Breast Augmentation Dubai | 10 April 2023

To recuperate well and get a good outcome, you must follow all of the directions that are given to you after the operation is complete. You agree to adhere to the rules as stated. Once you’re healthy, use this as a plan for progress. We address typical post-care contacts as well as significant wellness factors that should raise some red flags.

The following are typical breast development side effects and warning indications after a surgery employing silicone breast inserts:

One or more symptoms, such as shivering, hunger, or intermittent discharge, could appear. As your touch nerves heal and your skin, muscles, and tissue stretches to accommodate the inserts in your breasts, these occurrences are common. With the help of analgesics and muscle relaxants, you can handle any task. Your pain may be more limited if you have channels. The moment a discomfort becomes unbearable or chronic, it needs to be reported to our office.

This is common, and it will finally materialise over time. From the areolas, a very small amount of liquid or milk may also leak. If you feel that this is becoming uncomfortable or unnecessary, kindly let my staff know right immediately. As you get used to your implants, you might experience a heavy feeling in your chest. This will disappear two months after the operation. The skin of the breast may seem bright as it is developing. You could experience anything in your breasts as the healing process progresses, from a minor discomfort to a severe one. Please get in touch with our office as soon as the skin starts to turn red and feel heated to the touch.

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