Plastic Surgery Dubai | 8 September 2022

Skin ages inevitably; you cannot stop the passing of time. Cells become unsteady as a result of the gravity’s gradual effects. Additionally, several factors, including as exposure to the sun, toxins, inherited traits, food, and substance abuse, hasten maturation.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept having skin that is lazy and droopy. Skin repair does not, however, require a painful medical procedure with a protracted recovery period. Dr. Matteo Vigo provides innovative Renuvion/J-Plasma® skin correction to treat stretched skin and help you appear refreshed and active.

Helium plasma and radiofrequency energy are used in Renuvion/J-Plasma treatment to repair skin and enhance cell restoration. The method is safe and targeted, preventing any harm to surrounding tissue.

Because Renuvion/J-Plasma is even, regulated, and precise, it is suitable for a variety of therapy areas. Dr. Vigo creates a tiny entrance site just beneath the top layer of skin during the Renuvion technique, where he inserts the therapy device. The device then transmits radiofrequency energy under controlled conditions to align the skin. Helium gas is also sent in at the same time by the device to really cool the treatment area. The combined effect of warmth and cooling reaches the tissues just beneath your dermis, resulting in effective mending without surgery.

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