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Breast Augmentation Dubai – Know The Benefits

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 24 December 2023

Women choose primary breast augmentation surgery to increase the size and proportion of their breast(s). In addition, women choose revision-augmentation surgery (replacement of an existing breast implant) to correct or improve the result of a primary augmentation surgery. According to literature reports, most women who have undergone breast implant surgery have reported high levels of satisfaction with their body image and the shape, feel and size of their implants.67 In Sientra’s Clinical Study, most primary and revision-augmentation patients were pleased with the results of their implant surgery. The results showed that most women who underwent primary or revision-augmentation with the Study Implants felt their breast implants made them feel more feminine and more attractive. In addition, the majority of these women indicated that their breast implants made them feel better about themselves. For more information on the benefits of breast augmentation with Sientra’s Implants based on the results of the Clinical Study.

Preparing For Breast Augmentation Dubai With Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Deciding to have breast augmentation with implants is an important personal decision that has both benefits and risks. You should decide whether it is the right choice for you after discussing all the options with your plastic surgeon and any other doctors who are treating you. This section will give you the information you need to make an informed choice and help you make a number of decisions that have to be made before your surgery.

Should I Have Breast Augmentation Dubai?

Breast augmentation with Silicone Gel Breast Implants
is one option that may be available to you if you wish to enhance the appearance of your breasts. A breast revision-augmentation surgery may be appropriate if you have had
a breast augmentation with implants but need to complete, improve upon, or correct a part of that first surgery (called the primary augmentation). Whether breast augmentation is right for you depends on many things; some of them are personal. You should take into account your medical condition, general health, lifestyle, how you feel emotionally, and your breast size and shape before surgery, as well as your hopes for breast size and shape after surgery. All of these things will affect the outcome of your surgery. Discuss your goals for breast augmentation with your doctors. You may also wish to consult your family and friends and breast implant support groups, to help you learn about the options and decide. Many women who choose implants as part of their augmentation say their augmented breast(s) help them feel more self-confident, feel better about their bodies, and/or give them a greater feeling of well-being. Other women are not satisfied with their implants because of complications, like capsular contracture, rupture, or pain.


Breast Augmentation Dubai With Implants – Understanding The Procedure The surgical procedure for breast augmentation consists of choices you and your surgical team (surgeon(s), nurses, anesthetist, etc.) will make as you plan your surgery. These choices include:

• The surgical setting (where the surgery will be performed, for example, in a hospital, surgery center, or doctor’s office),

• The type of anesthesia used,

• The location of the incisions made to insert the Implants,

• How the Implants will be placed in your breasts
(subglandular or submuscular), and
• Whether your existing skin and/or breast tissue can
cover implants.
Breast Augmentation Dubai
Each of these is discussed in the sections that follow. The type of procedure that is available to you depends on your medical situation, breast shape and size, general health, lifestyle, and goals for the augmentation. Breast augmentation with Silicone Gel Breast Implants can usually be completed in a single surgery. SURGICAL SETTING Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in a hospital, private surgery center, clinic, or in the surgeon’s office. Be sure you are comfortable with the location of the surgery before it happens. If you are considering having surgery in a private surgery center or office, you may want to see the area where the surgery will be performed. ANESTHESIA Breast implant surgery may be performed under general or local anesthesia. All anesthetics carry some risk. Discuss the risks and benefits of the anesthetic your surgeon and anesthetist recommend for you before the surgery. INCISION SITES Figure 2 shows the three incision sites
(location of cut through which the breast implant is inserted in your body) usually used for breast augmentation surgery:
• Inframammary – the most common incision, made under your breast at the crease where the breast meets the body,
• Periareolar – an incision is made around the nipple, and
• Transaxillary – the incision is made in the armpit, which gives the surgeon easier access to the chest muscle.
Breast Augmentation Dubai
When you and your doctor decide what you want your breasts to look like after augmentation, your doctor can help you choose the right implant to get the effect you want. Your body type, height, and weight will be factors your surgeon considers to help you achieve the best result. IMPLANT SIZE, SHAPE AND SURFACE Your surgeon will examine your breast tissue and skin to figure out if you will have enough to cover the implant. It is possible that you
will not have enough skin and/or breast tissue to cover the implant you desire. In this case, you may be offered several choices. Breast implants that are too big for the amount of breast tissue or skin can cause problems: they can actually speed up the effects of gravity; your breasts may droop or sag earlier with implants that are too large. Implants that are too large can also cause implant extrusion, skin wrinkling, infection, and hematoma. You may be able to feel folds on the implant created by it being squeezed too tightly by the surrounding tissue and skin. If you do not have enough skin, and it is stretched too thin over the implant, you may be able to feel or see the edges of the implant under your skin surface after surgery. As shown in Figure 4, the Implants come with either a smooth shell or a textured shell; you should speak with your surgeon to find out whether he or she recommends smooth or textured implants for you.
Breast Augmentation Dubai


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 20 December 2023

With regards to bosom expansion, patients are ordinarily hoping to expand their bosom size, however there are a couple of other key variables to remember while picking the right bosom embeds that will both accomplish the ideal outcomes and feature your normal figure.

While considering bosom inserts, it is essential to recognize cup size and embed size. Bra sizes are not uniform and can fluctuate from one brand to another and by style, while embed sizes are uniform and are estimated in cubic centimeters of volume. Talking about the distinction with your specialist can assist with tracking down the right counterpart for you.

It’s correspondingly essential to understand what you are searching for because of the medical procedure. A few patients look for unpretentious upgrades while others expect sensational changes. Outwardly, patients might be hoping to increment cleavage, lift hanging bosoms, or change bosom position.

One more perspective to consider is your way of life. In the event that you work out, play a ton of sports, or have a truly requesting position, this could influence the size of bosom inserts you pick. Obviously, ladies who carry on with a functioning existence can in any case appreciate inserts, simply at times a more modest expansion in volume might be a superior decision.

Maybe above all for those having bosom increase is to have great affinity with your specialist. Make certain to plainly impart your objectives and examine them with your primary care physician. The person will actually want to assist you with picking the right size for inserts as well as conceivably recommending a bosom lift to go with the increase. In the workplace you will likewise have the valuable chance to take a gander at when photographs to find pictures of ladies with comparable body types and perceive how their expansion worked on their appearance.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 16 December 2023

On the off chance that you’re not content with the size, shape, or evenness of your bosoms, you’re in good company. Numerous ladies want enhancements there. Bosom increase is an extraordinary choice. Furthermore, this treatment is gainful to a person whose bosoms might have changed following pregnancy or weight reduction. Dr. Vigo has the experience and mastery to assist with giving you the look that you’ve for a long time truly cared about.

Changing any piece of your body frequently accompanies assorted influences on your life. For instance, body enhancements frequently emphatically influence your fearlessness and others’ impression of you. This frequently appears in numerous parts of your life. The following are a few other incredible advantages of bosom increase.

Bosom Augmentation Benefits

The essential objective of bosom increase is to work on the presence of the bosoms. Regardless of the confusion that this system is just about developing the bosoms, the expansion interaction includes considerably more than making the bosoms bigger.

Bosom Augmentation Dubai

Adds Curves and Volume to Your Breasts

In the event that you have normally little bosoms, expansion can assist you with adding bends and volume to them. On the off chance that you seek to feel more female and well proportioned, enlarging your bosoms might be all you want. Regardless of your objectives — maybe you want to fit in a two-piece top, or increment your bosoms’ cup size, or make them thrilling — bosom expansion will assist you with accomplishing your ideal look.

Makes Your Breasts Even

Bosom evenness contrasts starting with one individual then onto the next. In the event that you struggle with looking for garments due to the distinction in the size of your bosoms, expanding can help, as it assists you with accomplishing balance.

Reestablishes Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

In the event that your bosoms are not generally so lively as they used to be following weight reduction, pregnancy, or just because of maturing, bosom expansion can reestablish their size and shape. The method reestablishes your bosoms’ volume and shape to give you a perkier and more energetic appearance.

Supports Self-Confidence

While most ladies go through the bosom expansion process essentially to change their appearances, there are as yet numerous different advantages to the technique. For instance, similar to any apparent (or not apparent) part of the body, the presence of your bosoms can straightforwardly influence your certainty. The expansion interaction can increment bosom volume and size, and make them stunning — consequently supporting your certainty.

Bosom Augmentation Dubai

Allows You To wear Your Desired Clothes

It tends to be trying to pick what garments to wear as a result of the size and state of your bosoms. Bosom increase reestablishes them to the ideal shape, making it simple to look for and wear your favored garments.

Breast Augmentation Dubai



Tummy Tuck Dubai | 12 December 2023

The appearance of another child frequently leaves a lady with extended skin that can’t withdraw, and, surprisingly, abs have isolated in the center (called ‘divarication’), a listing or protruding stomach that no measure of activity can counter.

In 2016, it was concluded that Medicare would never again cover the abdominoplasty system following pregnancy. This choice altogether affected availability for the abdominoplasty for some ladies. These progressions have been made without putting it forward for the overall population to consider, nor were there any drives to counsel clinical bodies or clinical experts to offer their perspective on this choice.

Stomach Tuck Dubai

Right now, abdominoplasty, or stomach fold, must be guaranteed in the event that a patient is going through a medical procedure for huge weight reduction. In any case, this methodology is frequently basic for some moms who need to address huge practical issues that can happen post-pregnancy, like constant lower back torment and urinary incontinence in post pregnancy ladies. Reconstructive abdominoplasty after pregnancy reestablishes the stomach muscles and skin whenever it has been extended. These discoveries have been affirmed by the review that was distributed in 2018 in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal named ‘Abdominoplasty works on low back torment and urinary incontinence’. To peruse this examination paper, visit this connection.


Fixing the abs carefully in a belly fold raises the intra stomach pressure and works on the biomechanics of the stomach and spinal muscles.

The effectiveness of the thoracolumbar sash (TLF), the spinal and muscular strength is further developed which, thus, settles the spine.

Expanded proficiency of the Transversus Abdominis muscle a further develops strength of the sacroiliac joint and lightens lower back torment.

X-ray shows an expansion in the plate space and improvement of the swelling circle following belly fold.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 9 December 2023

Indeed, even full, curvaceous lips can lose a portion of their volume because of the method involved with maturing. Lip expansion corrective medical procedure can assist with making a more young facial appearance and proposition improved certainty to patients who have encountered a deficiency of completion in their lips.

Treatment choices, for example, lip expansion filler infusions, lip embed plastic medical procedure, and fat exchange are accessible to patients looking for lip upgrade.

Maintainability of Outcomes with Lip Augmentation Dermal Fillers

Throughout the long term, there have been huge headways in lip dermal filler infusions. However, these arrangements don’t offer extremely durable outcomes. Lip filler life span relies upon the sort of filler utilized and the body’s reaction to it.

Lip fillers, for instance, will endure longer in more youthful people because of sufficient collagen and hyaluronic corrosive creation to help and improve the results. Then again, more seasoned grown-ups will require routine medicines like Restylane. A portion of the ordinarily utilized filler injectables are:


For lip increase, Juvederm is utilized principally to fill wrinkles around the mouth. The Juvederm gel is hypoallergenic. It makes moment completion in the treated site. The outcomes are normal turning and can endure upward to one year.


Restylane involves hyaluronic corrosive (HA). This dermal filler gives completion and a characteristic brilliance to the tissue. The results last somewhere in the range of six and a year. From that point onward, the body ingests the HA through its regular cycles.


HA is additionally the essential fixing in Perlane. This assists Perlane results with seeming regular and support for a lengthy period. The results of this dermal filler can support between a half year to one year.


The patient should go through a sensitivity test prior to getting collagen-based lip fillers as creature based fillers can prompt a hypersensitive response. Human collagen-based infusions are additionally accessible. The results support for roughly three months in the two cases.

Fat Transfer

Fat exchange for lip expansion includes the expulsion of fat from one region of the body and its utilization for lip upgrade. The fat doesn’t make an unfavorably susceptible reaction as it comes from the patient’s own body. The outcomes keep going for between three to a half year. From that point forward, the patient might require a final detail technique.

As a rule, dermal fillers can support in the lips for between 90 days to a year relying upon the kind of filler managed.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 5 December 2023

In getting ready for Breast Augmentation, you might be asked to:

– Get a blood test

– Modify your medications or change your ongoing meds

– Quit smoking

– Try not to take ibuprofen and certain mitigating drugs as they can increment dying

Before your bosom increase a medical procedure, you will meet with your specialist and pick the best embeds for your body, wanted results, and way of life. In the event that you want a characteristic look and regular feel, your PCP will doubtlessly suggest organized bosom inserts. Your specialist ought to talk you through the technique and answer any inquiries you have. In the event that your specialist at any point causes you to feel awkward or won’t respond to significant inquiries, think about searching for another specialist.

Bosom increase a medical procedure regularly requires several hours and, for however long there are no complexities, you ought to have the option to return home that very day. During the activity, you will be put under broad sedation or IV sedation.

Your specialist will put the inserts either beneath the chest wall muscles (submuscular) or above them (subglandular). Your specialist will then, at that point, close the cut with tape, lines, or paste. Bosom increase a medical procedure commonly doesn’t need a short term visit in the medical procedure place or clinic. Be certain you have a companion or relative accessible to bring you home, which ought to be an hour or so after medical procedure. Your bosoms will be wrapped with dressing and a gauze or backing bra. It is vital to follow all your specialist’s post-operation directions for the most ideal result. Wear your help bra and rest however long your specialist suggests, take any prescription endorsed, and know about the indications of contamination. Call your PCP right away assuming you have any worries, or visit the ER on the off chance that you accept it is a crisis. After the principal week, the most terrible of the aggravation ought to be gone, yet enlarging and irritation will stay for half a month. Adhering to your specialist’s guidelines for restricting exercises, working out, and follow-up visits will guarantee you end up with the best embeds long into the future.



Corrective PRP Therapy Treatment bridles the ability to recuperate of your blood to recover solid new tissue in the treatment region for normal improvement of normal skin concerns and diminishing hair.


The treatment will require around 30-40 minutes.


For the best outcome, we prescribe up to three medicines, 4 a month and a half separated, with top-ups at 6 two years.


You ought to see completion and upgrades in skin surface and tone are perceptible in 3 weeks or less. Full collagen recovery requires 3 months. Gentle expanding might be seen right away. Throughout the long stretches of time, the platelets will deliver development factors and pre immature microorganisms which will aid more collagen development.


Dr. Vigo will evaluate your skin condition, and concoct an activity plan together. We will then, at that point, play out a straightforward skin test, and suggest a reasonable treatment with a sensible result. Pre-treatment photos are taken. Your skin is purified and ready. Neighborhood sedative cream is applied to limit torment. Blood is taken from your arm and put in a test tube which is then centrifuged. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then ready and enacted. It is then at first infused into the areas talked about before treatment. The rest of the plasma is then infused all around the remainder of the skin region to be dealt with.

PRP facial revival can be an oddball treatment, yet further miniature infusions can be re-performed at 4-6 week by week spans for lines and kinks in the event that the client wants this. It can likewise be utilized as a feature of a treatment program.



Botox Dubai | 1 December 2023

Crow’s feet, otherwise called grin lines, are wrinkles that show up on the external corners of the eye. They are brought about by constriction of the muscles answerable for squinting, grinning, chuckling or grimacing. At first, these kinks are just apparent when you grin or chuckle yet over the long run, similar to all kinks, they become further. Imbued Crow’s feet and grin lines are apparent whether you contract the fundamental muscles (ie in any event, while you’re resting the muscles of articulation). Crow’s feet can likewise broaden upwards towards the sanctuary and downwards to influence the cheeks when they are further developed and as volume is lost here of the face with age.

What causes crow’s feet and grin lines?

The primary explanation Crow’s feet or grin lines create is because of loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins are the skin’s normal plumpers and give versatility. Consequently losing them makes skin become more slender and for kinks to become apparrent. Loss of collagen and elastin happens normally as we age. Obviously, the other reason for the presence of kinks is sun harm.

Medicines for crow’s feet and grin lines

Most importantly its vital to begin with fundamentals like comprehension your skin type and following an essential skincare schedule. Basic way of life adjustments, for example, sun insurance, keeping hydrated and halting smoking will likewise assist with dialing back the advancement of crow’s feet or grin lines.

Synthetic Peels and Collagen Induction Therapy

There are various powerful medicines for existing Crow’s feet and grin lines. The least complex choice for early indications of scarcely discernible differences and kinks would be a course of synthetic strips as well as microneedling. These restore the skin and prompt collagen and elastin creation. Subsequently, after some time these smooth out wrinkles and keep them from growing further.

Botox Injections

Assuming you have Crow’s feet that are just apparent on making articulation, these can be dealt with effectively with Botox hostile to wrinkle infusions. For Crow’s feet or grin lines that are more profound (ie noticeable without making any articulations), then utilizing hyaluronic corrosive dermal fillers would give a superior choice.

Dermal Fillers

For further developed Crow’s feet or under eye kinks and tear box deformations, a mix of various dermal fillers can offer a characteristic looking arrangement. On the off chance that you have grin lines that broaden profound onto the cheeks, you could which to consider both cheek fillers and flaw smoothing with dermal filler to reestablish volume and lift the kinks. For coinciding under eye hollows and kinks, the expansion of tear box fillers would serve to restore the under eye region totally.

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