What to Expect After Labiaplasty: Recovery

Labiaplasty Dubai | 14 December 2022

During the labiaplasty procedure for vaginal rejuvenation, the length of the labia minora is lowered. Patients can leave the outpatient section the same day after receiving cosmetic surgery procedures. Make sure you have a friend or relative who can drive you home after surgery if you’re having it. Anesthesia is used throughout the procedure.

Despite the good results of a labiaplasty, which is a reasonably straightforward treatment, there is still a recuperation period before you can return to your regular activities. You will learn everything you need to know from this comprehensive manual to expedite the recovery from a labiaplasty. Throughout the procedure, local or general anaesthesia could be administered. Dr. Vigo will decide which option is best for you based on your circumstances. You can always discuss any preferences you may have with Dr. Vigo a few days before the operation. Following the procedure, you can feel some pain and discomfort, but this is normal and will pass in a few days.

Although a cosmetic procedure, labiaplasty offers both aesthetic and useful benefits: The excess tissue that protrudes from the inner vaginal folds—which a labiaplasty removes—can cause pain and discomfort because of friction when the vagina comes into contact with another surface. As a result, performing certain activities like exercising, playing sports, or indulging in sexual activity, as well as donning tight clothing, may make it difficult to function. Many women opt for labiaplasties to give their vagina a clearer, more symmetrical appearance. The labia minora can thicken and extend for a variety of causes, causing additional tissue to protrude from the vaginal lips. Thus, by giving the vaginal area the fashionable “tucked in” appearance, a labiaplasty can rejuvenate the area.

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