Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 8 October 2019

A robust jaw of a man conveys his masculine power. Now a stronger jaw line is within the easy reach of all men due to the advancements in plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. As a result, more men now want to have a stronger jaw line to improve the personality.

The trend has received a boost with the arrival of many FDA approved dermal fillers. In fact, a 100 percent increase has been recorded in the number of men seeking jaw line definition in the past one year. The main attraction of facial filler injections for jaw enhancement is that there are no cuts or incisions involved in the process.

Looking Younger with a Solid Jaw Line

Conventionally, robust jaw line and pumped up looks are a facial feature of many male film personalities. The desire to replicate such rugged looks naturally exists in many men who want a dramatic enhancement of their jaw line. Dermal filler injections are a popular solution to achieve this look because it avoids the need for a plastic surgery procedure.

The urge to maintain a youthful look drives many men for facial filler injections. According to experts, concerns about a weakened jaw line ranks as a major worry after hair and belly in the list of men’s physical aesthetic priorities.

Fillers for the Jaw

Among the facial fillers, Juvederm Voluma is the most sought-after one due to its ability to effectively augment the jaw line. Approved by the FDA, the filler is good for cheek augmentation as well as for various off-label uses. The merits of Voluma include its higher gel consistency and deeper concentration of hyaluronic acid.

The gel firmness of Voluma also eliminates the risk of accidentally developing any ‘effeminate’ male jaw. Yet another leading filler is the HA-based filler Restylane Lyft, which was FDA approved in 2015. Lyft is very effective in off-label jaw line improvement. Kybella, approved by the FDA and launched in 2015 is also an innovative injectable treatment used in chin fat reduction. The injection dissolves fats under the jaw and gives safe and predictable results.

Negligible Downtime

Low or zero downtime of injectable treatments makes a strong appeal to men. They can even schedule their jaw contouring appointment during the lunch hour from work, and simply go back to office after the treatment.

Now more men are receiving dermal fillers every six to 12 months for a consistently stronger jaw line. In case of men, better results follow from one or two injection vials of the dermal filler with the complete in-office procedure lasting less than 30 minutes.

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