Breast Enlargement Dubai

Breast enlargement Dubai is the enlargement of the breasts. Many women regard their breasts as important to their sexual attractiveness, as a sign of femininity that is important to their sense of self. Surgical breast augmentation can be obtained with different techniques, such as with breast implants or fat transfer.

Breast augmentation/enhancement surgery is a procedure which increases or restores the size of breasts using fillers such as silicone gel implants, saline implants, and in some cases through fat transfer.

Breast enlargement Dubai with silicone implant is well explained here: Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting for breast augmentation consists of two separate procedures done on the same day.

Breast Enlargement Dubai – The First Procedure – Removing Fat Tissue

1. You are administered the required dosage of local infiltration, including loical anesthesia and adrenaline to reduce the bleeding..
2. The doctor then manually removes fat tissue from parts of your body where fat is not desired such as, thighs, belly, and buttocks through liposuction, which is minimally invasive.


Breast Enlargement Dubai

Breast Enlargement Dubai

The Second Procedure – Fat Tissue Is Injected into Breasts

1. The harvested fat tissue is processed; which involves separating unwanted components such as blood, oil, and water.

2. Following that, the doctor injects the fat tissue with the help of very fine needles into the areas of the breasts which need enhancement. The fat cells are injected into multiple areas and layers of the breasts to enhance the results of the fat transfer.

Fat transfer or grafting for breast augmentation/enhancement is an area in which extensive studies need to be conducted still.

Some side effects that have been observed are formation of oil cysts or calcification which can occur if the injected fat cells do not survive in the breasts. This can happen as the breast tissue is very different from fat. For injected fat to survive in the breast tissue, the fat has to be very carefully and evenly distributed. When calcifications occur, they can be seen on mammograms, but an expert radiologist is able to do not let them interfere with breast cancer detection.

The injected fat cells may get reabsorbed by the body, which may result in the loss of breast volume over time. This is usually a long-term effect.

Other risks include:
• the general risks of anesthesia/sedation
• risks of infection
• bleeding
• achieving a lesser breast size than expected
More than one session may be needed in some cases to achieve the desired shape and size of the breast. After a fat transfer, there will be bruising, swelling, and some discomfort which may last a couple of days or up to two weeks. The recovery period will be from 2 weeks – 4 weeks. The approximate time of the surgery is 1-2 hours.

Dr. Matteo Vigo is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is the world’s leading professional body for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons.


Breast Enlargement Dubai

Breast Enlargement Dubai



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Breast Enlargement FAQs

If your job is sedentary or office-based, it is often possible to return to work within a few days or a week. Many patients choose to take two weeks off work. After breast enlargement surgery, picking up small children will be difficult for the first fortnight after and you may need to arrange for help during this period. Sexual activity should be avoided for at least the first week following surgery. After that, you should be extremely gentle with your breasts, for at least the next three weeks. In general, listen to your body: if your breasts are still tender to touch you are wise to stay rested.
After breast enlargement surgery, strenuous activities, especially arm movements, may be uncomfortable for two to three weeks. During this time you may enjoy long walks but a full return to exercise will take longer. If your implants are under the muscle, you should expect to wait six weeks before going back to the gym and resuming a normal routine. If your implants are over the muscle, you will find this period is a little shorter, often four weeks after surgery. Saving your energy to heal your body after surgery is the most sensible way to reduce the risk of complications.
It all depends on the anatomy of your chest wall, the shape of your breasts, and on the implant placement recommended by me. Breast implants placed under the muscle tend to give a slightly more natural upper pole of the breast (basically this is the shape of the upper part of your chest), and have a low incidence of capsule contracture (scar tissue which can develop around an implant). However, the procedure is a little more uncomfortable for the first few days. They will suit you if you have very little breast tissue and nipples that lie above the breast crease. Implants placed over the muscle give you a quicker recovery, but can form more capsules and a more visible contour. They may suit you better if your nipples are in a slightly low position.
Droopy breasts often mean that to obtain the shape you want through breast augmentation, you may need a mastopexy (breast lift) as well. Very asymmetric or different breasts may need a highly tailored approach. As every individual and every case is unique, it is advisable to discuss your needs with me.
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