Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 26 October 2019

Liposuction fat reduction procedure currently ranks as the second most popular plastic surgery. For more than 30 years, patients suffering from stubborn fat pockets in certain areas have benefited from liposuction to achieve sculpted contours. But one of the downsides with liposuction is that some patients may have significant tissue laxity in the treated sites, which will create saggy or loose skin after fat elimination.

Now with the introduction of J Plasma skin tightening technique, a surgeon can overcome this limitation and create attractive contours with smooth and tight skin by combining liposuction with J Plasma.

Less Invasive Procedure with Targeted Results

One of the foremost surgical techniques to perform fat reduction today is tumescent liposuction. The plastic surgery procedure is less invasive and avoids the need for general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will create small incisions in the affected sites through which a slim cannula will be introduced into the deeper tissue to eliminate excess fat deposits.

Small incisions will ensure that the recovery is faster and scarring, if any, is minimal. If the patient suffers from significant tissue laxity due to excess fat pockets, liposuction alone can end up creating uneven results with saggy and loose skin. To overcome this hurdle, your surgeon will utilize the power of J Plasma along with tumescent liposuction.

J Plasma energy will allow the surgeon to produce targeted tightening under the skin (sub-dermal contraction). As the tissue contracts and the fat deposits are eliminated, it will reveal slimmer as well as tighter skin in the treated areas. The patient can have noticeable, natural looking, and sustainable body contouring results with this combined procedure.

Efficient In-Clinic Procedure

The surgeon will use lidocaine or another local anaesthetic to numb the affected sites. Most patients will stay awake throughout the surgery, but may be given a calming medication prior to the procedure. Through the small incisions, the surgeon will insert the thin cannula into the targeted tissue areas to dislodge unwanted fat cells.

Once the fats are sufficiently loosened up, the surgeon will suction them out with the help of a syringe or pump attached to the outer end of the cannula. The fat removal treatment will be performed quickly, and will be followed by the introduction of J Plasma through the cannula. Cold plasma will help to tighten the tissue from within in the areas where the fat has just been reduced with liposuction. The J Plasma procedure will help to create tighter, smoother skin, and eliminate tissue laxity. The complete procedure, including liposuction and J Plasma, may take about one to two hours. The patient can usually return home the same day.


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