Non Surgical Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 19 March 2019

I appreciate that many of my patients are interested in enhancing the shape and fullness of their breasts but would like to keep a natural profile and are not comfortable with the idea of implants, despite the huge progress that has been made in their manufacture and safety.

So it’s good to know all about what alternatives to breast implants are available and the variety of non-surgical breast enhancement techniques. Suction devices and other ‘natural’ alternatives may be suitable for patients who wish to avoid implants however I think you may be disappointed with the results.

Today, many women are opting for a very successful alternative – Fat Transfer, also known as Lipomodelling and a Natural Breast Enlargement. This is less invasive than inserting implants but more effective and long-lasting than other “non-surgical” procedures which do not tend to work. Fat Transfer is an implant-free surgical procedure carried out to add volume to an area of the body. This is not suitable for slim patients as you need to have plenty of access fat.

Fat is removed from an area of the body where it is in excess and transferred to an area that requires restoration or augmentation, this is designed to improve volume and change proportion and in most cases offers long lasting results. Breast enlargement with fat transfer is as an alternative to implants and may be used to increase the fullness of the breast by one cup size, balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore contours in cases of unevenness.

A ‘Natural Boob Job’ isn’t right for everyone. Unfortunately, I cannot consider patients whose body’s do not have sufficient fat resources. I will agree with you an area where you’d like to harvest fat from and discuss what breast enhancement outcome you may be able to achieve. It’s a win-win procedure. I am here to answer your questions and help you decide whether fat transfer is appropriate for you.


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