Some of the most popular areas to treat with Botox

Botox Dubai | 7 May 2021

Probably the most well known regions to treat with Botox include:


The glabella (“Elevens”) alludes to the little region of the temple between the eyebrows. As we frequently utilize this muscle to make articulations, it can mean a portion of our most noticeable kinks and sections are framed around here. Loosening up the muscle and the strain in this space can decisively decrease lines and relax your facial highlights.


Generally a region treated in mix with the glabella and the crow’s feet, the temple is a trouble spot for some. As we age, the facial muscles and the fat cushions right in front of us shift and move down the face, making us look more seasoned, tired and very miserable looking. A limited quantity of Botox to this area can assist with lifting the temple line and lessen the weight pulling the elements down.


Shaped at the edges of our eyes, crow’s feet are much of the time a bogeyman of our patients’. While at times we can eliminate these lines totally, most – at any rate – will see a gentler and more youthful appearance around the eyes after Botox.

Botox Dubai

Botox can likewise be utilized for Hyperhidrosis

Similarly as headaches direct their victims’ lives, hyperhidrosis is an ailment that controls numerous parts of everyday exercises. Inordinate perspiring is frequently humiliating and badly arranged for individuals, however with normal Botox treatment, you can begin to deal with the issue and extensively lessen the sum you sweat.

7 May 2021 | Botox Dubai

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