Things to Consider Before a Boob Job

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 November 2022

Have you already decided that you want breast implants? Have you been using Google to perform ongoing research? perhaps even reading blogs like this one? In making this significant decision, you are not acting alone. Many women going through the same process have many questions and worries about making the best decision for themselves. Even while research and preparation are essential, there are a few key features of breast augmentation you should be aware of before surgery. Here is a handy checklist with the top five things you should know before getting breast implants so that you are better prepared for this fascinating new advancement.


While doing your homework prior to surgery is important, many people forget that you still need to recover from surgery and prepare for the healing process. Patients must have their recovery space ready when they get home after breast augmentation because it’s a major treatment. Plan ahead to have extra help with care, movies, or books, as well as your pain medications ready and available, especially if you have children. Make sure you schedule adequate time off from work, the gym, and mothering. Overextending oneself could cause problems and possibly extend the time it takes for you to recover.


The most important step in the breast augmentation process is choosing a qualified plastic surgeon to do your surgery. The best outcomes will be obtained if you select a renowned plastic surgeon like Dr. Matteo Vigo. By speaking with other friends or family members about whom they have recommendations and further researching local surgical centres online, you can select the best plastic surgeon for you. In addition to being essential for the process itself, your surgeon will advise you on the best course of action to take before the procedure. Because they are the experts, pay attention to their knowledge.


Patients who are considering breast augmentation typically ask about the size, shape, and type of implants. Women today are more concerned with fitness and seek an enlargement that appears more natural. Women considering this sort of surgery must consider their lifestyle, body type, and overall goal, but keep in mind that every woman is different. Every breast augmentation process is different since every woman’s breast implant size (or CC) seems to be individual. Depending on the patient’s body type, chest width, and overall implant type, each augmentation has an own look.


If you’ve researched breast augmentation, you’ve probably read about how unhappy women are with their “new boob” after surgery. When you alter a physical feature of your body for aesthetic purposes, you run the risk of raising expectations. Patients must give their bodies the time they need to heal. There will be situations where they seem too big and you wish you had chosen a smaller size. There will also be times when they seem too small. Some people continue to wonder if their decision was the right one even after surgery. If you have any post-surgery “blues,” just keep in mind that they will pass and that soon your new breasts will seem like a natural part of you.


Just as you would with any form of cosmetic surgery, you must always be patient. Your body will change every week as it heals. You won’t really start to feel the full impact of your surgery for 6 to 9 months. So, be patient! Hold off on buying new clothes or bras until your wounds have fully healed and your breast implants have “settled in.” All too often, patients allow their joy at their improved appearance to take precedence over the truth that their bodies are still recovering. It’s an exciting metamorphosis, but if you give your body time to recover and your implants to settle in, you’ll appreciate the final result even more.

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