Abdominoplasty Dubai | 5 March 2023

After childbirth or weight reduction, the midriff may be mutilated by excess skin and fat. Particularly, after having a second child or twins, many women find that their muscles and skin don’t revert to their initial appearance, which may lead to a repeated stretch in the middle. Abdominoplasty, or “stomach fold” surgery, tightens the abdomen by removing extra skin and fat and strengthening the abs. You have a decent chance of getting a belly fold if your weight is stable, your health is good, you don’t smoke, and you have realistic expectations.

The gut wall is made of skin, fat, and muscle. The rectus sash, a thick covering over the rectus abdominis muscles that make up the “six pack” of abdominal muscles, is present. This fascial layer is commonly weakened and loosened by pregnancy and weight gain. Because of this, a patient’s abdominal wall may become lax after getting in shape or having kids. During the procedure, the fascial layer that covers the rectus abdominis muscles is fixed while the extra skin and fat are removed.

During the abdominoplasty procedure, an even cut is performed inside the two-piece line in the lower midsection. In patients who have previously undergone a C-segment, the incision can be made in a similar area and extended to the sides. The rectus abdominis muscles of the stomach are strengthened while the extra skin and fat are regulated and redraped. During an abdominal surgery procedure, the umbilicus, or navel, must usually be moved by a subsequent incision. The “small scale” abdominoplasty method fixes the lower abdominal muscles while only removing skin and fat through a restricted flat swimsuit cut, leaving the navel in its original position.

Sometimes abdominal surgery and liposuction are combined to shape the sides. A small percentage of people decide to have a surgical procedure to simultaneously elevate, add volume to, or do both to their breasts. The combination of a breast lift and belly fold surgery is commonly referred to as a “mom makeover” strategy.

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