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Breast Enlargement Dubai | 15 June 2023

A breast enlargement, also known as mammoplasty or boob job is a surgical breast enhancement procedure carried out by a specialist surgeon to increase the volume of the breasts. 

Breast enlargement is a popular procedure that uses breast implants, fat transfer or a combination of the two to boost the size and profile of your breasts, improve your body confidence and fit of clothing and enhance breast shape following weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Most people find that breast augmentation has a really positive impact on their life and achieves the looks that they desire. I want you to feel comfortable and confident about every aspect of breast enlargement surgery, it’s a big decision. 

We always listen to any concerns you may have and give you all the information and time you need to think about your surgery. And, we’ll be here, caring for you every step of the way.


Fillers in Dubai | 9 June 2023

Perioral lines, loss of volume to the lips, nasolabial folds and marionette lines are all common lower facial concerns that patients present with when seeking aesthetic treatment. In addition, a sagging jawline is a key indicator of facial ageing and often has a significant impact on a patient’s appearance. The combined effects of gravity, progressive bone resorption, decreased tissue elasticity, and redistribution of subcutaneous fullness all contribute to the manifestations of facial ageing;1 however, there are a number of non-surgical options available to help lift and contour the lower face.


Every patient benefits from a full face consultation where I look at the structure, the soft tissues and the proportions of their face. It’s interesting for patients to learn how each part of the face relates to the bit beside it, and never is this more true than for the lower face, which shows the effects of everything that happens above it. In my consultations, I will talk through each part of the patient’s face and point out the cause and effect of each aesthetic concern. Doing so, allows patients to understand that lower face ageing is generally a result of ageing of the mid-face and helps patients to recognise that only addressing one concern is not necessarily going to have an overall positive effect. Performing a full face clinical analysis helps to understand where I can get an uptake of extra skin and still keep results looking natural. I use specific measurements tailored to each patient to know where to treat to ensure that the patient looks natural, but also better.

Dermal fillers

Administering dermal filler treatment can offer significant improvement to the contour of the jawline. While hyaluronic acid (HA) can be used successfully, A treatment of choice is RADIESSE (+), a dermal filler composed of small calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres that is suspended in a soft gel matrix. Once injected, it aims to provide immediate volume and correction, as well as stimulate the skin to produce its own natural collagen.

Patients get dynamic results as it can really sharpen the jawline. As it contains CaHA, resorption of the gel occurs over three to six months so you will get increased dermal depth, more collagen and more/better quality elastin. Regardless of the type of filler used, the use of a cannula when treating the jawline to avoid the risk of injecting an artery. The facial artery in that region is protected by the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), so it’s not easy to accidently go underneath that fascia with a cannula. By using a cannula I can stay in the plain where there are no major arteries and I would feel it if I moved out of this area. Successful results are achieved by injecting subdermally with lots of little passes. I examine the jawline in three dimensions, aiming to straighten it – particularly with the formation of jowls – sharpen and then contour it. In my experience, treatment results usually last for a year, however, in some cases it can last up to 18 months.


Fillers in Dubai | 4 June 2023

Injectable Dermal Fillers have been used since the 1980’s to remove facial lines and wrinkles. The most popular Dermal Fillers are Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or Collagen but over a hundred different products are now available. Years of sun-damage combined with the natural aging process results in a depletion of collagen and elastin, with loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin causing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Thinning of the subcutis results in loss of volume or fullness of the facial features or hands, resulting in the typical aged appearance. This is commonly seen on the face, neck and hands.

Dermal Fillers can provide natural replenishment for your skin with a safe, effective and long term improvement of your appearance. The best choice of filler for each patient will be determined at consultation. Dermal Fillers are very effective for structural reshaping of the Nose, Cheeks and Chin.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are used to replenish lost volume in the soft tissues or augment tissues to improve facial shape, contours or definition.  Belotero and Restylane are Hyaluronic acid products which replace your body’s natural Hyaluronic acid. Belotero is made up of a unique structure of monophasic hyaluronic acid which means that there are no blue lines in the treatment area and can be used directly under the skin. It’s patented CPM (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) means that it integrates directly with the tissue of the skin giving a smoother, more natural appearance. Radiesse is a compound product of methacrylate and hyaluronic acid used for longer lasting augmentation or enhancement. Ellanse is made of polycaprolactone microspheres in a water-based carboxymethylcellulose gel and is particularly recommended for hand rejuvenation.

Dermal fillers are highly Bio-compatible with the skin, so adverse reactions are minimal. Each dermal filler has specific advantages in different areas of the face so the most suitable product for you will be tailored to your aims.

Am I suitable for Dermal Filler treatment?

If you are concerned about the appearance of lines or wrinkles on the face, or would like to reshape your Lips, Nose, Chin, Cheeks or rejuvenate your hands, then treatment with Dermal Fillers will be suitable for you. Botulinum toxin treatment may also be beneficial to relax active facial lines. You should be aware of the limitations, side effects and risks before deciding if Dermal Filler treatment is right for you.

How is Dermal Filler treatment performed?

Initial consultation will determine the goals of treatment, make note of any associated medical conditions and plan the optimum treatment to achieve the ideal result in each patient. Treatment is carried out in the out-patient setting and takes 30 – 60 minutes. A topical local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area(s); face, nose or hands. For most areas the Magic Needle is used, which provides the most comfortable and atraumatic treatment possible which is greatly superior to a standard needle treatment.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 June 2023

Gynaecomastia is the benign (non-cancerous) growth of male breast tissue and can be due to a number of causes. It may be due to hormone imbalance or as a consequence of medication you are taking. It can also be due to alcohol excess or recreational drug abuse. Your doctor will discuss the cause of your gynaecomastia with you. Along with causing swelling of the breast and nipple, gynaecomastia can be uncomfortable and the nipple can become sensitive.


Some cases of gynaecomastia will get better without any form of treatment. If one of your medications is thought to be causing the gynaecomastia, it may improve with changing or stopping a particular tablet. Your doctor will discuss this with you.

Whilst gynaecomastia itself can be uncomfortable and unsightly, it is not dangerous and no harm will come from having it. When cancer has been ruled out, many men are happy to have no treatment.

Another form of treatment is to have medication. These medications are often good at reducing discomfort and sensitivity but may not reduce the size of the breast.

The third form of treatment involves surgery to your breast.


There are three main surgical procedures which can be undertaken:


Liposuction is used to remove the fatty tissue under a general anaesthetic. Small incisions (cuts) are made on the chest wall. A small metal tube (cannula) is used to suck out the fatty tissue. The incisions are then sutured to give a flatter, firmer and better-contoured chest. Any stitches will be  of the dissolving type and so do not need to be removed.

Excision of Gynaecomastia

In excisional surgery, I will make a cut around the nipple to remove the breast tissue. This may be combined with liposuction of the breast tissue at the same time.

Male Breast Reduction

If the breast is very large more tissue and skin  may have to be  removed. This will give more scars. The degree of scarring will depend on how much skin needs to be removed. I will advise you about this.

After Surgery

After surgery for gynaecomastia your breasts will look discoloured and feel firm and swollen. You may need to have a drain (a fine plastic tube) inserted into the breast during the operation. This will be removed seven days after your operation. You should be able to go home the same day. You may be advised to wear a corset for up to six weeks after the operation to help with the swelling. I will advise you where these can be bought. You will not be able to drive home after your operation and it may be two to three weeks before you can drive.

The dressings can be removed after 7-10 days and you should be able to return to work after two weeks. For the first three weeks after the operation, don’t lift anything heavy or do heavy manual work. Most men resume normal activities within two to three weeks.

Risks and Complications

All surgery carries with it some risk. Common side effects of a general anaesthetic include nausea and vomiting. As mentioned earlier, the chest can be swollen and bruised following the operation.

Specific Complications


This is bleeding into the tissues following surgery. It can occasionally lead to patients returning to theatre to stop the bleeding or remove the blood.

Wound infection

This can occur after any kind of surgery and may need treatment with antibiotics or a return to theatre. If your wound becomes red and inflamed you should contact your doctor.

Deep vein thrombosis

This can happen after any operation or general anaesthetic. The risks are reduced by wearing preventative stockings (TEDS) for two weeks.

Poor wound healing

With a male breast reduction problems may occur with the wound. The blood supply to the area around the vertical scar is at its poorest. This may delay healing and very occasionally the wound may break down and leave a small raw area. This gradually heals with time but may take several weeks.

Nipple complications

The operation by its nature partially disrupts some of the blood supply to the back of the nipple. There is a small risk therefore of the nipple dying resulting in its loss. There is a risk of loss or alteration in sensation to the nipple.


There may be some lasting differences in the size and shape of your breasts following surgery. Most men are asymmetrical prior to the operation.


Initially the scars will be bright red lines – in most cases the scars will heal satisfactorily and soften becoming much paler in time, usually within twelve months. Some patients have a tendency to form red and  lumpy scars or keloid scars which are broad raised scars. Such scarring will be permanent.


You will be given an appointment to return to the clinic in 7-10 days where the dressings and drain(s) will be removed and the wounds inspected. You will also be reviewed approximately six weeks after your surgery once the bruising and swelling has completely settled.


If lipofilling is performed and only fat is removed, weight gain can make the gynaecomastia return. If the breast tissue itself is removed, as in the excision surgery or male breast reduction there is a chance the breast tissue can regrow. You will have medical photography before and after surgery of your chest. There will be nothing which will identify you to anyone else on these and they are used as a record of your treatment.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 8 May 2023

Breast augmentation surgery normally takes place as a day-stay or short-term visit system, requires an overall sedative, and takes 1-2 hours to complete. Following the operation, it is imperative to engage in only brief, gentle exercise, refraining from carrying heavy objects for 7–10 days. Once more, the majority of patients could drive and resume their jobs approximately 10 days after the treatment. Heavy lifting and sports should be avoided for three months after the surgery.

The surgical process known as bosom growth can lengthen your bosoms and make them more proportionate to the rest of your body, which can boost your confidence and attractiveness. Bosom expansion can also be used to treat differences in your breasts’ size or sagging breasts, both of which can occur after pregnancy and breast-feeding. 


In terms of breast expansion, there are a lot of options, so it’s important to carefully consider which ones are best for you. Before making a choice with your specialist, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of these options. Contrasts in the size and condition of your bosoms may try to become more apparent following the treatment, but the fundamental state of your bosoms won’t change as a result of bosom inserts.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 7 May 2023

Breast augmentation surgery typically takes 1-2 hours, involves a general anaesthesia, and is done as a day-stay or overnight procedure. Following surgery, it’s crucial to limit mild activities and refrain from heavy lifting for 7–10 days. In most cases, patients can resume driving and working 10 days after surgery. Sport and strenuous activity should be avoided for 3–4 weeks after surgery. 

Breast augmentation can increase your breast size and make them more proportionate to the rest of your body, which can improve both your appearance and self-confidence. Breast augmentation can also be done to treat size discrepancies or sagging breasts, both of which can develop after pregnancy and breast-feeding. 

There are numerous possibilities and choices for breast augmentation, so determining which ones are best for you requires careful consideration. Prior to discussing your options with your surgeon, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each option.Your breasts will grow in size thanks to breast implants, but the contour of your breasts won’t change at all; in fact, after the procedure, the discrepancies between your breasts’ size and shape might even stand out more.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 May 2023

The majority of my patients have rather simple plans for their breast augmentation surgeries. You might also need to consider having a breast lift if you are older (over 40), have had several pregnancies, or have lost a large amount of weight.

Implants alone can provide the lift required in the absence of additional surgical lifting in patients who have minor breast sagging and minimal extra (but good quality) skin. This is especially valid when the implants are positioned beneath the muscle. Placing the implant under the breast will assure perky, natural, and firm results if the patient has minimal sagging.

To get the best cosmetic result, a lift is required if the patient has poor skin quality, stretch marks, excessive amounts of sagging skin, low-resting nipples, or it looks that the skin, glands, and chest wall are not engaged. Although older women are more likely to fit into these categories, some younger women do as well. If you’ve given birth more than once, there’s a good likelihood that the breast tissue’s constant expansion and contraction has left loose skin, stretch marks, and diminished breast volume (particularly in the upper portion of the breast). Significant weight loss among women under the age of 40 is typically accompanied by flat, sagging breasts.  

Due to the extra intricacy, some surgeons steer clear of combining breast augmentation and lift surgery, although overall, mastopexy augmentation is usually less demanding and more affordable. Combining breast augmentation and lift surgery into a single procedure makes it simpler for the patient and increases the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 5 May 2023

Breast sagging is a natural aspect of becoming older and can be brought on by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or drastic weight loss. Women who are dissatisfied with the way their breasts look because of drooping (ptosis) may think about breast lift surgery in addition to breast augmentation.

Look at your nipples in relation to the crease beneath your breasts while standing in front of a mirror. Without also removing extra skin through a breast lift, putting implants will just make your breasts droop further if your nipples were lower than your breast crease before to surgery. In this situation, I ordinarily suggest that ladies get breast augmentation and a breast lift.The most difficult type of female breast surgery is breast lifts. They need the skill of a plastic surgeon who has had extensive training and experience.


Breast Enlargement Dubai | 4 May 2023

Dr. Vigo advises his patients to consider proportion and shape more so than cup size when it comes to sizing. Patients desiring breast augmentation must measure their cup size, which is highly subjective. No two people are alike, and even breasts on the same body are not alike! I must assess your skeletal and muscular structure, overall anatomy, and the quality, thickness, and suppleness of the current tissue before I can establish your eventual size.

Everyone wears bras extremely differently, which is due in part to these factors. In addition, sizes between manufacturers vary greatly.As a result, when considering your new size, focus more on proportion and shape. Most essential, don’t base your size decision on what your significant other or a friend might have.

Together, we will carefully choose your implant size during your consultation based on measurements rather than volume.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 3 May 2023

No surgical procedure is risk-free. Having said that, combining a breast lift and augmentation operation can be just as safe as performing both procedures separately. Aside from treating a variety of aesthetic problems, augmentation-mastopexy surgery has a lot of special advantages. Combining these breast operations has various benefits, both aesthetic and reconstructive:

– There is less scarring

– There is less removal of skin

– The implant helps fill out the breast and improves its overall appearance so that less lifting is needed

– Combining surgeries is less expensive than having both surgeries separately

– Combining surgeries can reduce overall recovery time

The risks are the same whether operations are performed separately or in combination, and the majority of patients prefer to undergo a single surgical procedure if possible. Every surgery, after all, entails a certain bit of inconvenience: Patients must arrange for time off work, find a carer to assist them during their first recovery, and (if they have children) locate a daycare provider. Not only is it more work to complete these tasks twice rather than once, but it also frequently incurs additional costs.

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