Tips for a More Comfortable Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tuck Dubai | 1 March 2019

If you’ve had one or more pregnancies or lost a significant amount of weight and you’re still left with excess skin and lax muscles that no amount of diet and exercise can fix, chances are you’re already looking forward to your tummy tuck. Before your surgery appointment, be sure you take time to plan ahead for your tummy tuck recovery. These tips can help ensure that you feel more comfortable as you wait to see your final results.

1. Lay a Strong Foundation- Your preparation for your tummy tuck can have a major effect on your recovery. Adopting a healthy diet, exercising to increase your strength and wellbeing and refraining from smoking will all stand you in good stead. Also, be sure to read over my post-op instructions and ask any questions ahead of time. For instance, unless you’ve had a drain-free tummy tuck, you may need to change or clean out drains as part of your recovery.

2. Rest, Rest & More Rest- Rest is an essential part of tummy tuck recovery and perhaps one of the most important tips for anyone considering the procedure. While it is good to rest during the recovery from a tummy tuck, it is very important NOT to put yourself on bedrest because this increases the risk of potentially fatal blood clots. Light daily movement is necessary.

3. Wear Your Compression Garments – I will provide compression garments and you should ensure you wear them as instructed. This stage typically lasts at least 5 days after your tummy tuck and possibly longer.  

4. Use Pain Meds Responsibly – Use your pain medications as prescribed but do NOT overuse them. Remember that “tolerable discomfort” is the goal, trying to be “pain-free” is unrealistic and will lead to overuse of the medications. Stick with your plastic surgeon’s advice and check with them before changing anything.

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