Natural body shaping

Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Adipose Derived Stem Cells are mesenchymal stem cells which can be found in the fat tissue; these cells represent a multipotent cellular population which can differentiate into cells of various tissues, including but not limited to bone, cartilage, heart and muscle.

Moreover, those cells can show immunomodulating properties and an elevated capacity to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels. Adipose derived stem cells are also contained in the bone marrow, in the amniotic liquid and epithelial tissue. The fat is our richest source of stem cells and it is the easiest tissue to be harvested through a normal liposuction. Adipose-derived stem cells can be used in many field in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They are very useful in the body shaping, helping the survival of the grafted fat, play an important role in the rejuvenation process of the skin, promote the healing of scars and the correction of it. They can be used also as a treatment for stretch marks, old scar depressions and keloids.


With this treatment you can achieve a Natural Breast and Buttocks augmentation and shaping of concave deformities without any permanent implants by a safe and quick treatment. LIPOSKILL restores volume and contours body surfaces using hundreds of millions of expanded Adipose Derived Cells which are implanted using a scaffold consisting of autologous fat taken in advance.

This treatment shows a Significant reduction of the downtime and discomfort as well as the scarring and risks involved with all surgical procedures.

Furthermore, it eliminates many of the concerns patients have about surgery such as undergoing general anesthesia. Permanent implants typically involve major surgery under general anesthesia which can leave extensive scarring and is associated with other medical and surgical risks.

Unlike artificial implants, Adipose Derived Cells (ADC) in a natural fat scaffold allows more flexibility to shape and contour, leading to a more natural-looking and personalized result. Many patients like the idea of using their own natural fat instead of introducing foreign materials into the body since there is a lower risk of infection or other complications.


The procedure consists of two steps: the first is harvesting the fat to extract and expand the fat cells. The second is collecting the fat to use as a scaffold that will be enriched with the expanded cells and then implanted. By a withdrawal of fat of about 50-100 ml within 10 days, approximately 300 to 600 million cells are obtained. Then, the expanded cells are combined with 100-200 ml of autologous fat and implanted to increase the volume.

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