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What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 31 March 2019

Why do people have breast enlargement surgery?

People choose this operation for different reasons:

To enhance the body contour

To reconstruct the breast after previous breast surgery

To improve breast size or shape after having children

To balance a difference in breast size.


What are the benefits of breast enlargement surgery?

Perhaps you have always wanted larger breasts. Or you may want to enhance the shape of your breasts following pregnancy or weight loss. Breast augmentation patients often report psychological benefits following the procedure including:

Increased self esteem (self confidence)

Enjoy wearing new/fitted clothing

Feeling more feminine

Body balance, feeling breast are more in proportion with your body.


What kind of breast implant should I choose?

Based on your own needs I may also discuss and advise you on what implant might be best to use. All implants are made of an outer layer (shell) of silicone. They can be filled with silicone, salt water (saline) or both.The silicone used to fill the implant can be in the form of a liquid or gel (cohesive silicone). Liquid silicone and saline implants give a softer and more natural feel. Cohesive silicone implants give a firmer feel and can come in more shapes. Textured liquid implants with a simple round shape often give as good results as shaped cohesive-gel implants.


Is silicone safe?

Many studies have been carried out to find if silicone breast implants are safe. There is no evidence to suggest that women who have silicone breast implants are at a higher risk of getting diseases such as cancer and arthritis.


What happens during breast augmentation surgery?

Your operation is performed under a general anaesthetic (you will be asleep) and usually takes approximately an hour and a half. There are several options for surgical incisions:

Inframammary (the crease under the breast)

Transaxillary (the armpit)

Periareolar (the area around the nipple)

The type of incision used is based on the type of implant, the degree of augmentation (enlargement), your particular anatomy and patient/surgeon preference. I will usually place the implant in a pocket directly behind your breast as this gives the most natural result. However, if you do not have enough breast skin and tissue to cover the implant, I may recommend placing the implant behind the pectoral muscle.

Going home after your breast enlargement surgery

You should be able to go home the same day or the day after your surgery. You might be required to wear a special supportive bra for several weeks to help your breasts settle after the procedure. Everyone recovers at their own pace. However most women return to normal activities within two to three weeks. Depending on your type of job you should be able to return to work after the first week. You should be able to do a limited amount of activity, such as lifting young children, after about two weeks. It usually takes a few weeks for your breasts to look and feel more natural. The results of a breast augmentation usually last for a long time. The length of time a breast implant lasts will vary depending on an individual’s personal factors.


Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 26 March 2019

If you’re considering having breast augmentation surgery, it’s really important that you take time to think about it first. Find out about the procedure and if you decide to go for it, breast enlargement is a major operation.

Breast enlargement (or breast augmentation) usually involves putting an artificial implant either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle behind the breast. You’ll probably have a general anaesthetic, and you may need to stay in hospital overnight. You’ll need to take between one and two weeks off work. You may still be able to breastfeed with breast implants, and silicone hasn’t been found in breast milk. Breast implants can interfere with mammography. If you’re going for breast screening, tell your radiographer or nurse that you have breast implants.

Why choose breast enlargement?

You may choose to have your breasts enlarged because you feel that they’re too small. Some women feel that their breasts are too small after losing weight or after a pregnancy. You may want to have a breast enlargement to correct a difference in size between your breasts. You may also consider breast implants if you’re having surgery to treat breast cancer or other conditions. This is because the size and shape of your breasts may be affected. I will discuss the size, shape and type of implants that are most suitable for you.

Getting advice about breast enlargement

It’s important not to rush into a decision to have any cosmetic procedure, including breast augmentation surgery. Spend some time looking into the type of surgery you’re thinking about. Before opting for a breast enlargement operation, discuss with me what you’re hoping to gain from the procedure. Ask about the result you can realistically expect and the risks and possible complications of the surgery. Remember, it’s OK to take a list of questions with you when you meet me. This is your chance to get all the information you need to make the decision whether to have surgery or not. I encourage you to take a few weeks as a ‘cooling off’ period before you go ahead with your surgery. If you still have questions, a second consultation with me may help.

Preparing for your operation

I will explain how to prepare for your operation. For example, if you smoke, you’ll be asked to stop. Smoking increases your risk of getting a chest and wound infection, which can slow your recovery. You’ll usually have your breast augmentation under a general anaesthetic. This means you’ll be asleep during the procedure. You’ll be asked to follow fasting instructions. This means not eating or drinking, typically for about six hours beforehand. However, it’s important to follow my advice. The operation may be carried out as a day case or you may need to stay in hospital overnight. Make arrangements beforehand to have someone drive you home afterwards.

I will discuss with you what will happen before, during and after your procedure, and any pain you might have. If you’re unsure about anything, ask. No question is too small. You don’t have to go ahead with the procedure if you decide you don’t want it. Once you understand the procedure and if you agree to have it, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form.

I will measure your breasts and assess their shape, your skin and the position of your nipples. I’ll probably draw on your breasts to mark the operation site. I may also photograph your breasts for confidential ‘before and after’ images.

What happens during Breast Augmentation Dubai?

Breast enlargement usually takes around one and a half hours. You’ll probably have a general anaesthetic, which means you’ll be asleep during the operation.

I will make incisions in the skin on your breast. The exact position of the cuts can vary. They may be in the crease under your breast, around your nipple or towards your armpit. I will then make a space for the implant. The implant usually lies under your breast tissue on top of your chest muscle, but is sometimes put under your chest muscle. There are pros and cons to putting the implant under or over your chest muscle. Putting the implant under your chest muscle reduces the chance of the edges of the implant showing. It may also reduce the risk of a complication called capsular contracture. However, it may mean you have more pain afterwards. I will discuss with you which method is best for you. I will close the cut with stitches (which may be dissolvable), and may wrap your breasts in a supportive dressing or support bra.

Recovering from breast enlargement surgery

You’ll probably need one to two weeks off work after breast enlargement surgery. How long you need may depend on what your job involves and what type of surgery you had. You shouldn’t do any strenuous exercise or lift heavy weights for around three to six weeks. I will give you advice about exercise, driving and returning to work in your particular circumstances – it’s important to follow this. You may be given some painkilling medicines to take home with you. If not, and you feel you need pain relief, you can take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.

Some women find it more comfortable to wear a sports bra for a month or so while they heal. Ask your surgeon whether they would recommend this for you.

Breast Augmentation Dubai



Breast Augmentation – Things to consider before your surgery

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 22 March 2019

During your consultation, you should aim to articulate your wishes for surgery and any concerns you may have. It is quite understandable that many patients will feel shy when discussing surgery; however, I will have spoken to hundreds of patients about similar issues and will do my absolute best to put you at your ease.

The more that you can prepare for your consultation, the more you are likely to get from it. Once you have booked your first consultation, you should try to doing a little “homework”  by reading about the operation on the Internet. It is also often helpful to write your questions down; many patients comment that they remembered their most important question just as they were leaving the clinic.

What to expect

I will start the consultation by taking a medical “history”. You will be asked about any illnesses or operations you have had in the past, and any strong family history of illness. It is probable that this will start with questions about your concerns and expectations. If you are taking any medicines, you should be able to provide a list for me. You will also be asked about any allergies to medicines, dressings, latex etc. This will be followed by an examination where several measurements will be taken of the chest wall and the breasts. It is likely that pre-operative photographs will be taken after the examination. I will then discuss the surgery, its implications, limitations and any potential complications. You will then have a chance to ask any questions that you might have. If you are planning breast enlargement surgery, I will spend some time with you deciding on the size and style of the implants that will be used. Taking a friend or relative to a consultation can help put some patients at ease.

Things to consider before your surgery

Before booking your surgery date, it is important to consider events you may be attending in the near future, such as a wedding, holiday or work function. Please ensure you schedule your surgery as far away from these events as possible to give yourself time to make a full recovery.

Non Surgical Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 19 March 2019

I appreciate that many of my patients are interested in enhancing the shape and fullness of their breasts but would like to keep a natural profile and are not comfortable with the idea of implants, despite the huge progress that has been made in their manufacture and safety.

So it’s good to know all about what alternatives to breast implants are available and the variety of non-surgical breast enhancement techniques. Suction devices and other ‘natural’ alternatives may be suitable for patients who wish to avoid implants however I think you may be disappointed with the results.

Today, many women are opting for a very successful alternative – Fat Transfer, also known as Lipomodelling and a Natural Breast Enlargement. This is less invasive than inserting implants but more effective and long-lasting than other “non-surgical” procedures which do not tend to work. Fat Transfer is an implant-free surgical procedure carried out to add volume to an area of the body. This is not suitable for slim patients as you need to have plenty of access fat.

Fat is removed from an area of the body where it is in excess and transferred to an area that requires restoration or augmentation, this is designed to improve volume and change proportion and in most cases offers long lasting results. Breast enlargement with fat transfer is as an alternative to implants and may be used to increase the fullness of the breast by one cup size, balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore contours in cases of unevenness.

A ‘Natural Boob Job’ isn’t right for everyone. Unfortunately, I cannot consider patients whose body’s do not have sufficient fat resources. I will agree with you an area where you’d like to harvest fat from and discuss what breast enhancement outcome you may be able to achieve. It’s a win-win procedure. I am here to answer your questions and help you decide whether fat transfer is appropriate for you.


The perfect pout

Fillers in Dubai | 16 March 2019

What do Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Garner, and Kylie Jenner all have in common? The perfectly plump sexy pout that women of all ages are seeking. Lip augmentation procedures are currently a highly publicized and trending treatment thanks to these celebrities. Kylie Jenner’s lips alone overtook social media with her #KylieJennerChallenge, allowing us to now be more comfortable talking about these procedures. In the age of the selfie and duck faces, we are increasingly much more aware of the appearance of our lips. This has, in all senses of the phrase, created a perfect storm. It is no wonder that a record number are seeking lip enhancement procedures. 

What traditionally consisted of patients with lip deficiencies from aging, ablative procedures or congenital abnormalities, now consists of a much younger age group that desire full, well-defined lips with enhanced volume and shape. While there are multiple permanent and nonpermanent options for lip augmentation, the most commonly performed and requested today are synthetic dermal fillers, the most popular of which are the hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers. HA is typically present in body tissues, such as the skin and cartilage and is, therefore, relatively safe when used appropriately by a trained healthcare professional. These fillers include, but are not limited to, Restylane, Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, Prevalle Silk, Perlane, and Belotero. Restylane Silk and Juvederm Ultra XC. These fillers generally last 6 months to one year, therefore, touch-ups will be required to maintain the desired appearance. Properties of fillers such as stiffness and viscosity, and surgeon preference are taken into consideration when choosing a filler. The benefits of the HA fillers are they allow improved control and gradual filling of the lips. 

When is lip augmentation the right choice for you? If you desire a fuller lip or feel self-conscious about the appearance of your lips, you should seek out a consultation. There are many available options, so it is important to do your homework. Obtain a consultation by an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is trained in the safe use of these fillers, be open and honest about your desired lip, and you will be well on your way to that perfectly full and plump pout.

Breast augmentation – why cost shouldn’t be the first question you ask

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 8 March 2019

One of the most common questions regarding breast augmentation is “how much does it cost?” When you are looking to make a costly purchase of any kind, the cost is certainly an important factor to consider, but when your health and medical results are at stake, it shouldn’t be the only one. In fact, it should be far down the list, below patient safety and the quality of the results. Cheap surgery can end up being the most expensive procedure of all. Breast augmentation is real surgery, and although the complication rates are low, they are much higher in the hands of someone who isn’t well-trained or who cuts corners by operating in an unaccredited facility. The most extreme is to get bargain surgery in another country without rigorous safety regulations.

The basics of dermal fillers

Fillers in Dubai | 5 March 2019

Today both injectables and fillers are commonplace treatments to eliminate facial wrinkles. However, unlike injectables which temporarily paralyse active muscle, fillers are used to plump the problem area to lift and soften the appearance wrinkles.  Injectable fillers can be used to plump the lips, enhance hollow areas of the face, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of settled scars. Fillers are a great option for those with these aesthetic issues, but do not want to undergo an invasive surgery.

Ideal candidates for fillers are in general good health, do not smoke, and are realistic about the outcome of their procedure. It is important that patients understand what fillers can and cannot do for them so they are fully aware of the results. For example, fillers cannot achieve the same results as a facelift or a forehead lift. There are many different fillers available on the market today including Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Belotero, Bellafill and Radiesse.

Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Voluma and Belotero are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, which is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Radiesse is not a HA filler, but is meant for the body to create volume through the use of the body’s own inflammatory process. Bellafill is a permanent filler. Because injectable fillers are minimally invasive, there is no scarring involved with treatment.

I also offer fat grafting injections as an option at my practice. For this technique, a patient’s own fat can be harvested from another location on their body to be used as a natural filler. If a patient has a substantial amount of fat on another remote location of the body, it can be liposuctioned to be harvested. Of course, this creates a secondary surgery site which may be associated with additional complications or scarring. It is best to determine during a consultation if this option is right for you.

When a patient desires a filler injection treatment, I will first evaluate the patient’s facial structure and skin tone to get a better feel for where the filler should be placed. I will then inject the filler into the designated areas. Most patients tolerate the injections well, though some do ask for a topical numbing cream to be applied beforehand. The entire injection process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of areas that need treatment.

After treatment, I recommend that patients use an ice pack to reduce any swelling that may occur. There is typically no downtime required after being treated with injectable fillers. With most treatments, the results are immediate, however, how long it lasts depends on the type of filler being used.

The elements of a tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck Dubai | 2 March 2019

When it comes to a tummy tuck, I frequently explain to patients that the procedure is not a single surgical step, but rather a series of elements that can be combined to create customized results.

Whereas liposuction focuses solely on removing unwanted fat cells from the body – such as those that create a noticeable bulge at the belly – a tummy tuck is intended to create sleeker contours by addressing any number of conditions that keep the abdomen from looking toned.

Excess fat

Of course, stubborn pockets of fat are an obvious culprit when it comes to a larger waistline. While liposuction is frequently performed as a standalone procedure, it can also be used as part of a tummy tuck to help flatten the area. For this element, just about everything is handled as it would be for a solo lipo procedure: Fat is loosened and suctioned out via a cannula. The difference is that while liposuction requires small incisions that are later sutured closed, the incision made for a tummy tuck allows the surgeon access.

Excess skin

While extra fat causes bulges, extra skin creates a sagging pouch that can hide even well-defined abdominal muscles that sit beneath. The amount of excess tissue can range from a little to a lot (sometimes referred to as an “apron”). For a tummy tuck, the surgeon essentially re-drapes the abdominal skin so that it sits flat and tight, then trims away the excess. The incision and subsequent sutures for this element are typically hidden lower on the torso, where they can be covered by a swimsuit bottom or underwear.

Lax muscles

Over time, belly muscles and their covering fascia can become loose. Whereas firm fascia holds everything in place – something like interlaced fingers keeping a water balloon from bulging outward – lax fascia allow the contents behind to bulge outward. Abdominal muscles can separate, giving the entire midsection a flabby look. During a tummy tuck, a surgeon can, if necessary, stitch these muscles and fascia back together to make everything tight and toned. In some cases, as with a mini-tummy tuck, this may be the primary element of the procedure. It is often chosen by moms who have a small bulge that sits below the belly button.

Belly button placement

Depending on the tummy tuck details, the surgeon may need to “relocate” the belly button, which involves creating a hole in the newly taut abdominal skin so the navel appears where it should to remain proportional with the rest of the body. This is called “umbilical translocation.” Following this, the body can be further contoured to encourage an hourglass shape by creating an “internal corset.” I have performed measurements that show narrowing of the waist and improvement of the waistline due to work at this stage.

When all of the steps are completed, the incision will be closed with either a special glue or absorbable sutures, such that the patient can take a shower the next day and there is no need to remove the sutures. Lasers can be used post-operatively to hasten the healing of scars. Also, use of Exparel injections numb the abdomen for three days, which can minimize pain for patients.

Since every patient has a unique body shape and size, as well as personal goals for an ultimate look, each tummy tuck is its own procedure. While there are commonalities between all such surgeries, no two will be exactly alike.

Tummy Tuck Dubai

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