Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 October 2023

If you’ve ever heard someone jokingly say they wish they could transfer more fat from their waist to their breasts, we have some great news for you: a procedure known as “fat transfer breast augmentation” may really make that happen.

This surgery involves injecting breasts with fat that has been liposuctioned from a certain body part (the thighs, arms, love handles, or back). This surgery is perfect for people who only desire a little increase in breast size. It can help lessen imperfections, improve breast form, and increase your breasts by using your own natural fat cells. Additionally, individuals who already have implants can increase the size of their breasts even more by having fat transferred into them rather than having an implant replacement treatment. Breast augmentation is always breast augmentation, regardless of whether you label it “augmentation light.” 

It’s important to keep in mind that even though a surgeon may just employ local anaesthetic, fat transfer to the breasts is still a surgical operation. Even though the recovery after fat grafting usually only lasts three to five days and entails little discomfort and swelling, it’s still crucial to follow your surgeon’s instructions for complete healing.

Fat transfer procedures essentially accomplish two goals at once, which accounts for their popularity. In the end, the patient is able to define their shape by contouring and moulding their body by eliminating fat from a region with excess fat. While waiting, the fat can be used once again to augment the breasts in a way that feels and looks very natural. Hearing this idea puts a lot of women at ease. In the end, there is no risk of an allergic response, a rupture, or implant rejection with fat grafting.

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