Breast Augmentation Dubai | Dr Matteo Vigo

Breast Augmentation Dubai | Dr Matteo Vigo

Breast enlargement, known as augmentation mammoplasty, can enhance the body contour of a woman who is unhappy with her breast size. This procedure may also be used to improve the loss of breast volume following pregnancy and nursing. Additionally, the operation may help balance breast asymmetries. Silicone gel implants may be surgically implanted by standard routes with placement either above or below the chest muscle. The standard routes are periareolar (around the areola), inframammary (lower breast folds) and transaxillary (arm pits). Dr Vigo always suggests one of the first 2 incision for better putcomes.

The implant is composed of an outer flexible, silicone shell and filled with silicone gel. The outer surface may be smooth or textured. Implants also have various sizes, profiles and shapes to meet the individual needs of each woman.

While breast augmentation will enlarge the breasts, the surgery will not alter underlying basic defects in breast shape and form. Major asymmetries may be improved but will not be completely corrected with breast enlargement alone. A noticeable difference in the size, shape or orientation of the two breasts is considered normal and is actually the rule. If breast size and/or nipple position asymmetries are severe, additional procedures to further improve symmetry may be necessary.

Long term experience with breast enhancement surgery has demonstrated that this operation has a high patient satisfaction rate.

Your Guide to Breast Augmentation Dubai

Understanding The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation: What to Expect

Preoperative Sizing in Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Aftercare

Breast Augmentation: Implant Placement



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Who is a Candidate?

  • Women who want larger breasts.
  • Women who want to improve their breast shape.
  • Healthy women without connective tissue diseases.
  • Healthy women without breast malignancy.

Intended Results

  • Larger and shapelier breasts.
  • Less asymmetry and size difference.

Procedure Description

  • Breast Augmentation is usually performed in an accredited surgical facility under general anesthesia or conscious sedation with local anesthesia.
  • Surgical scar(s) are usually hidden as much as possible in skin folds.
  • Saline or silicone implants may be placed either above or below the chest muscle.

Recuperation and Healing

  • Discomfort is controlled with oral medications and long-acting local anesthesia.
  • A soft bra or compression garment is usually worn for several days postoperatively.
  • Patients are usually discharged to the care of a responsible adult and recover at home.
  • All sutures are usually removed in 1-2 weeks.
  • Light activity may be resumed in 7 days. Sports activities may be resumed in 3-6 weeks (depending on your surgeon).

Other Options

  • Breast lift — if sagging is an issue.
  • Areolar reduction.


Breast Augmentation Dubai – The specific risks and suitability of this procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual.

Breast Augmentation Dubai FAQs

Breast implants are the most tried-and-true method of increasing a breast size. With breast implants, I can consistently deliver the exact breast size that you want. You can try on the implants, I can use Crisalix 3D imaging, and I can even use a virtual reality system to show you exactly what you will look like afterwards. Breast implants have been used for over 45 years to provide women with very natural-appearing enhancements of their breasts. In some patients I can remove fat from unwanted areas using liposuction for a breast augmentation with fat transfer. In those patients we can use a specialized technique to harvest that fat and then transfer it to the breast to increase the breast size. The big advantage there is that there are no implants or foreign body in the body afterwards. This provides the most natural breast augmentation possible.
In general, placing breast implants under the muscle allows them to appear much more natural. It decreases the rate of infection associated with the implants and decreases the rate of complications associated with the implants. It allows the breast implants to sit higher for longer and have more support and less tendency to drop or droop with time. There is also lower incidence or rate of capsular contracture. In other words, the breast implants tend to stay softer for longer under the muscle than they do over the muscle. Over-the-muscle augmentation is best performed in patients who are extreme weight lifters and who are unwilling to sacrifice any bench-press or butterfly-press strength. It’s also best in patients who want more of an unnatural appearance. If your goal is to have a natural-appearing breast augmentation result that has the longest-lasting result and maintains the implants as soft as they possibly can be while also minimizing infections and other complications, I recommend breast augmentation under the muscle. If you want a very unnatural appearance or obviously augmented appearance or if you are an extreme weight-lifter, then I recommend breast augmentation over the muscle.
The answer to that really depends not only on your body frame and size but also your tastes. Selecting the right breast implant size is a multi-step process in our hands. It begins with you bringing in “wish pictures” (often found on the Internet) to tell me or show me what breasts you like. From there, I actually let you try on breast implant sizers. I let you look in the mirror at what those breast implants are going to look like and feel like on you. From there. I perform unique Crisalix 3D imaging, during which I show you a three-dimensional image of yourself with that breast implant size in to give you another way to make the decision. To confirm the decision, I’ll use a new virtual reality system that we have. I’ll actually let you step into a virtual world, where you have the breast implants in place and can look at yourself from all sorts of different angles, including down at your chest, and see the breast implants in place. I believe that by using a combination of wish pictures, trying the physical breast implants on, three-dimensional imaging, and virtual reality, we can select the perfect breast implant size for you.
Breast implant manufacturers have created what they call different profiles of breast implants. For a given breast implant size, there is a slightly different shape to the breast implant. As we go up in profile from a moderate profile implant to a moderate plus profile implant or a high profile implant, the higher profile tends to extend further away from the chest. As we go up in profile for a given breast implant size, the implants also become narrower so that a breast implant that is a high profile implant will be much narrower across the chest than would a moderate or moderate plus profile implant. The significance of that is two-fold: When we are selecting the implant profile, we want to maximize not only how much the breast implants extends away from the chest, but we also want to match the breast implant profile to your chest width because we want to make sure that the breast implants cover the entire chest width so that we can really maximize the cleavage in the middle, while not overdoing it or creating a “uni-boob” or “side boob” look. I believe that maximizing the cleavage in the middle is just as important as maximizing how much the breast implant extends away from the chest. As we are selecting the different breast implant profiles, I’ll actually have you try the breast implants on in our office. I will have you select the volume, and once you select the volume that you like, we will then match that to the width of your chest and your dimensions in order to select the perfect implant dimensions and profile for that volume. Then I will show that to you in our three-dimensional imaging system and also on our virtual reality system, so you can ensure that you are getting the perfect breast implant for you.
There are four commonly performed approaches for breast augmentation. These include the following: The first is a trans-axillary approach, which is an armpit incision. The advantage to this is, of course, that there is no scar on the breast. The disadvantage to this is that the scar is quite noticeable and can be seen anytime you wear sleeveless clothing. The next option is the trans-umbilical or “belly button” approach. The obvious advantage to this is, again, that there no scar on the breast. The disadvantage is that we have to drag the implants from the belly button up to the breast. In the process, we can create micro-fractures on the shells of the implants, which can significantly decrease their life expectancy. I definitely do not want to do this because we want to make sure that the implants will last as long as they can and give you the best and longest-lasting results. This approach significantly compromises their implants. In addition, because the access incision is placed so far away from where we are placing the breast implants, it’s very, very difficult to accurately place the breast implants. While I do remove the scar from the breast, I also create a situation where it becomes very difficult to accurately locate the breast implants. This significantly increases the risk that you experience lopsidedness or asymmetry between the two breasts. The next approach is to go through the nipple. The advantage there is, of course, that the scar hides in the collar of the nipple. The disadvantage is that I am cutting directly along the nerves that supply the nipple, which means decreased sensation and decreased ability to breastfeed. The final approach is the infra-mammary or under-the-breast approach. Hiding the scar underneath the breast makes it visible only when you are completely naked and someone is below you, lifting the breast and looking up. This is far and away, in our opinion, the best hidden of all of the incisions. It provides the best visualization for the surgeon, which ensures that you have the most accurate implant placement so that the breast implants can sit as symmetrically as possible. It is also, in our opinion, the least visible of all of the incisions. It is the incision recommended for the majority of our patients. It also allows us to stay far away from the milk ducts, which means that it will have no effect on breastfeeding over the long-term as well.
This is one of the most common questions that I receive when patients come to my clinic. The answer to this really requires an in-person examination to determine the location of the breast tissue and where we want it to be after the augmentation. At the consultation I will take specific measurements designed to help us determine whether or not doing a breast lift or just a straightforward breast augmentation is better in a given case. We will also run 3D simulations with and without breast lifts so that you can see what the benefits and the downsides of a breast lift would be for you. I will also review patients who are similar to them and on whom we have performed either breast augmentation alone or breast augmentation with lifts, so you can look at the cases side-by-side and determine which look is best for you.