Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 May 2023

The majority of my patients have rather simple plans for their breast augmentation surgeries. You might also need to consider having a breast lift if you are older (over 40), have had several pregnancies, or have lost a large amount of weight.

Implants alone can provide the lift required in the absence of additional surgical lifting in patients who have minor breast sagging and minimal extra (but good quality) skin. This is especially valid when the implants are positioned beneath the muscle. Placing the implant under the breast will assure perky, natural, and firm results if the patient has minimal sagging.

To get the best cosmetic result, a lift is required if the patient has poor skin quality, stretch marks, excessive amounts of sagging skin, low-resting nipples, or it looks that the skin, glands, and chest wall are not engaged. Although older women are more likely to fit into these categories, some younger women do as well. If you’ve given birth more than once, there’s a good likelihood that the breast tissue’s constant expansion and contraction has left loose skin, stretch marks, and diminished breast volume (particularly in the upper portion of the breast). Significant weight loss among women under the age of 40 is typically accompanied by flat, sagging breasts.  

Due to the extra intricacy, some surgeons steer clear of combining breast augmentation and lift surgery, although overall, mastopexy augmentation is usually less demanding and more affordable. Combining breast augmentation and lift surgery into a single procedure makes it simpler for the patient and increases the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome.

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