Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 28 October 2019

The safety and quality of the breast implants available today have encouraged many women to decide actively on their breast appearance. Women want to feel confident about their appearance, which usually includes a desire for perkier and more youthful looking breasts. A patient may seek to enhance the shape and look of her breasts, but how can she get dramatic outcomes that still look natural? A number of factors will go into determining natural looking results with breast implant plastic surgery.

Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Many surgeons are performing plastic surgeries today. Unfortunately, not all of these surgeons are well-qualified in matching the right implant size and type with a specific patient’s body shape and frame. The most important factor that affects the outcomes of the breast enlargement procedure is the choice of the cosmetic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon should be skilled and capable of employing a wide range of surgical techniques and procedures to offer the patient the most natural breast appearance possible with minimal scarring. The patient may not be able to achieve the natural outcomes she seeks if the surgeon follows a cookie-cutter approach and relies on specific favorite techniques only.

Choose the Right Implant Type

The patient’s choice of an implant, as well as the implant placement technique, will determine the appearance, tautness, and firmness of the breast augmentation plastic surgery results. Before choosing saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants, the patient should discuss her desired outcomes with the plastic surgeon.

The shape of the implant, round or teardrop, also impacts the appearance of the breasts after the enhancement procedure. The surgeon should recommend the best implant shape according to the patient’s body type to accomplish natural outcomes.

While people mistakenly believe that round implants always create a round breast shape and teardrop implants create a natural breast shape, this is not necessarily true. In choosing the correct implant shape, other physical attributes also play a vital role.

Choose the Right Implant Size

The choice of the correct sized breast implant is a crucial factor in achieving natural looking results. The patient may seek to attain a specific cup size. However, cup sizes are subjective. It is essential to focus on the implant size that will offer the patient the natural results she seeks.

In reality, there is only one right size for a specific patient. A well-proportioned look requires the placement of implants that are neither too big nor too small in relation to the body.

Implants that are too big will make the breasts appear artificial and round. If the implants are too small, the breasts will look loose and empty on the top. The most beautiful outcomes from breast implant surgery are a result of accurate measurements. The surgeon will help the patient visualize how different sized implants will appear on the patient.

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