What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty Dubai | 11 May 2019

Blepharoplasty is one of the most commonly performed functional and cosmetic facial plastic surgical procedures. It is generally a safe and effective aesthetic treatment, which in the right hands, will offer significant improvement in appearance with a low risk profile. Blepharoplasty deals with the contours of the upper and lower eyelid space. In the upper eyelid, it concentrates the region between the eyebrow and the eyelashes. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty focuses on the area between the eyelashes and the cheek. In essence, this procedure concerns the removal of excess skin and muscle from these areas and either reduces or repositions the underlying fat to a more youthful configuration.

Understanding Ageing Changes Around The Eyes

The way that the eyelids change is complex. The skin changes are often the earliest signs. With age, the elastic fibres within the skin tissues are lost leading to a loss of resilience and sagging appearance of the skin. As the skin ages, the underlying orbicularis oculi muscle also loses tone and becomes loose with redundant bulk of muscle. A significant exacerbating factor is the forward movement of fat from the eye socket. This fat is normally retained by the orbital septum, which weakens with time and then allows fat to herniate forward causing the tell-tale bulges in the inner aspect of the upper eyelid and also lower eyelid bags. Another key ageing change is descent of the midface. A youthful lower eyelid harmoniously shares a contour with the cheek. The ageing lid often becomes disjointed from the cheek as the midface descends. These change are illustrated in the adjacent image. A final hallmark of the ageing eyelids is loss of volume. A youthful face is full of volume which is lost with age, causing lines and hollows and sometimes a gaunt appearance. It is often important to correct the midface descent and volume loss. Although this are all natural ageing changes, they are accelerated by smoking, sun exposure and hereditary factors.

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