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COSMETIC CLINIC DUBAI | 28 February 2021

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgery for hair regrowth, best utilized for treating diminishing hair and easing back or halting the movement of going bald. Losing your hair can be a tremendously troubling thing to go through and it can affect your confidence.

PRP treatment can handle both male/female example sparseness and alopecia as it supports the development of existing hair follicles, causing your hair to seem more full and better without falling back on a medical procedure. It is in this way the most regular manner to animate hair development.

Advantages of PRP Treatment

PRP hair treatment is a powerful answer for diminishing hair and easing back the movement of balding in all kinds of people. The advantages of PRP hair regrowth treatment:

Normal looking outcomes on living follicles with less frequencies of intrusive medical procedure required

Cost and time powerful

Counteraction of additional balding

Decreases pace of hair diminishing

Regrowth of more full and thicker hair

Reasonable for people, all things considered,

Why pick PRP?

 Going bald is by and large brought about by an absence of cell restoration in the scalp – which makes PRP the ideal treatment as it invigorates the development of new solid cells. It is a basic and absolutely regular. PRP gives protected and dependable outcomes and has an exceptionally speedy recuperation period. Just a limited quantity of blood is taken like you are having your normal blood testing and neighborhood sedation is utilized, so you experience extremely negligible distress. PRP Hair medicines gives viable outcomes high achievement rate.



Breast augmentation is quite possibly of the most normally mentioned corrective technique.. A few ladies were not brought into the world with the full bosoms they want. Different ladies could have lost volume or shape after labor or maturing. Bosom increase assists ladies with accomplishing the figure they need and uplifts their certainty.

Each lady’s body changes with age. Pregnancy can cause huge changes in a short measure of time. Different ladies could have imagined about having bosoms bigger or more shapely. Bosom increase, also called expansion mammoplasty, is a corrective technique that improves the size and form of the bosoms. Dr. Vigo furnishes his bosom expansion patients with various choices to completely modify the strategy as per their requirements and wants. These choices incorporate embed type, arrangement, size, and shape. Dr. Vigo can prescribe the ideal choices to assist patients with meeting their stylish objectives. For some ladies, going through bosom upgrading a medical procedure is a significant choice. Bosom expansion offers you the chance to feel far improved in your own skin and modify their constitution to your definite wanted stylish. Dr. Vigo’s past bosom expansion patients have acquired a newly discovered pride in their appearance and encountered an enormous improvement in their self-assurance.

Benefits include:

– Accomplish the size, volume, and shape you longing for your bosoms

– Work on self-assurance

– Right imbalances

– Reestablish bosom appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding

– Upgrade your outline

Bosom expansion is an activity that utilizes silicone or saline inserts to broaden the bosoms and work on their shape. Otherwise called bosom extension, bosom embed, bosom improvement or ‘boob work’. Deciding to have bosom increase is an important choice, and there are many motivations behind why ladies choose to go through the methodology. A few ladies feel that their bosoms are excessively little or messed up with regards to the remainder of their body. Past pregnancy or weight reduction can make bosoms decrease in size, now and again creating abundance skin pockets and drooping. A few ladies have bosoms that are various sizes to one another and settle on bosom increase to reestablish balance.


FILLERS IN DUBAI | 21 February 2021

Dermal fillers are utilized for facial tasteful medicines and are infused into the skin. They are intended to really decrease the presence of undesirable kinks, shape and make volume, and to revive the skin. Dermal fillers depend on Hyaluronic corrosive which is a substance that normally exists in your body.

Hyaluronic corrosive is a sugar particle that exists normally in practically all living creatures. It ties water and can go about as a grease and safeguard in mobile pieces of the body like joints. It is likewise significant for the vehicle of supplements and in controlling water balance in skin.

Dermal fillers work by helping the skin’s inventory of hyaluronic corrosive, dermal fillers revive and add volume to the skin, immediately reducing the presence of lines and kinks, and giving a characteristic gentler look. Dermal fillers are a delicate injectable gel comprising of balanced out, non-creature hyaluronic corrosive. The gel is tissue-accommodating and intently looks like the hyaluronic corrosive that exists normally in the body. It is dependable however not extremely durable.

Dermal fillers can be utilized to smooth away facial lines and kinks, make more full lips and shape facial forms, like cheeks and jaw, and renew the skin.

The most widely recognized regions treated are:

– nose to mouth lines (the nasolabial folds)

– between the eyebrows (the glabella lines)

– lips (adding volume and shape)

FILLERS IN DUBAI | 21 February 2021


TUMMY TUCK DUBAI | 18 February 2021

On the off chance that you continually have a reluctant outlook on your figure and what you look like, it can make it truly hard to be certain about yourself and influence your everyday existence. It can stop you wearing outfits you’d very much want to great search in as well as channel your psychological energy. Having a firm, level stomach can have an immense effect on the manner in which you feel and when it’s impractical to accomplish this through diet and exercise alone, Tummy Tuck a medical procedure can be the ideal choice.

An Abdominoplasty is especially famous with new mums and with those ladies who have lost a lot of weight and have been left with overabundance, free skin. The medical procedure is completed under broad sedative and is utilized to eliminate any overabundance skin and greasy tissue, reshape the region and make a slimmer, smoother and more tight stomach region. Ladies who are hoping to accomplish a slimmer waistline frequently consolidate Liposuction and Tummy Tuck a medical procedure.

It’s vital to comprehend that Tummy Tuck a medical procedure isn’t intended for weight reduction. You will encounter a few deficiency of weight and decrease in dress as the overabundance skin eliminated will influence your weight. Be that as it may, a Tummy Tuck is principally performed to fix and eliminate the free, overabundance skin acquired from pregnancy or sensational weight reduction. Because of the idea of the medical procedure, Tummy Tucks are possibly suggested when there could be no other appropriate choice accessible.

A Mini Tummy Tuck, or Partial Tummy Tuck, is basically the same as a Full Abdominoplasty however it focuses on a lot more modest region for example beneath the tummy button or more the swimsuit line. While you are standing you might seem as though you have an ideal figure, however when you plunk down, you have a limited quantity of skin that might sit over your two-piece line or pants. This abundance skin is regularly the consequence of pregnancy or slight weight reduction, and can’t be tended to through practice and smart dieting. A Mini Tummy Tuck just addresses worries on the lower midsection, it resolves no pain points around or over the gut button, for this you would require a full stomach fold.

Full Tummy Tuck

A Full Abdominoplasty tends to areas of concern both over the gut button and beneath towards the two-piece line. A Full Tummy Tuck a medical procedure is definitely greater than a Mini one. While you are standing, or sitting, on the off chance that you have abundance and free skin obviously noticeable over your body or more the two-piece line, you might be reasonable for a Full Tummy Tuck. This abundance is normally the consequence of different pregnancies or critical weight reduction, and can’t be tended to through practice and smart dieting. On the off chance that any overabundance skin is just underneath the midsection button or more the two-piece line you may just require a Mini Tummy Tuck, assuming that you have any inquiries your specialist will actually want to prompt you during your conference.

TUMMY TUCK DUBAI | 18 February 2021


PLASTIC SURGERY DUBAI | 14 February 2021

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the breasts making them smaller, better shaped and more uplifted.

There are a few different surgeries for bosom decrease. Overabundance skin and fat is taken out. Your bosoms are reshaped and the areolas are repositioned. All strategies bring about a scar around the areola (dim region around the areola) and every strategy brings about extra scarring. Your specialist will talk about every system with you and together you will conclude which is best in your specific case. Bosom decrease can likewise be utilized to address unevenness (awkwardness) of your bosoms.

Decrease Mammoplasty (bosom decrease) – The size of ladies’ bosoms not entirely settled by a few variables, for example, acquired qualities, body weight and hormonal impacts. They can, in this manner, be an issue to certain ladies right off the bat in youth or may not become awkward until middle age following the menopause or the utilization of HRT. The issue of enormous bosoms, in any case, may create comparable issues at all ages and these are mostly spinal pain, neck torment, grooves in the shoulders from bra lashes, rashes under the bosoms and the identity awareness. Due to the sexual idea of bosoms the unnecessary unmistakable quality might draw in undesirable consideration from the other gender, remarks and sexual innuendoes. These can make mental misery numerous ladies. One of the commonest protests of ladies with huge bosoms is that it is undeniably challenging to wear in vogue garments and enjoy dynamic games, especially in the late spring months.

Patients are generally expected to remain in medical clinic one to two evenings. You will have dressings on your bosoms and there might be channels (plastic cylinders). The channels are typically taken out before you leave medical clinic.

You will be given post-employable pain relievers and directions with respect to your dressings and any fastens you might have.

Most patients are versatile from the very beginning and return to typical exercises in six weeks or less. Anyway everybody recuperates in an unexpected way. Be certain and examine your re-visitation of work with your specialist.

The consequences of bosom decrease work on progressively over the long haul. Your bosoms ought to become milder and more regular as the mending proceeds.

PLASTIC SURGERY DUBAI | 14 February 2021


FILLERS IN DUBAI | 11 February 2021

This is one of the most frequently presented requests by women pondering this operation. Numerous assessments have shown that women who get embeds are not at an extended bet for getting chest illness. Additionally, embeds don’t concede the recognizable proof of chest dangerous development. Finally, chest install patients who truly get chest sickness have a comparative chance gaining decrease, or being freed from harmful development for a seriously prolonged stretch of time, as women without embeds.

Am I unreasonably old for the operation?

Various women in their 40s and 50s have gone through chest development dubai operation with extraordinary results. The most notable patient for this operation is a woman in her 30s with two young people who has been contemplating this action for quite a while. Anything that your stage all through regular daily existence, we encourage you to design a gathering to find the most ideal way toward your remedial goals.

Could it be prudent for me to hang on until I am done having children to have chest extension dubai?

Pregnancy will change the size and condition of a woman’s chests whether or not she has embeds. These movements may inimically impact the supportive appearance of any expanded chest. It is by and large recommended that pregnancy be postponed until a half year after the operation. Chest dealing with embeds is at this point possible and has been shown to be okay for the kid and the mother.



A facelift is an activity to fix and lift skin and delicate tissues. This will result in a more tight and smoother look and more energetic appearance.

What occurs during a facelift activity?

A facelift is typically performed under broad sedative and generally requires a few hours. The careful procedure will rely upon what region is being lifted.

SMAS facelift – Your specialist will make a cut on the two sides of your face in the hairline around your ears. They will cut under the more profound layer of extreme tissue (shallow musculo-aponeurotic framework or SMAS layer), lifting and fixing it. Your specialist will then, at that point, fix the skin towards your ears and eliminate any overabundance skin.

Macintoshes facelift – The MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) cosmetic touch up includes a more modest entry point taking out any scarring behind the ear. Your specialist will fix the SMAS layer with extraordinary suspension join to try not to cut under it. Macintoshes cosmetic touch up includes less a medical procedure however the outcomes may not keep going up to a SMAS facelift.

Mid-facelift – A mid facelift tends to the region beneath your lower eyelids over the cheekbone. Your specialist will make little trims along your hairline and either inside your mouth or in your lower eyelid. They will utilize extraordinary careful instruments and lines to lift the cheeks.

Whenever you have recuperated from the sedative, you will be urged to sit up in bed

Sitting upstanding will assist with diminishing a portion of the expanding. Your face is probably going to feel tight and delicate around the ears. Be that as it may, there ought not be any extreme torment and this will be controlled with basic absense of pain

– You might feel sluggish following a medical procedure

– Hope to awaken and nap off until the end of the day

– You might have a swathe around your head and under your jaw after a medical procedure

– This will be taken out the day after your medical procedure

– Little, meager cylinders (channels) might be briefly embedded in the injuries

– You might be given a help piece of clothing to wear after your gauzes are eliminated.

What occurs during a smaller than usual facelift?

A smaller than normal facelift is typically performed under broad sedative and generally requires somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 hours. Your specialist will numb the region in front or simply behind your ears. They will make a couple of little entry points in front or behind your ears and (contingent upon the degree of lift required) along your hairline. They will expand and fix the skin where required. Your injuries will be shut utilizing extremely fine fastens.



FILLERS IN DUBAI | 1 February 2021

Face fillers. Assuming that you’re pondering getting them, or have heard them referenced and need to realize more, then, at that point, this is your thorough outline of the restorative system. It’s intended to assist with decreasing the presence of scarce differences, wrinkles and other noticeable indications of maturing.

What are face fillers?

Face fillers, also called dermal fillers, are little infusions of gel, ordinarily comprised of hylauronic corrosive, that fill in kinks and add volume to delicate tissue. You can have dermal fillers in various pieces of your face: around the eye, cheeks, mouth and facial structure, as well as lip fillers controlled straightforwardly into the lip tissue.

How would they function?

Fillers fundamentally reestablish lost volume to your face and stout regions, so that profound set lines are smoothed. For what reason is this required? As we progress in years our bodies quit delivering collagen and elastin, the two of which add to the energetic look.

Specialists quarrel about when we begin losing collagen, however the for the most part concurred age is 25. Youthful, isn’t that so? Your collagen and elastin levels then, at that point, decline at a pace of around 2% each year. Your body will have quit creating it out and out by your late twenties.

How long face fillers last?

It depends how your body responds and which hyaluronic corrosive is utilized, yet most face fillers will endure somewhere in the range of six and year and a half.

Do confront fillers make side impacts?

It’s simple for clients to confound aftereffects to responses, so it’s critical to comprehend what secondary effects can be anticipated. Transitory secondary effects – those that are totally typical after facial infusions – can incorporate; enlarging, redness and delicacy. Encountering a tad of distress, redness and swelling after the procedure is totally typical. Responses by and large happen following the needle infusion and can incorporate; redness, expanding, torment, tingling, swelling and delicacy at the infusion area. These responses are by and large gentle to direct and normally vanish not long after infusion, typically settled a couple of days after the infusion into the skin.

FILLERS IN DUBAI | 1 February 2021

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