BOTOX DUBAI | 28 February 2021

Botox is a protected and powerful approach to loosen up barely recognizable differences and kinks tenderly. Dr. Vigo has some expertise in regular looking outcomes to smooth and revive your skin. Individuals will realize you look perfect … yet they won’t know why!

Different indications of maturing can be overseen utilizing botox, for example, rigid neck muscles (platysma groups) or a downturned mouth. You can likewise utilize botox to improve your normal elements. Maybe to give your upper lip a more full appearance (a “lip flip”) or for an unobtrusive temple lift.

Botox assists with a scope of maturing and tasteful issues, including:

– Smooth almost negligible differences

– Lessen further kinks and overlap

– Wrinkle counteraction

– Fuller lips

– Lift weighty temples

– Loosen up jutting neck muscles

– Upswing mouth corners

– Reduce a “sticky grin”

– Raise nose tip

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