Tummy Tuck – Have Realistic Expectations

Tummy Tuck Dubai | 10 February 2019

By and large, your ability to conscientiously comply with post-surgery instructions will make a huge difference between mediocre and great outcomes. You have to strike a balance between speeding up recovery, so you can resume your daily routine as soon as possible, and not disrupting the healing process. Most women want to regain their pre-baby body or have a tighter and more toned tummy, especially after shedding the excess pounds.

A tummy tuck can dramatically restore a more youthful silhouette to your waist, but it’s at the cost of a slightly difficult recovery for the first few days or weeks. Several activities will be restricted for the first few months too. You will also feel sore and tight for about two weeks after surgery. Expect pain in the surgical area as well as your back. It will eventually subside, but it’s important to be mentally prepared for the procedure. You will need help getting up and using the commode for the first few days, but don’t spend all day sitting. You need to move around to get your muscles moving again and prevent blood clot formation in the legs. At the same time, avoid excessive walking, prolonged standing, or lifting for the first week following surgery. It’s helpful to pump your leg muscles every hour or so while sitting down or lying in bed. You will probably feel more comfortable walking in a bent-over “little old lady” position for the first week, and that’s okay. Move in a way that is comfortable for you. Even if you’re feeling good, take it easy after surgery. While it’s necessary for you to walk often during recovery, it’s equally important not to avoid overexertion or to do anything strenuous for several weeks after surgery. Overdoing it can put you back to square one and lead to complications such as swelling and increased pain. You will need to refrain from lifting more than 10 pounds for about six weeks.

Tummy Tuck Dubai

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