The Advantages of Natural Body Shaping

Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 24 November 2019

Many patients prefer to increase the volume of breasts and buttocks and reshape the body using their own fat tissue rather than synthetic implants. This choice is dictated by the desire to avoid risks and discomfort associated to surgery and the use of implants (contraindicated in some cases) and the desire to achieve natural results using the fat that is itself a physical component intended to confer volume and form. In body reshaping, unlike the artificial implants, the ADSC (adipose derived stem cells) together with a scaffold of autologous fat, provide greater flexibility making the intervention personalized and allowing any subsequent corrections such as in case of asymmetries.

How is Liposkill plus performed?

Liposkill plus consists in an implant of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from autologous fat, suspended inside a scaffold made of autologous fat. The procedure requires two different removal of adipose tissue for different purpose:

The first removal (circa 30-50 ml) is performed 10/12 days before the treatment and is used to obtain stem cells

The second one is performed the same day of the shaping body session to obtain fat tissue to use as scaffold for the stem cells. Therefore, Liposkill plus is a particularly suitable treatment for the volume increase of soft tissues (breast and buttocks) which determines at the same time a reduction of adipose tissue in the body districts from where is taken. Starting from an initial volume of adipose tissue between 30 and 50 ml, within 10 days you can get a variable number of cells, from 300 to 600 million.

What are the results to expect?

Liposkill plus restores the volume of soft tissues (as breast or buttocks) ensuring a natural appearance, through a treatment based on the implant of autologous adipose tissue added of expanded stem cells (body shaping). Individual results may vary depending on several factors, including the amount of available adipose tissue and the amount of volume that the patient desires to increase.

How long will the results endure?

The duration of the results in these kind of treatments is an essential parameter. Some studies have shown that the volume increase of soft tissues obtained through the implant of only fat is defeated with the loss of 86% of the mass after only 4 months from surgery. The reduction of the volume, in the same period, is however only 19% if the adipose tissue is enriched with stem cells, strengthening the greater stability that these latter have when take root in the implanted tissue.

What are the advantages?

Liposkill plus reduces the risks associated to invasive surgical procedures, limiting scarring and allowing a rapid return to normal daily activities. The results obtained through the implant of scaffold made of autologous adipose tissue enriched with stem cells are instantaneous, durable and personalized, because it has a greater flexibility in shaping the tissues, giving the contours and shaping exactly as requested by the patient.

In addition, the permanent implants require, usually, surgery under general anesthesia conditions, associated with other physicians and intra-operative risks. Liposkill plus instead avoid these complications being a procedure performed under sedation and local anesthesia.

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