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In spite of the fact that there is no conclusive reason for gynaecomastia, the condition is believed to be the consequence of chemicals coursing in unambiguous cells in the breast region. Thusly, side effects of the condition are for the most part evident after pubescence, albeit the condition might be noticeable upon entering the world.

A few men find that one or the two bosoms might be unusually huge. Known as gynaecomastia, this condition can result from a chemical unevenness or from being exceptionally overweight, which can expand levels of estrogen and cause bosom tissue to develop. Bosom decrease a medical procedure is a possibility for men with this condition. It might likewise be utilized to fix the bosom region after emotional weight reduction that has made the skin hang. In any case, it isn’t appropriate for men whose enormous bosoms are basically overabundance fat from being overweight.

There are three principal surgeries which can be attempted:


Liposuction is utilized to eliminate the greasy tissue under an overall sedative. Little entry points (cuts) are made on the chest wall. A little metal cylinder (cannula) is utilized to suck out the greasy tissue. The entry points are then stitched to give a compliment, firmer and better-molded chest. Any join will be of the dissolving type thus needn’t bother with to be eliminated.

Extraction of gynaecomastia

In excisional medical procedure, I will make a slice around the areola to eliminate the bosom tissue. This might be joined with liposuction of the bosom tissue simultaneously.

Male bosom decrease

Assuming the bosom is exceptionally enormous more tissue and skin might need to be eliminated. This will give more scars. The level of scarring will rely on how much skin should be eliminated. I will exhort you about this.

After medical procedure for gynaecomastia your bosoms will look stained and feel firm and enlarged. Injuries can happen. You might have to have a channel (a fine plastic cylinder) embedded into the bosom during the activity. This will be taken out by the bosom care medical attendants seven days after your activity. You ought to have the option to return home that very day. You might be encouraged to wear a bodice for as long as about a month after the activity to assist with the enlarging. You can not commute home after your activity and it very well might be a few days before you can drive.

You will be given an arrangement to get back to the facility in 7-10 days where the dressings and drain(s) will be eliminated and the injuries assessed. You will likewise be assessed after your medical procedure once the swelling and expanding has totally settled.



Injecting dermal fillers to the facial design achieves the edge of your mandible being moved along. The results are second and should latest 1 year. In the event that you have some gentle overabundance fat, you can liquefy this fat with a softening specialist called Kybella (deoxycholic corrosive). The region in the twofold jaw is viewed as on-mark use, yet getting to the very sides and back piece of your facial structure might require infusions that are off-name use. Contingent upon the amount of fat you possess in the jaw region, you will require 1-6 vials of Kybella. The outcomes are extremely durable, expecting you keep up with your general load since the fat is actually softened.


FILLERS IN DUBAI | 21 May 2022

Fillers are normally used to expand the volume and size of the lips.

Collagen or hyaluronic corrosive based filler are regular. Collagen works by plumping, while hyaluronic corrosive works by both plumping yet in addition holding water inside the lip for a more regular impact. They last around 90 days to a year relying upon how rapidly your body separates them. The sort I suggest are made of hyaluronic corrosive — a sugar, found normally in the body, that adds brief volume and definition when infused into lips.

The lips can in some cases will generally be lopsided with the top or base one thicker than they ought to be.

To get an ideal sulk the top lip ought to be 33% and the base lip ought to be 66%. Some of the time they are likewise bigger on one side than the other and the lips are somewhat unbalanced.

The goal in treating the upper lip is to creatively make a structure that orchestrates with the patient’s special facial highlights and considers the age and ethnic foundation of the patient. The objective in treating the lower lip is to make mass and more noteworthy unmistakable quality and imaginative projection of the vermilion.

The doctor should lay out proper rules and patient assumptions for expansion comparative with typical lip extents to keep away from an animation like appearance.

While choosing a reasonable filler for the lips, the accompanying elements are thought about:

Crosslinking innovation: connects with life span and inclination to grow

Cost: patient should know about monetary responsibility

Organization support: explicit item information and preparing/advertising is fundamental

Reversibility: guarantees a wellbeing net incase of vascular mishap or other filler-related complexities; you ought to have a first aid kit remembering hyaluronidase for site



Liposuction is a common corrective solution that can give you more uniform body shape and assist with disposing of obstinate fat cells. Individuals frequently get liposuction on their midsection, rump, thighs, jaw, neck, upper arms, calves, back, and on the rear of the arms for a tight and conditioned look.

Undesirable greasy stores are found in regions that are impervious to count calories and exercise, like the face, neck, bosom, midsection, upper arm, hips, thighs, knees, and lower legs. Liposuction-liposculpture can be performed on different regions all at once – your specialist will observe acknowledged rules with respect to safe volumes which might be eliminated in one meeting. While objectives incorporate size improvement, this methodology isn’t really for weight reduction. Eventual outcomes may not be clear for quite some time following your technique.

Liposuction is normally done under broad sedative, albeit an epidural sedative might be utilized for liposuction on lower portions of the body. The specialist would check on your body the region where fat is to be taken out. They would then:

– infuse this region with an answer containing sedative and medication, to

  decrease blood misfortune, swelling and enlarging

– separate the fat cells utilizing high-recurrence vibrations, a powerless laser

  beat or a high-pressure water stream

– make a little entry point (cut) and supplement a pull tube joined to a

  vacuum machine (a few slices might should be made in the event that the region is huge)

– move the pull tube this way and that to slacken the fat and suck it out

  channel any overabundance liquid and blood

– fasten up and swathe the treated region



FILLERS IN DUBAI | 14 May 2022

Fillers are a powerful choice for patients with tear box hollows and under-eye packs. As we begin to mature, the region under the eyes, known as the tear box region, turns out to be more unmistakable. The adjustment of appearance frequently gives dark circles and under-eye empty, passing on one to look drained and depleted. Likewise, emptying under the eyes can uncover packs, which exacerbate the appearance. Dermal filler infusions help to standardize facial molding around the top cheek intersection and stays away from the requirement for medical procedure. On the off chance that your under-eye packs are serious, a blepharoplasty method might be more valuable.

At what age would it be a good idea for you to get under-eye fillers?

Tear box fillers are an inexorably famous non-careful stylish treatment among more youthful individuals. Notwithstanding, people of all ages can go through the system in the event that they look for a fresher, more revived look, and a break from tired looking eyes by reestablishing volume misfortune

What is the tear box region and how can it change as we age?

The point of interaction between our lower eyelids and upper cheek is alluded to as the tear box region. Tear box emptying is quite possibly of the earliest maturing change and frequently is an established element present from pre-adulthood. As we progress in years, this region changes apparently, by becoming hollower, hazier, more profound, and less rejuvenated. These despondencies can make the eyes look fairly indented and make ugly dull shadows, giving the presence of sleepiness, depletion, and advanced age.

How would I get ready for tear box treatment?

During starting discussion Dr. Matteo Vigo will go through your clinical history and give a nitty gritty assessment of the eyes and face. There will be a conversation of what you wish to accomplish from the treatment and the dangers and advantages to permit you to arrive at an educated choice. Assuming it is resolved that tear box filler is the right treatment is ideal for you, the filler infusion will be applied. You ought to try not to drink liquor for 24 hours before the treatment, while headache medicine ought not be taken for 7 days and Ibuprofen for two



Dermal filler treatment for the nose is a high level dermal filler treatment and is viewed as a higher gamble region than dermal filler somewhere else on the face, Dr. Matteo Vigo is exceptionally knowledgeable about giving out this treatment. Significant benefits of Nose Reshaping Fillers are that you can get back to work the following day and resume your day to day everyday practice. No more emergency clinic stay, time away or long recuperation period.

Let Dr. Matteo Vigo assist you with being content with what you find in the mirror by having a very powerful, stroll in leave technique, without any complexities and surgical tools.

The non-careful rhinoplasty or non-careful nose work is an exceptionally progressed technique. I will utilize premium hyaluronic corrosive nose fillers to shape your nose and equilibrium your profile. As such this treatment is totally customized to your singular face shape and tasteful objectives.

The non-careful rhinoplasty is a high level remedial strategy. Utilizing hyaluronic corrosive dermal fillers, the nose can be reshaped with only few infusions in a brief timeframe with practically no personal time included. Thusly, the non-careful rhinoplasty has become very famous with all kinds of people the same. This treatment is performed utilizing premium hyaluronic corrosive to reshape the nose and give agreement to the face.

Dr. Matteo Vigo utilizes nose fillers to modify the definition, projection, profile, and state of the nose. In that capacity, non-careful rhinoplasty is best for fixing, extending, streamlining knocks or gouges and further developing deviations in the nose. The critical advantages of my customized non-careful rhinoplasty include:

– Safe and successful treatment utilizing premium dermal fillers

– Completely tailor made non-careful rhinoplasty nose reshaping treatment

– Profile adjusting by treating the jaw region if necessary

– All medicines performed by an accomplished tasteful specialist

– Premium hyaluronic corrosive dermal fillers

– Regular looking outcomes

– Committed aftercare and follow-up



Need to dispose of some difficult fat in some space of your body or the face? Presently the arrangement is only a stage away with our fat dissolving infusion which can promise you an outcome in couple of meetings. Torment free medicines with astounding outcome for the people who would rather not have medical procedures or more obtrusive techniques.

With few infusions you can focus on the area you need to decrease, like the twofold jaw, little region of the midsection, flanks, hips or knees. A negligible redness and enlarging after the method for several days is viewed as typical and it implies that the item is dynamic and working. The outcomes show up following 2-3 weeks and an insignificant series of 3 treatment can ensure the ideal outcome. There is an adequate number of logical information demonstrating the viability of adipocytolytic infusions to diminish undesirable fat warehouses. These medicines are protected, with least aftereffects and practically no obstruction with our patients’ everyday exercises.

Fat dissolving infusions can assist you with accomplishing a slimmer, more formed body shape, with dependable consequences of somewhere in the range of two and four years. The outcomes are significantly longer in the event that you keep a sound eating routine and consistently work-out!. Like with every new treatment however, it’s essential to see precisely very thing is involved prior to surging in. Here is all you want to be familiar with fat dissolving infusions:

Jaw chiseling infusions contain an orchestrated deoxycholic corrosive that happens normally in the body and helps in the breakdown and retention of dietary fat. General fat dissolving infusions contain a substance called phosphatidylcholine (PC). Once more, this is a characteristic compound got from soybean. Both are protected to utilize and are normally separated by the body over the long haul.

Symptoms of fat dissolving infusions are intriguing. You might encounter enlarging, swelling, tingling, torment, aversion to pressure and extreme warmth at the infusion site notwithstanding, this is normally settled inside three to five days.

Similarly as with all medicines that include needles, the infusions might sting for a couple of moments, however for the most part, torment is insignificant with our jaw chiseling and fat dissolving medicines. Dr. Vigo offers the choice of applying a skin desensitizing specialist to the treatment region to limit uneasiness.

The greatest thing to note with fat dissolving infusions and jaw chiseling infusions is they really do require a touch of personal time. The two medicines prescribe relaxing for three to five days.

Aqualyx is made up from various different plant based intensifies that have been refined in a lab climate. Aqualyx breaks down the layers of fat cells in the treated region. The fat cells become unsteady and tear open. The unsaturated fats held inside the cell are then disposed of by macrophages (part of the body’s invulnerable framework) and the liver.



Stem Cell Treatment is a compelling treatment for a many circumstances and has been effectively used to further develop skin and hair conditions including:

– Appearance regeneration

– Scar & Acne

– Going bald

– Normal body molding

Fat Derived Stem Cells are mesenchymal immature microorganisms which can be tracked down in the fat tissue; these cells address a multipotent cell populace which can separate into cells of different tissues, including yet not restricted to bone, ligament, heart and muscle.

Also, those cells can show immunomodulating properties and a raised ability to invigorate the development of fresh blood vessels. Fat determined immature microorganisms are likewise contained in the bone marrow, in the amniotic fluid and epithelial tissue. The fat is our most extravagant wellspring of immature microorganisms and it is the least demanding tissue to be collected through a typical liposuction. Fat determined immature microorganisms can be utilized in many field in superficial and reconstructive medical procedure. They are extremely valuable in the body molding, assisting the endurance of the joined fat, assume a significant part in the revival with processing of the skin, advance the mending of scars and its amendment. They can be utilized likewise as a treatment for stretch imprints, old scar discouragements and keloids.

This cycle permits you to make your very own stockpile of collagen-creating Adipose Derived Cells to address fine kinks, creases and maturing signs. A characteristic treatment doesn’t depend on infusing counterfeit parts into the skin

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