPad screen – every contour precisely rendered in front of you! A tap of a button and your body appears on screen in the consultation room. In addition to scanning every curve, roll, wrinkle and mole on your top half, it’s also scanned your skin tone, which is replicated exactly on the screen.

One second and a tap of my screen later and you have the breasts you’ve always wished you had. Fuller, natural, it is likely your silhouette is completely different and you’ve been able to see what you’d look like with implants without having to go under the knife – even the moles you have are recreated with the precision scanner.

The amazing thing about the Crisalix technology is that I can make sure – as a surgeon – that I am on the same aesthetic page as the patient that I’ll be operating on. I’ve had women in consultation tell me adamantly they want a 400cc implant but no two bodies are the same and until this imaging software there wasn’t an accurate way to show patients what their implants would look like in their bodies.

My Crisalix technology puts the power in the hands of the patient which can only be a good thing.

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