COSMETIC CLINIC DUBAI | 28 February 2021

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgery for hair regrowth, best utilized for treating diminishing hair and easing back or halting the movement of going bald. Losing your hair can be a tremendously troubling thing to go through and it can affect your confidence.

PRP treatment can handle both male/female example sparseness and alopecia as it supports the development of existing hair follicles, causing your hair to seem more full and better without falling back on a medical procedure. It is in this way the most regular manner to animate hair development.

Advantages of PRP Treatment

PRP hair treatment is a powerful answer for diminishing hair and easing back the movement of balding in all kinds of people. The advantages of PRP hair regrowth treatment:

Normal looking outcomes on living follicles with less frequencies of intrusive medical procedure required

Cost and time powerful

Counteraction of additional balding

Decreases pace of hair diminishing

Regrowth of more full and thicker hair

Reasonable for people, all things considered,

Why pick PRP?

 Going bald is by and large brought about by an absence of cell restoration in the scalp – which makes PRP the ideal treatment as it invigorates the development of new solid cells. It is a basic and absolutely regular. PRP gives protected and dependable outcomes and has an exceptionally speedy recuperation period. Just a limited quantity of blood is taken like you are having your normal blood testing and neighborhood sedation is utilized, so you experience extremely negligible distress. PRP Hair medicines gives viable outcomes high achievement rate.

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