Plastic Surgery Dubai | 14 January 2024

Corrective PRP Therapy Treatment is a powerful treatment for a few circumstances and has been effectively used to further develop skin and hair conditions. I give the accompanying PRP medicines: PRP hair recovery and PRP skin restoration. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment isn’t ideal for everybody. Certain ailments and utilization of specific drugs might make your platelets less viable.

Outright Contraindications to PRP Regenerative Therapy:

– Platelet brokenness disorder

– Basic thrombocytopenia – exceptionally low platelet count

– Hemodynamic unsteadiness – exceptionally low pulse

– Septicemia or nearby disease to infusion site

Relative Contraindications to PRP Regenerative Therapy

– Ibuprofen and different NSAIDs use in the span of multi week of the PRP treatment.

– Corticosteroid infusion at treatment site (multi month)

– Fundamental utilization of corticosteroids (fourteen days)

– Diseases (hematopoetic-blood or bone)

– HGB < 10g/dl or platelet count < 105/ul


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