Tummy Tuck Dubai | 21 September 2021

Want to know the many Tummy Tuck Benefits and whether it’s really worth it? – A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat to produce a slimmer and more toned midsection. A ‘full tummy tuck’ also surgically tightens the abdominal muscles. This procedure is very popular amongst women after pregnancy or anyone after weight loss. A Tummy Tuck has a lot of benefits to offer.

1. You’ll Look Better Physically – especially in lingerie or a swimsuit

A major motivation for a tummy tuck is the improvements to your appearance. Tummy tucks can remove many ugly stretch marks, unsightly sagging skin, and stubborn excess fat, which can significantly improve your abdominal contours and body shape.

2. Your Clothes and Gym gear will fit better and flatter you

A tummy tuck can significantly improve how clothing fits so that it lies in more flattering positions on the body. You’ll be able to look great in the latest fashions and can avoid wearing baggy and daggy oversized clothing.

Tummy tuck Dubai

Tummy tuck Dubai

3. You’ll have Improved levels of Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

Because of the physical improvements from a tummy tuck, many patients develop an improved sense of confidence and self-esteem. Your new look body can help you be more positive, more energetic and feel more attractive,

4. You’ll have better Core Strength and a Sculpted Stomach

After major weight fluctuations or pregnancy, your stomach muscles can become weak, distended, or detached. Flaccid stomach muscles don’t respond to diet or exercise and require additional help.  The tummy tuck surgically tightens your stretched-out muscles to improve abdominal tone and core strength.

Having tummy tuck surgery can improve body shape in more areas than just the abdomen. Tightening the abdomen also tightens the mons pubis – no more fat upper pubic area or FUPA. The surgery can also enhance the appearance of your breasts and buttocks. Additional Liposuction can also help sculpt other areas of your body.

5. You’ll have improved Posture and Stand Straighter

When your abdominal muscles are tightened, your core becomes stronger. Tightened abdominal muscles provide better support for your spine, which allows you to sit and stand up straighter.

The removal of excess skin and fat also prevents the weight of your tummy from pulling you forward, thereby improving your posture.

Tummy Tuck Dubai

Tummy Tuck Dubai

6. You’ll suffer less Back Pain

As a tummy tuck tightens the core muscles and removes excess abdominal skin and fat, it allows the spine to align straight without pressure pulling it forward. Reduced forward pressure, straighter spine alignment, and increased core muscle strength can lead to a decrease in back pain.

7. You’ll be able to Exercise more easily

Having excess abdominal fat and sagging skin can inhibit range of motion and weigh you down, making exercise difficult. With these removed and your core muscles tightened, many exercises become easier and more enjoyable.

8. You’ll be motivated to Keep Weight Off

Research has revealed that bariatric patients who have surgery to remove excess skin are more likely to keep the weight off afterwards. The removal of abdominal fat also increases satiety by reducing the levels of appetite-affecting hormones. The tummy tuck effectively reduces hunger, helps facilitate exercise, and provides more motivation to stay on course. Patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle after their tummy tuck can expect to enjoy their new shape for a very long time.

9. You may benefit from Better Bladder Control (reduced incontinence)

If you experience urinary incontinence (the urgent need to pee) you may have improved bladder control after a tummy tuck. This is due to better core muscle strength. (see medical references below)

10. You’ll also have Reduced Health Risks

Many longer-term health problems arise from excess fat and skin in the abdominal area. These problems include everything from diabetes and fungal infections to heart disease, liver disease, heart attacks, and more. Excess fat and skin put pressure on the internal organs, inhibiting healthy function, and feeding them toxins.

Tummy tuck benefits also include improving your overall health and lowering the risk of any future medical problems.

Tummy Tuck Dubai



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