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Plastic Surgery Dubai | 28 October 2021

A characteristic looking, revived appearance is made conceivable by expertise and experience. To help in your dynamic cycle, this guide covers a scope of facial corrective medical procedure techniques. I have huge involvement with all areas of stylish plastic medical procedure including facial corrective medical procedure, restorative bosom a medical procedure, and body shaping systems:


A neck lift offers a smoother and more conditioned appearance to skin under the jawline and neck regions. More up to date, less obtrusive systems offer more limited usable times, speedier recuperations and can bring about critical improvement in the neck area without requiring the broad careful analyzation of a customary cosmetic touch up.

Neck lift a medical procedure can be acted in different ways. Normally, a cut is made before and behind the ear. The edge of the drooping neck muscles is distinguished and pulled up and got. The subsequent abundance skin is eliminated behind the ear concealing the entry point. A substitute strategy includes making a cut under the jawline and fixing the fundamental muscle without eliminating skin and without the requirement for a cut before the ear. Systems are normally acted much more efficiently of a common cosmetic touch up, and patients for the most part recuperate in something like multi week to 10 days and typically can get back to work after the primary week with just minor swelling.

Cosmetic touch up (RHYTIDECTOMY)

In the beginning of restorative medical procedure, face lifts comprised of skin fixing as it were. Most current cosmetic touch up methods today comprise of fixing both the skin and the tissue underneath the skin in the cheek and the neck. There are numerous methods. Regardless of the strategy, nonetheless, the rule is something similar: fixing of the further designs permits less pressure to be placed on the skin, which might prompt a more extended term result.

With most cosmetic touch up methodology, a waste cylinder is embedded during a medical procedure. This will be eliminated a little while after medical procedure. All stitches are typically taken out inside five to 10 days following a medical procedure. Specialists for the most part suggest that patients keep away from energetic movement and sort out for post-medical procedure support from loved ones.

Recuperation as a rule requires half a month, however numerous patients return to work in about fourteen days. Scars are very much hidden in normal skin wrinkles and along the hair-line or on the other hand, if fundamental, by cosmetics until complete recuperating has happened. Remember that the maturing system go on after a medical procedure and that some unwinding of tissues will happen in the initial not many weeks.


This methodology is pointed toward eliminating abundance skin and fat in the upper eyelids. It commonly is finished under nearby sedation joined with cognizant sedation (“nightfall rest”) and has one of the most fast recuperations of any facial plastic medical procedure methodology. The whole method requires around 45 minutes to an hour and the aggravation is negligible generally speaking. Some minor enlarging and swelling might last a couple of days, and most patients are totally recuperated following seven days. These strategies might be joined with temple lifts to accomplish the best impact.


This methodology tends to the puffiness of overabundance fat and the wrinkling of abundance skin in the lower eyelids. For those patients with overabundance fat and practically zero abundance skin, the methodology can be performed by making the entry point inside the eyelid (transconjunctival), staying away from a scar on the skin. For those patients with overabundance skin and fat, a cut is made just underneath the eyelashes, where it tends to be all around stowed away. I will utilize an endoscope (a pencil-like camera gadget) embedded through an alternate cut, where the brow skin is lifted and the muscles and hidden tissues are eliminated or modified to create a smoother appearance.



Plastic Surgery Dubai | 24 October 2021

In contrast to different types of butt cheek a medical procedure, for example, situation of silicone butt cheek embeds, a Brazilian butt lift is promoted for giving more normal looking outcomes while likewise making more roundness in your posterior.

It can likewise assist with resolving specific issues, for example, the hanging and indistinctness that occasionally happen with age.

You could likewise think about the technique assuming you’re irritated by figure awkward nature that make it challenging to easily wear clothing.

One more advantage to Brazilian butt lifts is that there is a lower chance of disease contrasted with silicone butt cheek inserts. It has a preferred security profile over different substances, for example, silicone caulking and sealants, that are at times wrongfully infused into rump by individuals not qualified to carry out the technique.


Blepharoplasty Dubai | 20 October 2021

During an initial consultation with Dr. Vigo, he will talk about the particular advantages of an eyelid strategy for you expressly, allowing you the opportunity to pose loads of inquiries and conclude whether it is ideal for you. Whether you are hoping to address vision issues, switch the impacts of maturing or essentially for corrective reasons, there are a large number of advantages of eyelid medical procedure.


 Seem Younger

Sadly, the maturing system is something that happens in everybody, regardless of how well an individual might deal with themselves. Certain individuals might encounter undesirable indications of maturing as soon as their 20s, while others are sufficiently fortunate to see them numerous years down the line. In any case, it is a characteristic and undeniable event.

The eyes are quite possibly the earliest and most apparent regions to exhibit maturing since the collagen in the sensitive skin encompassing the eyes starts to debilitate prior on and more seriously than in most different regions. That being expressed, one of the critical points of eyelid medical procedure, specifically blepharoplasty, is to eliminate any overabundance skin around the eyes which makes them seem drained, loose and matured. Subsequent to going through such a strategy, most patients are satisfied with how much more youthful and more revived they look.

This is on the grounds that the eye is continually moving, causing loss of volume, added wrinkles, hanging and overabundance skin. Blepharoplasty eliminates that overabundance tissue, skin and fat to leave a more energetic appearance.

Look less drained

During starting conferences, numerous patients gripe of continually seeming as though they have not gotten any rest in that frame of mind while, regardless of whether they generally get a strong eight hours, or seeming pushed when they are not. Careful evacuation of the overabundance eyelid skin and fat will mean a look that shows up less drained since this overabundance skin adds to under-eye sacks and puffiness as we age.

Patients may likewise decide to go through different systems, for example, temple lift, which has a comparative impact in that it plans to diminish the quantity of kinks, lines or wrinkles present on the brow. These are typically done together to abbreviate the recuperation cycle.

Eliminate dark circles

There are three primary drivers of dull under-eye circles; the deficiency of volume in the tissue under the eyes, overabundance eyelid fat which can cause ‘swelling’, and the decrease of the pigmented eyelid skin, causing dimness underneath the eyes. The right surgeries can assist with these issues by eliminating any abundance skin, chiseling and rearranging the fat, and supplanting lost volume.

Further develop vision

While eyelid medical procedure is generally normally utilized for corrective thought processes, there are continuous cases in which it is performed for wellbeing reasons. For some patients, the upper eyelid skin might hang down into their field of vision, causing sight issues, which blepharoplasty can fix.

Fillers in Dubai |. 15 October 2021

The objective in treating the upper lip is to artistically create a form that harmonizes with the patient’s unique facial features and takes into account the age and ethnic background of the patient. The goal in treating the lower lip is to create bulk and greater prominence and artistic projection of the vermilion. The physician must establish appropriate guidelines and patient expectations for augmentation relative to normal lip proportions in order to avoid a cartoon-like appearance.

It’s important to see your box of injectables opened in front of you and to be sure only your dermatologist or plastic surgeon is doing the injections. Avoid blood thinners, like aspirin and fish oil, for at least a day beforehand, which can increase bruising. If you opt for numbing cream, expect it to be placed on the lips for approximately 10 minutes. The lips absorb quickly and do not require lengthy topical anaesthesia. Then, the skin surface should be cleansed properly and then injections are performed. Your doctor should go very slowly, often pausing to show you the progress that he or she is making. There is a real balance and art to it, I find that you really need to go little by little, so you normally inject the top lip first, balance it out on the other side, then inject the bottom lip. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes. What you see is what you get, you’re not waiting for it to work, like Botox.

Some doctors will gently mould the filler with their fingers after it is injected by squeezing and patting it into place, while others aim to inject it exactly where they want it and avoid moulding, since it can increase bruising and swelling. Based on my extensive experience, there is no single stance on moulding – it’s a technique that some like, while others do it sparingly.


When selecting a suitable filler for the lips, the following factors are taken into consideration:

Longevity: it is important to advise the patient how long a product is expected to last for, and explain that this is not guaranteed in order to successfully manage their expectations

Crosslinking technology: relates to longevity and propensity to swell

Cost: patient needs to be aware of financial commitment

Company support: specific product knowledge and training/marketing is essential

Reversibility: ensures a safety net incase of vascular accident or other filler-associated complications; you should have an emergency kit including hyaluronidase on site

Strong clinical study evidence: ensures a safe, evidence-based choice

Previous patient experience of product: if a patient has had good clinical results with a certain product and is happy with it, do not use something else as they may be unhappy with the new product


There is no single technique that fits every lip, and each practitioner will have his or her own approach to treatment. Below are the factors of which typically followed when it comes to lip augmentation:

Visually assess the lip in 3D: i.e. the lateral and frontal view. This will give an idea of projection required. For an attractive lip, the upper lip should project around 2mm further than the lower lip.

Assess the smile: if the patient has a ‘gummy’ smile and the lip disappears upon smiling then consider botulinum toxin injections to soften the action of the lip elevators. I have found that for best results, it should be a deep injection, 1cm lateral to the lateral alar of the nose. If the patient has an active depressor angulioris, contributing to a downturned mouth, also consider treating this muscle with botulinum toxin to prevent a downward pull of muscle on the corners of the mouth.

Determine the amount of filler: I always agree with the patient the amount of filler that will be used. It is important to not over or underfill the lip (amount is case dependent). For example, overfilling the upper lip can create a ‘duck lip’ appearance, which is usually not regarded as aesthetically appealing. I do not use more than 1ml per visit to prevent overcorrection and reduce the risk of vascular compression.

Enhancement or restoration: I always ask if the patient is seeking enhancement or restoration – this usually depends on the patient’s age – to ensure that you understand their expectations of treatment.

Age appropriateness: ensure that the lips are ‘age appropriate’. I advise not to try to create the lips of a 25 year old on a 60-year-old patient.

In patients showing signs of ageing: treat the perioral complex and not just the lip. To do this, use filler to turn up the corners of the mouth at the oral commissure, to treat oral rhytids and to restore volume in the cutaneous lip and chin area. Botulinum toxin in the mentalis and depressor angular oris can be used to reduce hyperkinetic activity of mouth depressors.

Consider the vermillion border: consider using low viscosity filler when treating the vermillion border. This can create a very sharp and well-defined demarcation by creating maximum light reflection without distorting the delicate lip architecture.


Cool compresses and ice packs can be used to minimize swelling and bruising. Patients should be advised to avoid ASA, NSAIDs, and other medications associated with an increased risk of bleeding. If anti-HSV I medication was prescribed, it should be continued according to physician recommendation. Because HAs are hydrophilic, they attract water from the surrounding tissues and further augment the soft tissue volume beyond that expected from mere implantation. The significant swelling of the vermilion in the immediate post-operative period may be camouflaged by applying flesh-toned foundation or concealer to the entire vermilion. Lipstick can then be applied to a smaller portion of the vermilion than usual so as to not exaggerate the swelling that may be present.



There are a lot of difficult decisions you have to make when it comes to getting lip injections, but fortunately, picking the right filler isn’t one of them. Hyaluronic acid, in a few different forms, is both the industry standard for temporary lip injections and the only temporary lip filler approved by the FDA. 

They’re marketed under different brand names – Restylane Silk, Belotero, Juvederm – but they’re all made from the same molecule, which is hyaluronic acid, as you may already know, naturally occurs in skin and is a top ingredient in hydrating skin-care products, since it plumps skin by capturing and holding onto water. Picking which of the formulas is best for you is really up to your doctor. Hyaluronic acid is not only the best option, but the only option for those new to the world of injections, since it will dissolve on its own and is well-tolerated, since it’s already in your body. There are irreversible fillers and implants, but those are not for beginners. 


Lips are one of the more uncomfortable places to inject filler. We have a lot of nerves in our lips, so I can do a combination of topical numbing cream and, sometimes, injectable numbing medications, so patients are comfortable. However, many of the H.A. injectables come with lidocaine (a numbing pain reliever) built right in, so some doctors opt out of additional measures. One, or a combination of the above pain-reducing options, will normally temper the pain of the actual procedure, but you’re likely to experience pain later, since the skin is being stretched. The pain as mild to moderate and notes that it can last for a few days.


Any time there is a needle crossing the skin, there is a risk. Bruising, swelling, and pain – all of which can last up to days and in rare cases, even weeks – may occur. There is also the risk of infection. Naturally, this makes it very important to check in with your doctor post-treatment, especially if you’re feeling nervous about side effects.

While hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body, you can still have an allergic reaction to H.A. injectables, since there are often inactive ingredients (like carrying agents) and pain-reducing ingredients (like lidocaine) in the formula. Those prone to allergies or are just plain nervous can do a patch test on their forearm a few days before the procedure to be sure they won’t have an adverse reaction.

Injecting the lips can prompt cold sores for those who are prone to them, so he normally pretreats those patients with a round of anti-viral medication, like Valtrex.

There are also less common side effects that are important to consider. More rare side effects include nodules or palpable material within the lips – basically bumps of H.A. that don’t settle or feel natural. Extremely rarely, lip filler can be introduced into a blood vessel in the lip, which can have more significant consequences if not dealt with immediately and appropriately.


One of the great things about lip injections is that the results are instantaneous, so you’ll leave the office with fairly accurate (albeit swollen) results. For the first 24 to 48 hours, the filler is malleable and your skin is prone to swelling, which means be gentle! This is noted as the time that your injections need to “settle.” No facials, yoga, or exercise is recommended, which can alter the placement of the filler and increase swelling and bruising.

Lips often swell for one to three days after treatment, but this is highly variable and some patients will experience no swelling and some will have more dramatic swelling that will take longer to subside. Bruising can last approximately one week, but can be covered with makeup or lipstick, as needed. Some doctors will offer to treat more significant bruising with a laser treatment if necessary.

While the average length of time H.A. fillers will last is about six months, it varies for everyone, from around three months to a year.  H.A. lasts different lengths, depending on where you put it and how active that body part is. I find that if the labelling says six to 12 months, [patients] normally come back every three to six months.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 14 October 2021

In the event that you’re thinking about bosom elevate a medical procedure you can figure out all you want to realize about the methodology in this aide.


Bosom elevate (mastoplexy) is a corrective activity to eliminate overabundance skin from your bosoms to work on their shape. The method is basically the same as bosom decrease a medical procedure. Be that as it may, in a bosom lift strategy your bosoms are reshaped by fixing the skin, without eliminating any bosom tissue. This implies your bosoms will continue as before size, yet be reshaped so they look firmer and perter. On the off chance that you would like additional volume or a bigger bosom, a bosom inspire and bosom increase utilizing a bosom embed can be joined to make your ideal look.


– Firmer and higher bosoms that look more voluminous.

– Reestablish energetic areola position.

– Improved and more appealing appearance in a more extensive scope of dress choices including bathing suits and strappy and fitted tops.

– Ready to wear clothing without the requirement for a bra to help the bosom.

– Looking great with spunky bosoms frequently helps a lady have an improved outlook on herself and more female and, can increments fearlessness.

– Can accomplish balance of the bosoms.

– Let contact free from the bosom skin on the chest.


Living with bosoms that are listing and at this point not firm and sprightly can influence a lady’s confidence and cause her to feel unsure both all through her garments. In the event that your bosoms are adversely affecting your actual appearance or potentially your fearlessness, then, at that point, a boob lift might be suitable for you.


Botox Dubai | 11 October 2021

Botox is one of the most well known restorative techniques for tending to scarce differences and kinks across the look. This treatment is totally non-careful and requires no exceptional aftercare or recuperation time. The best part is that it gives unobtrusive, normal looking outcomes. This makes it ideal for individuals who are reluctant to focus on the high-risk and sensational changes that obtrusive techniques frequently involve.

Botulinum poison against wrinkle infusions work by loosening up the facial muscles liable for wrinkles. When utilized suitably, botulinum poison is an extraordinary answer for lessening the presence of kinks around the face. Specifically, it is profoundly viable in the lip, temple and eye regions. I generally embrace a definite clinical counsel to evaluate your overall wellbeing and prerequisites. After which, on the off chance that it is considered protected and proper, I can offer botulinum poison hostile to wrinkle infusions as a treatment.

Botox is fit for limiting or disposing of dynamic kinks on an impermanent premise. This arrangement works by impeding the nerve flags that control the expressive muscles. After some time, the impacts will step by step wear off and full nerve and muscle working will be reestablished. In that capacity, you can expect the consequences of a Botox treatment to endure roughly four to a half year. You can basically have your infusions rehashed at my facility on various occasions each year once the outcomes begin to blur.

Considering that main an exceptionally ostensible measure of Botox will be infused into the designated regions during your treatment, you’ll hold adequate muscle usefulness for making an expansive scope of looks. This implies that you’ll in any case have the option to impart different feelings with your face, even as you partake in a significantly more energetic appearance generally. Botulinum poison is infused with a tiny needle (like a needle therapy needle), so it causes next to no aggravation upon infusion. Botulinum poison doesn’t cause bothering or aggravation. Every so often, patients have seen that there is a gentle stinging


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 October 2021

Breast enlargement surgery is an activity to make your bosoms bigger by fat exchange or by embedding an embed – made of one or the other silicone or saline – under your bosom tissue or your chest muscles. It should likewise be possible to address different-sized bosoms or to change their shape. You may be thinking about bosom broadening a medical procedure on the grounds that:

– You feel your bosoms are excessively little or messed up with regards to the rest

  of your body

– Your bosoms are various sizes

– Your bosoms have hung or changed after pregnancy, weight reduction

  or on the other hand with age

– What you feel about your bosoms is meaning for your certainty


Fat exchange bosom expansion, or a ‘characteristic bosom increase’, or ‘fat exchange to bosom’, is a surgery intended to expand the volume of the bosom utilizing fat uniting methods. This dispenses with the requirement for unfamiliar embed materials, for example, bosom embeds and empowers more normal looking results.

Fat exchange bosom expansion benefits from the utilization of liposuction to collect the fat to be moved and infused to the bosom, permitting your specialist to eliminate undesirable fat from difficult regions anyplace in the body as a feature of this methodology. Disease rates are likewise fundamentally diminished as the requirement for an unfamiliar embed is disposed of, and the system totally normal and natural. Fat is additionally infused into the bosom importance scarring is negligible.

Ladies go to fat exchange bosom expansion subsequent to encountering a deficiency of volume in their bosoms. This can occur for various reasons. As ladies age, their bodies produce less and less estrogen as they approach the menopause. This drop in chemical levels makes the bosoms shrivel and the bosom tissue to lose its flexibility. This prompts a deficiency of volume and listing.

Breastfeeding can likewise affect the size, shape and position of the bosoms. At the point when bosoms produce milk, they become heavier and denser. When a lady has finished her breastfeeding venture, the bosom tissue might move, bringing about changes to the bosom. This shifts from one lady to another. Frequently a lady will return to her pre-breastfeeding cup size, however once in a while her bosoms will therapist to a more modest size.

Weight reduction can likewise immensely affect bosom size. Any measure of weight reduction can cause a deficiency of volume in the bosoms. It differs from one individual to another as it relies on how much fat the individual normally stores around the bosom region. A lot of weight reduction will prompt droopy skin in better places all around the body, including the bosoms.

Finished bosom inserts

Finished bosom inserts foster scar tissue to adhere to the embed, making them less inclined to move around within the bosom and become repositioned. Finishing offers some benefit in reducing the gamble of a tight scar case. Embed producers sporadically present recent trends and kinds of bosom inserts, so there might be extra choices accessible.


Abdominoplasty Dubai | 1 October 2021

A level, smooth midsection is an extremely normal longing, and many individuals put a great deal of exertion into accomplishing it. In spite of the fact that there are some who can accomplish it through diet and exercise, there are others for whom these won’t ever be sufficient. Whether due to pregnancy, a significant weight reduction, or just as a result of hereditary qualities, certain individuals won’t ever have a level tummy, in any event, when they’re at a sound weight and are fit.

On the off chance that you’re one of the numerous who have battled with this issue, you might have considered a stomach fold. Medicinally known as abdominoplasty, it’s one of the five most normal restorative surgeries performed. (Liposuction isn’t equivalent to a stomach fold, albeit these can some of the time be performed together.) There are one or two choices, and which one is ideal for you relies upon your specific circumstance and your objectives for your appearance. What are the benefits and burdens of the different choices? How might you pick which kind of belly fold is ideal for you?


Exemplary stomach tucks (which are additionally alluded to as full stomach tucks) are used when people need to address the segments above and underneath their tummy button, the full length of the stomach wall. Patients who choose a full belly fold frequently need to determine general roundness and overabundance skin. With this methodology, one level or u-shape cut, and conceivably a subsequent entry point, are made over the pubic region and the tummy button, separately, to eliminate abundance skin and fix muscle. Full stomach tucks present the most regular looking result, and can incorporate a lot firmer mid-region.


Little stomach tucks include less broad entry points contrasted with a full belly fold and are expected to further develop just the lower gut, underneath the patient’s midsection button. This makes the methodology ideal for individuals who need to free their midsections of a “dog”, minuscule lump or stretch imprints in the lower stomach locale as it were. Plastic specialists can fix free endures a solitary low level cut (commonly without an entry point around the midsection button), and eliminate overabundance lower stomach skin, coming about in a firmer, smoother lower tummy.


The drawn out stomach fold is thought about when the objectives of the method are to address the mid-region while at the same time focusing on the flanks and hips. To carry out this methodology, the specialist expands the level entry point all the more horizontally as well as frequently integrating a more extended, vertical cut, which empowers the specialist to eliminate overabundance skin from the upper and lower stomach locale as well as the flanks while fixing the stomach wall. This strategy is much of the time ideal for those patients who have had numerous pregnancies or have lost bunches of weight, either through diet and exercise or through weight reduction medical procedure.

With regards to a stomach fold, I habitually make sense of for patients that the system is certainly not a solitary careful step, yet rather a progression of components that can be joined to make modified results.

While liposuction centers exclusively around eliminating undesirable fat cells from the body -, for example, those that make an observable lump at the gut – a stomach fold is planned to make sleeker shapes by tending to quite a few circumstances that hold the midsection back from looking conditioned.

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