Fillers in Dubai | 1 September 2018

Full, rosy cheeks are a signpost of youth – and with age, it’s common for this volume to be diminished or for the cheeks to “fall.” Improving the fullness and contour of the cheeks can make a large difference and take years off of your look.

Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft.

These are 2 very different products.  Restylane Lyft is a true lifting agent with a coefficient of lifting twice that of Voluma.  It is great for any individual who needs any sort of lifting in the face but still very soft and natural looking.  It is especially good for under eye hollows and tear troughs.  The lift is superior to a Voluma lift.

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid, like Restylane Lyft.  It is a softer product than Lyft.  For some this is a plus, and for others, it’s not.  Because it’s soft, it’s hard to overdo.  But, for the same reason, it’s softness requires twice the number of syringes to give the same result as Lyft so it can be twice the cost.  It’s lifting ability is also half that of Lyft thus requiring more product to create a lift.

On average, a person needs 5 syringes of Voluma to equal the lift created from 3 syringes of Lyft.  If you’re looking for a lift, then go with Restylane Lyft.


Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 27 August 2018

While breast augmentation recovery is not usually particularly painful, you will probably find moving around uncomfortable for at least three to five days. You’ll need to get up and walk around a little bit each day to keep blood clots from forming, but minimizing bending and twisting movements is important. (By not bending or twisting your abdomen, you’ll reduce the amount of stress placed on your incisions and thereby prevent tearing). As such, I recommend that my patients set up a designated “recovery area” where everything they need will be within easy reach. Your recovery area should include:

– Your bed, outfitted with extra pillows. You’ll want at least two or three additional pillows so that you can keep your head and feet propped up while you rest. Likewise, if you tend to roll over during the night, you should place pillows beside you to prevent you from doing so. Sleeping on your back is required while you’re recovering from breast implant surgery. (Laying on your stomach could cause your implants to move before the tissue around them has fully healed.)

– A selection of healthy, light snacks you can eat. Soft foods like bananas, applesauce, and pudding will prove especially helpful as you may be a bit nauseous after surgery. (Note that it’s a good idea to eat something right before you take your pain medication. Taking pain medication on an empty stomach can worsen nausea.)

– Several large water bottles. Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially necessary after surgery.

– Any medications you will need to take on a daily basis. If you take vitamins or supplements, you should also put them beside your bed.

– Any mobile devices you use regularly and their chargers. Make sure you can plug your devices in without bending down or having to reach below your bed.

– Enough entertainment to keep you occupied for at least a few days. Gather up your favorite books and decide on a selection of movies to watch while you recover. If you enjoy any light creative activities, like crocheting, knitting, or sketching, you may want to arrange some craft supplies near your bedside. By about day four, your head should be clear enough that you’ll find yourself wanting to keep busy.

Breast Augmentation – Don’t Smoke Cigarettes

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 23 August 2018

This is one of the breast augmentation tips that should be applied both before and after your procedure. There are plenty of reasons to kick the smoking habit, and one of them is that smoking and surgery are a bad combination.

– Before your surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely ask you to quit smoking for at least 45 days before your surgery date.

– During breast augmentation surgery, nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict. This places you at far greater risk for surgical complications.

– After your procedure, you will want to continue staying away from smoking for as long as possible. Smoking will only hinder your body’s ability to heal quickly and properly.

– In the years following breast augmentation surgery, it would be in your best interest to stick to a non-smoking status. There are numerous reasons to quit smoking, including a reduced risk of cancer and other diseases. Smoking also causes premature aging and changes your skin texture, which isn’t the best way to keep yourself looking great in the long run.

breast augmentation – all about sizing

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 20 August 2018

When it comes to sizing, I ask my patients to think more about proportion and shape versus cup size. Cup size is an extremely subjective measurement for patients seeking breast augmentation. No two individuals are the same, norare two breasts on the same body even the same! Before a final size can be determined, I must evaluate things like the quality, thickness and laxity of the existing tissue, as well as your skeletal and muscular structure and overall anatomy.

These considerations all contribute to the fact that everyone wears bras very differently. In addition, manufacturers’ sizes differ widely. So when you think about your new size, think more in terms of proportion and shape instead. And, most importantly,do not pick your size based on what your friend might haveor what your significant other might envision.

During your consultation, we will carefully select your implant size together, based on dimensions – not volume.

Breast Augmentation – DO I NEED A “LIFT”?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 15 August 2018

Breast sagging is a part of the natural ageing process and can occur with pregnancy, breast feeding or significant weight loss. Women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts due to sagging (ptosis) often consider breast lift surgery along with their breast augmentation.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at the location of your nipples in relationship to the crease beneath your breasts. If your nipples are lower than your breast crease BEFORE surgery, adding implants — without ALSO removing excess skin through a breast lift — would just make your breasts sag more. In this case, I typically advise women to undergo a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation. Breast lifts are the most challenging aspect of female breast surgery. They require the expertise of a highly trained and experienced Plastic Surgeon.

Breast Augmentation – Being able to feel or see the implants under the skin

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 8 August 2018

In particularly slim patients it is to be expected that you will be able to feel the edges of the implants. This is an inevitable consequence of the operation and will not improve with time. It is much less likely in patients who start off with a reasonable amount of their own tissue covering the implant. As time goes by some people will be able to see or feel ripples or folds in their implants perhaps when leaning forwards. For most patients it is best to simply accept that this has occurred and is a limitation of the surgery. It can be difficult to correct with another operation. In some patients the situation can be improved by injecting small amounts of your own fat under the skin. This is called lipomodelling or lipofilling.

Breast Augmentation – Implant size

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 August 2018

Implants are supplied by volume in millilitres or weight in grams. It is not possible to just pick a cup size and ask your surgeon to supply that. At your preoperative consultation your surgeon will assess your chest wall, your existing volume of breast tissue and how much skin is available to accommodate the implant. Your surgeon will be able to give you an idea of what implant size is appropriate for you. Your own view is also important since in most patients a range of possible implant sizes could be used and it is helpful if the surgeon knows if you would tend towards the larger or smaller end of that range. Your surgeon will not be able to guarantee you a cup size. In general the larger the implants that are used and the slimmer you are the less natural-looking your breast augmentation will be. The implant will be less obvious if it is not oversized and if you have a reasonable amount of your own tissue to cover the implant.

Breast Augmentation – What type of implants should I have?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 August 2018

The outer layer, or shell, of all implants is made of silicone. Some implants have an additional polyurethane coating. The shell can be filled with either silicone gel or saline. Implants have been used for breast augmentation since the 1960’s and, when made to appropriate specifications, the evidence suggests they are safe to use. I will inform you exactly which type and manufacturer of implant that will be used and why. I only use tried and tested implants made by reputable manufacturers. Most patients will be offered silicone gel filled implants. They tend to feel the most natural, can readily be made teardrop-shaped and are durable. Saline filled implants tend to feel less natural, folds and ripples may be more visible and they have a risk of deflation. All other filler materials have been withdrawn for use. The two most important decisions to make about your implants are their size and shape.

Breast Augmentation – ARE YOU READY?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 31 July 2018

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I choosing to enhance my appearance for me?
I know that others may support me, but no one is pressuring me.

Am I realistic about the results of the surgery?
I understand that cosmetic surgery can improve my appearance, but it cannot change my life.

Do I fully understand and accept the potential risks associated with my procedure?
I know that there are no guarantees and realize that additional procedures may be necessary. I have been (or will soon be) given informed consent documents and pre- and post- procedure instructions.

Am I in good shape physically and emotionally?
There are no underlying health disorders or mental health conditions I have not disclosed to my surgeon.

Why is now the right time for my surgery, rather than a month or a year ago, or, conversely, a month or a year from now?
The timing fits my schedule. I have not been offered special incentives to schedule surgery and I am not feeling pressured to commit to a plan before I am ready.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 25 July 2018


Bring in different types of outfits to try on with your sizers. You want to make sure that you are comfortable in your casual dress as well as your cocktail dress. Plain baby-doll t-shirts work best. 


Think about your personality (outgoing or shy) and how you want to be perceived by the public. Then, make sure that you convey this to me. Breasts that are larger than what what would be portionate may suit your style. On the other hand, you may lean towards looking great in a cocktail dress without attracting unwanted attention at work.


Factor in your exercise routine. If you are a runner or serious athlete, you will want to choose implants that won’t interfere with your fitness routine.

You’re In Charge

Although I will be your guide, I don’t dictate what size you should be. It’s a collaboration. However, there may be a situation when I don’t recommend going with the size you want. If that’s the case, you may want to have further discussions to make sure you understand the reasoning behind this. 

Be You

Don’t pick your implant size based on how it looks on a friend. Even though you and your friend may seem similar in terms of body size, there are other factors that must be considered. It’s natural to think “My girlfriend has 350’s so I should get the same size because they look perfect on her.” But the important words are “…on her.” If you are open to different implant options, it’s more likely that you’ll find the one that is just right for you.

Know When Enough is Enough

Remember that you are picking the size of your breasts not just for this year but for many years to come. If you choose an implant that is too big, you may have issues with back pain and sagging later on. Ask any of our breast reduction patients and they will tell you that much bigger isn’t always better!

Bring A Friend

You may find that you would enjoy bringing a friend or spouse with you when you try on sizers. Our staff is great at guiding you in this process but sometimes it’s fun to have someone else there who knows you well. Also, there is a large quantity of information discussed during your consultation so it’s nice to have an extra set of ears.


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