RENUVA FILLER | Dr Matteo Vigo

Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix which allows recruitment of patient’s own cells to create fat. Renuva is NOT a passive filler. Injecting to aesthetic correction is recommended. Over-injection should be carefully avoided. The saline component may disappear early on, so there may be a delay before the newly formed fat is generated in the injected area and final volume achieved.

Expect an inflammatory response as the body produces adipose tissue to fill the framework. This response will be self-limited, but some redness, firmness, and tenderness around the injection site is possible. Renuva may be used in areas where adipose tissue is normally found, i.e. the subcutaneous or deep fat planes. It is not meant to be placed in dermal, glandular or muscular planes.

Renuva is not recommended for large volume buttock augmentation. Small soft tissue defects in the buttock may be treated with Renuva. Some additional tips from experienced users: a. Start with small defects, specifically on the torso or body. b. Additional, sequential injections may be necessary. Follow-up at approximately 12 weeks is recommended for determining if an additional injection is required. c. Topical aesthetic may be administered prior to injection. d. A 20 gauge or larger needle/cannula is recommended for use in the body and extremities.

For the face, 22–23-gauge needles are recommended, but may be inconsistent without dilution. e. Dilution via increased saline volume up to 40% (2.2cc saline used for a 1.5cc unit, 2.5cc total volume) is appropriate where necessary f. A fanning technique is recommended for injecting Renuva. Post-Injection/Patient Expectations. Physician should perform massage immediately following injection. Patients should massage the injected area multiple times per day for up to 5 days. Setting the right expectations is important. Renuva is more than a filler; it is an allograft adipose matrix and inflammation will likely result at the treatment site(s). Patients will likely experience some swelling, tenderness and erythema which may persist for the first several days to weeks post-injection. NSAIDs may be taken and ice may be applied when necessary for discomfort. If the patient experiences firmness, lumpiness, or even “nodules” they should be managed with moderate massage (5-10 minutes every hour) until they resolve.

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