Tummy Tuck Dubai | 25 February 2023

Your waistline can be enhanced with an abdominoplasty by removing excess, free skin and fat and repairing the muscles in the stomach wall. Also, it can lessen some, but not all, of the stretch marks in your lower stomach. It is commonly recognised that a heavy midsection with helpless muscles diminishes body shape after pregnancy, drastic weight loss, or at any other time. The majority of patients said that this strategy helped them gain confidence.

Assuming that neither diet nor exercise will help with your belly fat, stretch marks, or excess skin. supposing that pregnancy or extreme weight loss has affected the condition of your mid-region. if you find your protruding belly unattractive. assuming that your stomach shape compromises your bravery.

With this procedure, your surgeon will remove the free stomach skin and use sutures to align your abs. Your doctor will examine your midsection to show the location of the incisions, the centre of your middle, and the location of the relocated navel. A solution containing lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, and epinephrine, a vasoconstrictor that stops bleeding by constricting veins, will be administered.

The crucial stomach fold will be sliced from one hipbone to the next over the pubic hill. One more cut is performed around your navel during a complete abdominoplasty. Your specialist will use a more restricted cut in a belly fold that is smaller than average. The doctor will loosen the skin from your abdominal wall to your ribcage and then sew the muscles of your strength together to pull them into a tighter position. This is the part of the medical treatment that fixes the muscles. When your abdominal muscles have been repaired, your expert will remove excess fat using liposuction or other methods. The excess skin is then removed by extending your abdominal skin downward over your cut line.

The position of your navel will then be stamped by your professional. Even when the skin around your navel has been relocated, the navel frequently stays in the same location. Your specialist redrapes your skin, cuts a hole in it, and sews it around your navel. To seal the entrance locations, your expert will use tissue sticks, stitches, staples, or Steri-Strips.

The surgeon will typically insert at least one channel during a complete abdominoplasty to prevent liquid buildup, which might put strain on the cut. The channel is a decent plastic cylinder that is inserted at a very small entrance site under the main incision and exits the body at a tiny oval-shaped bulb. You will be asked to smash a bulb every time you empty one before you seal it again in order to help in healing the wound. Your tasteful plastic specialist’s and staff’s goal is to help you get the greatest results and to make your meticulous experience as easy and enjoyable as is reasonably possible.

The best option for you will be decided in a private consultation with your board-guaranteed plastic professional. Here are a few unusual approaches: Although a traditional belly fold has a cut across the lower midsection, it also has an entry point at the navel. In order to contour the middle, excess skin is removed, muscles are corrected, and liposuction may be used. This surgical surgery removes skin that has been compromised by pregnancies, congenital laxity, or weight from above the navel down to the pubic area.


Botox Dubai | 21 February 2023

Botox is most likely known to you as an anti-flaw therapy, but it also has benefits that go beyond cosmetic enhancement and can provide treatments for a variety of illnesses. 

You might also be surprised to learn that Botox injections, a trendy therapy, can have positive side effects that combat psychological health disorders like depression. Injections of Botox stop the nerves’ chemical impulses from telling muscles to contract. Since botox is free of botulinum toxin A, there is no risk of botulism food contamination, and it is a powerful, useful protein with a good track record of safety. 

Botox was initially created for medical usage and is still used to treat a variety of diseases today as a common corrective treatment. Botox can treat a variety of conditions as a muscle relaxant, perhaps reducing the need for pain medication. Botox is a clinically used treatment for:

eye jerking or squinting Eye jerking, or maybe squinting, can be painful and impair vision in severe situations. It can also be annoying and a source of embarrassment. The muscle spasms and withdrawals surrounding the eye that create the problem can be made easier with Botox. Neck is snug. Neck fits, often referred to as cervical dystonia, are caused by neck muscular compressions that force your head into an awkward posture. chronic migraines. By relaxing muscles and impeding neurons that transmit pain signals to the brain, Botox may help reduce the frequency of headache attacks.

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive underarm sweating that occurs even when you’re not hot or exerting yourself. Slow eye is a result of an imbalance in the muscles that direct where the eye is located. Moreover, Botox may be able to lessen neurological conditions like cerebral paralysis, which can cause appendages to draw inward. The treatment of jaw disorders brought on by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) abnormalities is another therapeutic use of Botox.

All of us are negatively impacted by time, and the effects of ageing are most apparent right in front of us. After some time, facial movements including smiling, frowning, squinting, and eating might cause kinks and essentially insignificant changes. These problems typically become visible in our 30s or earlier as the skin gradually loses its firmness and flexibility, and the ensuing creases and wrinkles become more noticeable as the ageing process progresses.

In situations like this, Botox provides a temporary solution that may be repeated as needed. Botox is also effective in reducing neck groups, which are vertical wrinkles caused by hanging muscles. An increasing number of people are choosing Botox cosmetic therapy as a minimally invasive alternative to plastic surgery.

The most well-known nonsurgical correction technique, according to the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), is botulinum toxin injections. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of nonsurgical, palatable medications increased by about 200% between 2000 and 2017. Around 7,000,000 botulinum toxin type A medications were prescribed in the United States in 2017 alone, an increase of 2% over the previous year. Botox is frequently used to temporarily block nerve signals and relieve face muscle compressions that cause problems like Crow’s feet, which are kinks at the perimeter of the eye.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 15 February 2023

Whether it’s due to pregnancy, weight loss, or ageing, many women are looking for solutions to improve the size and condition of their breasts. Depending on your aesthetic concerns, Dr. Vigo can provide a variety of breast surgical treatments, such as bosom augmentation, bosom mastopexy, and bosom lifts, to address various concerns, such as bosoms that are:

Excessively little

Lopsidedly enormous




The most well-known remedial method is probably breast enlargement, and patients consider a variety of goals and benefits before choosing this particular bosom operation. These are five exceptional benefits you could experience if you are thinking about having a breast expansion:

Many women have some degree of lopsidedness in their breasts, however some women may feel that their differences in bosom size are noticeable to the point that it affects their confidence in their appearance and makes dressing difficult. A breast enlargement is a fantastic way to even out asymmetrical bosoms. This medical process will let you to have evenly matched bosoms that will fit nicely into dresses, bras, and swimsuits since you may choose a different bosom implant size, shape, and profile for each breast.

Volume Increase and Curves Some women are born with little breasts that don’t properly bend their bodies since they are typically small. A bosom increase is a particularly effective way to add curves and volume to your outline because bosom inserts provide volume to the highest point of your bosoms. A bosom enlargement may offer you the new style and form you desire, regardless of whether you want to go up a size or just complete your ordinary garment in a better way.

A Younger-Looking Presence – any women see that their bosoms progressively droop and lose the volume they previously had as the years pass. Sometimes a bosom enlargement, especially when combined with a bosom lift (bosom expansion mastopexy), restores the youthful vitality you previously possessed.

Higher Ratio of Body Size – Bosom inserts can help your physique appear more proportionate. Women with larger hips and modester breasts may feel that their bodies are unbalanced or bulky. Having an expansion to create a larger breast size might help you seem more even and well-groomed.

Better Options For Clothing – One of the most misunderstood benefits of having a bosom augmentation is that it may provide you a lot more options when it comes to the kinds of clothes you can buy. Clothing items that you may have avoided in the past, such as slipover shirts, two-piece tops, and more form-fitting shirts, may now be found regularly in your closet.


Botox Dubai | 12 February 2023

Botox therapy is administered by a series of precise and calculated infusion points. Via incredibly little microneedles, the object becomes familiar with the face. They are specifically designed to make your treatment as pleasant and tranquil as is reasonably anticipated by reducing the discomfort of the infusion. In any event, if mentioned, we do administer desensitising cream to patients.

The actual injections usually just take a few minutes, but we may want to monitor you for a short while after your treatment or provide you with counselling before treatment if it will be your most memorable experience. This is to ensure that you receive the best care possible and that your welfare is continually maintained.

Botox is used for a variety of conditions, including hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and the treatment of cerebral paralysis in children. It is very well protected and has a tonne of clinical tests and prerequisites to support its suitability. Incorrective therapy uses small doses of botulinum toxin to temporarily relax the muscles of the face and deter misuse. This will eventually reduce face wrinkles and kinks and produce a more youthful result.

The absolute most well known regions to treat with Botox include:

The little area of the brow located in-between the eyebrows is referred to as the glabella (“Elevens”). As we regularly use this muscle to articulate, this may indicate that some of our most obvious kinks and notches are framed in this area. Your facial highlights may be mellowed and lines can be significantly reduced by loosening up the muscle and strain in this area.

The temple, which is typically treated alongside the glabella and the crow’s feet, causes some people discomfort. As we age, the fat pads in front of us and the facial muscles move and change position, giving us an older, more worn-out, and generally unpleasant appearance. Lifting the temple line and reducing the force dragging the components down can both be accomplished with a small amount of Botox in this location.

Crow’s feet, which are framed at the corners of our eyes, are frequently a bogeyman for our patients. While we occasionally may completely remove these lines, most people will, in any case, notice a softer and more youthful appearance around the eyes following Botox.


Tummy Tuck Dubai | 7 February 2023

The “tummy tuck” surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the stomach muscles to give the area a flatter, tighter appearance. If your weight is stable, you are physically strong, you don’t smoke, and you have realistic expectations, you have a good chance of getting a belly fold.

Skin, fat, and muscle are the components of the stomach wall. The rectus belt is a thick sheath that surrounds the rectus abdominis muscles, which are responsible for creating the “six pack” of muscles on the midsection. Pregnancy and weight gain frequently weaken and loosen up this fascial layer. As a result, a patient may develop laxity of the stomach wall as she grows fitter or has children. The excess skin and fat are removed, and the fascial layer covering the rectus abdominis muscles is repaired throughout the process.

At a level entrance site in the lower abdomen inside the two-piece line, the abdominoplasty process is carried out. Patients who have previously had a C-segment may have the incision performed in a same location and extended to the sides. The mid-regional rectus abdominis muscles are corrected, and extra skin and fat are controlled and redraped. The umbilicus, or navel, must typically be repositioned during an abdominal surgery operation by a subsequent incision. The “smaller than usual” abdominoplasty technique involves just a limited level swimsuit cut, no navel repositioning, and lower muscle strength mending with fat and skin expulsion.

The medical process takes between one and two hours to complete and is done while being heavily sedated. Many patients worry about the risk of general anaesthesia, although it is quite safe and ensures that you will be completely awake during treatment. You can anticipate receiving preoperative leeway, regular bloodwork, and clinical pictures prior to a medical operation. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything after 12 PM the night before a medical treatment. This ensures that you won’t be full before a surgery, which is essential for the anesthesiologist to safely focus on you. A responsible adult should be available to drive you home following a surgery.


Abdominoplasty Dubai | 5 February 2023

Overabundance skin and fat might mutilate the existence of the midriff after pregnancy or weight loss. Particularly, many women discover that their muscles and skin don’t return to their original appearance after having a subsequent child or after having twins, which may result in a repeated stretch in the middle. The “stomach fold” procedure, often known as an abdominoplasty, firms up the midsection by removing excess skin and fat while also repairing the abs. If your weight is stable, you are physically well, you don’t smoke, and you have reasonable expectations, you have a good chance of getting a belly fold.

Skin, fat, and muscle are the components of the stomach wall. The rectus sash, a thick covering over the rectus abdominis muscles that make up the “six pack” of abdominal muscles, is present. Pregnancy and weight gain frequently weaken and loosen up this fascial layer. Hence, a patient may develop laxity of the stomach wall after becoming in shape or having children. The excess skin and fat are removed, and the fascial layer covering the rectus abdominis muscles is repaired throughout the process.

An even cut is made inside the two-piece line in the lower midsection while using the abdominoplasty procedure. The incision can be done in a comparable location and extended to the sides in patients who have had a prior C-segment. The excess skin and fat are controlled and redraped, while the rectus abdominis muscles of the stomach are corrected. The umbilicus, or navel, must typically be repositioned during an abdominal surgery operation by a subsequent incision. With the “small scale” abdominoplasty technique, the lower abdominal muscles are fixed with fat and skin removed just by a constrained flat swimsuit cut, without the navel being repositioned.

Liposuction is occasionally used in conjunction with abdominal surgery to contour the flanks. A few individuals choose to have a medical operation to raise, add volume, or both on their bosoms at the same time. A “mom makeover” approach is frequently used to refer to the combination of a belly fold surgery and a breast lift surgery.



Breast Augmentation Dubai | 3 February 2023

Hanging or drooping breasts, which are caused by tendons that have unwound, can affect a woman’s confidence and negatively affect how she views herself. You can feel and appear more established than you’d want as a result. A breast lift, a breast augmentation, or a mastopexy operation may give you more full-looking breasts and reposition them on your body for a more inspired appearance, offering you an incredible way to regain your body confidence.

Your body can regain its youth and become firmer with a mastopexy procedure. Size, form, and droop of the bosom A Breast Uplift or Mastopexy may be your best option if your breasts are hollow or drooping, or if you are unhappy with how your breasts look or where your areola is located.

Bosom volume deficit and tone: The problem is occasionally not size, but a lack of volume and tone. A mastopexy, often known as a breast lift, can restore and revitalise your breasts if they are “empty” or otherwise make you feel sluggish and unattractive. huge areolas, bosom skin, and areola position A Mastopexy can effectively address stretched and fragile skin, overly large areolas, and descending pointed areolas that may affect how you feel about the vibe of your breasts.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 February 2023

The ears are maybe the first part of the body to reach adult growth. When the ear protrude excessively, it may be considered to be visible. Around 2% of people believe that their ears protrude abnormally. The problem, which is usually acquired, is caused by the absence of the typical ligament folds in the ear.

The majority of cases of prominent ears develop problems in young people, typically linked to bullying at school. The majority of medical professionals advise against trying surgery for prominent ears until the child is old enough to understand what it entails. At this age, the child is likely to assist and be pleased with the outcome. Also, one should keep in mind that not all adults with obvious ears want them fixed. As a result, if one performs medical procedures on children before they have acquired understanding, they will have been subjected to unnecessary suffering. Hence, and because the ear ligament is frequently sensitive in the early years, exercises for distinct ears are rarely undertaken on children under the age of five.

The term “otoplasty” refers to the meticulous alteration of recognisable ears. The majority of experts advise delaying this procedure until a child’s ears have fully matured, which is often around age eight. Some experts would argue that the child should be allowed to make their own decision. There is no one correct answer to this problem; rather, each child should be handled differently.

Despite the fact that adults can be treated under local anaesthesia as it were, the treatment includes a general sedative for children. A cut is made behind the ear, close to the notch between the ear and the side of the head, during the procedure. This cut exposed the ligament, which may have been concealed by the ear being scored on the front to weaken the ligament, by removing a small portion of the ligament bowl (concha), or by burying a fastener at the back of the ear to reshape or turn it closer to the head. Once this is complete, the skin is fastened shut, and a protective bandage or piece of clothing is often placed over the area.



Women who have breast augmentation often look fuller, firmer, and more proportionate. Through the implantation of implants, breast augmentation can provide women with tiny or unevenly sized breasts a fuller, firmer, and better-proportioned appearance. Women may decide to get breast augmentation for a variety of medical and aesthetic reasons, such as balancing breast size and making up for lost breast mass following pregnancy, surgery, or weight reduction. Regarding the placement of the implant (above or below the pectoralis muscle) and the kinds of incisions made, there are several techniques possible (axillary approach, infra-mammary or through the areola). The shape, size, and stiffness of implants also vary greatly. It is best to decide on the implant and operation in consultation so that unique circumstances can be taken into account.

Anatomical breast implants – Because they may be utilised to customise both breast shape and volume, anatomical implants will typically produce the greatest results for ladies wanting natural-looking breast enhancement. Beyond what is possible with conventional round implants, there are more chances for individualization because to the wide variety of forms and sizes that are made.

Breast enlargement consultation: In my opinion, any patient who is considering having their breasts enlarged deserves the greatest care possible, including being given a preview of what their new physique might resemble before surgery. Patients may convey their wants and expectations and interact with me more effectively since the shape of the implant in the body can be replicated with incredible precision.



Blepharoplasty can be performed for any of the following reasons,

– The ‘tired’ look is the most common reason that patients opt for blepharoplasty surgery. The heaviness of the eyelids and bags under the eyes give the appearance of a constantly exhausted and tired appearance.

– The appearance of the eyelids may be asymmetrical and blepharoplasty may be performed to improve symmetry.

– Saggy upper eyelid skin can obstruct the visual field (you may not be able to see the full extent of your lateral vision) so blepharoplasty is performed to remove this obstruction and improve vision.

– There are several disfiguring conditions such as Thyroid Eye Disease which require blepharoplasty surgery to restore the natural appearance of the eyes. This type of surgery is highly specialised.

How Is Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery Performed?

Experience and expertise are required to execute all forms of blepharoplasty surgery. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a procedure offering rapid recovery. The blepharoplasty incision is measured and marked. Variable amounts of skin, underlying muscle and fat are removed, or if there is pre-existing upper eyelid hollowness, these tissues can be repositioned to fill the hollows in order to achieve a pleasing and youthful appearance of the eyelid and to improve the visual field. After the desired amount of excision is accomplished, buried dissolvable stitches are used and the skin surface is closed. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a more involved procedure requiring an incision under the eyelash line, running beyond the corner of the eye. Excess skin, muscle and fat can then be removed or repositioned through this incision. Sometimes, particularly for younger patients, the main aesthetic issue is the underlying fat bulge. In these cases, a transconjunctival ‘scarless’ approach through the inside of the eyelid is preferred.

The skin closure is made using either removable sutures or with glue, meaning that sometimes no suture removal is required. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery is most often performed under local anesthesia either with or without sedation. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is usually performed under local anaesthesia with sedation, or general anaesthesia if the patient prefers. When having both upper and lower eyelid surgery together.

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