Plastic Surgery Dubai | 28 April 2024

For many women, a youthful, perky bust is a source of confidence in their feminine identity. Unfortunately, time and life experience have a significant impact on the appearance of breast shape and texture. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and even the natural aging process all work together to damage the integrity of your breast aesthetic. Since the problem typically derives from skin and breast tissue texture and tightness, no amount of diet or exercise will help remedy sagging breasts. The only option to reclaim a bust that looks as young as you feel is to undergo breast lift surgery.


Plastic Surgery Dubai

Plastic Surgery Dubai



Often, the effects of time and life experience warp your breast shape, producing sagging and pendulous contours. Sometimes, these changes affect one breast more than the other, leaving you with noticeably misshapen, mismatched breasts. Breast lift surgery corrects the shape of the breasts to provide you with a breast appearance you are excited to flaunt.


This procedure restores your natural breast texture, providing you with the satisfaction of once again having breasts that are voluptuous and more firm to the touch. It achieves this feat by removing excess skin to correct sagging and folding of the breast tissue.


When sagging occurs, a common condition that women exhibit is a repositioning of their nipples and breast projection. Rather than projecting slightly up or straight out from your body, the nipples and breast tissue begin to point downward. Breast lift surgery repositions the nipples and recenters the breast tissue to create a natural, robust appearance.

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