Dr. Matteo Vigo – My philosophy

Dr. Matteo Vigo decided to become a doctor at early age but I was not aware of the world of Plastic Surgery. Once I have discovered it I fell in love with the whole concept behind and how this field of Medicine can be helpful for many people.

I passionately believe that, in order to improve the physical aspect of a patient, the plastic surgeon needs to combine the principles of art and science, adopting a global approach to understanding the individual desires.

Plastic Surgery is a truly fascinating, dynamic, constantly evolving field of medicine and I believe that the role of a Cosmetic Surgeon is unique and highly privileged.

My main goal is to understand the needs of a patient and try to transform their desires into reality. The role of a plastic surgeon is not only merely surgical but also supportive in the decision process of the best treatment to help patients finding theirselves and their wellbeing.

All these steps are taken into consideration once a person walks in my office and the service I am offering them is always at the top.

I am combining experience, quality and professionality to evaluate each single case and offer the best solution for my patients.

… because you deserve the best is my motto and I want always to put the patient at the centre of what I am doing.

You have to feel pampered, understood, listened, loved once in my office and the feedback of this feelings from my patient is my best satisfaction.

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