Tuberous Breast Correction

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 9 December 2019

Breasts that have an elongated appearance are often referred to as tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts can vary in severity and there a variety of plastic surgery techniques that can help improve the appearance of them.

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, constricted breasts or breast hypoplasia is an abnormality of the breast shape. Patients with tuberous breasts may notice that their breasts have a tight narrow base and tend to be oval or pointed in shape. It is common for tuberous breasts to be asymmetric and it is common for the areola area to be domed and enlarged.

It is not known what causes tuberous breasts and you don’t often know that you have them until puberty. As the breast begins to grow there is a lack of breast tissue development which results in the droopy appearance. Many patients feel troubled and are embarrassed about the appearance of their chest.

Although relatively common, tuberous breasts can vary in severity. A mild form of tubular breasts may just be a high breast crease with a short distance from the nipple to the fold under the breast. In more severe cases tuberous breasts can take on an elongated breast shape with doming of the areola.

Tuberous breasts can be corrected with cosmetic surgery and the technique used will depend on the severity of your tubular breasts and what your desired result is. Usually a specialised breast augmentation technique is used to release the constricted tissue, increase the volume and stretch out the tissue. Some patients may need a mastopexy/breast uplift to tighten the breast if they don’t want a breast implant.

I recommend that you come in for a consultation, where I will be able to advise you on whether you have tuberous breasts as well as detailing your treatment options.

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