Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 October 2019

A smooth and youthful neck can accentuate the overall facial appearance and make a person look slimmer and attractive. At the time of pre-op consultation, the patient will have an opportunity to learn all about neck lift plastic surgery as well as familiarize themselves with the surgeon’s practice.

The patient should feel free to ask questions and clear any doubts and concerns they may have. They should know what a neck lift surgery can or cannot do for them, and what are its potential risks and benefits. The patient should also learn about the surgeon’s professional credentials and satisfy themselves completely before making a final choice.

Informed and Independent Decision

For any plastic surgery procedure such as neck lift, the candidate should be personally convinced about the surgery and the choice of surgeon. They should make the decision independently, without being influenced by what a magazine, celebrity or a friend may have to say. The patient will have to fill the consent forms prior to the surgery, which will mention that the patient is making a voluntary decision while being aware of the potential risks involved in the surgery.

The patient should review the surgeon’s website to learn about their professional credentials as well as other aspects of their practice. They should request for a brief office tour during the initial consultation, and may also speak to one of the staff members. Reviewing testimonials of past patients is also a good way to assess the practice from another patient’s perspective.

Key Questions to Ask

The patient may ask the following important questions during the neck lift consultation:

Are you board certified in plastic surgery, and if yes, from which board?

How many years of training and experience do you have in this field?

Have you previously performed neck and face surgery procedures?

Will you perform my surgery using general or local anaesthesia?

Do you have staff privileges at a local hospital or surgery center to perform my neck lift?

Do I make a good candidate for this procedure?

What kind of neck lift surgery technique would you use in my case?

Will I need to make any lifestyle adjustments before and after the procedure?

How painful will be my recovery, and when can I return to work after the procedure?

Are there any risks and complications that I should know of?

Will I have lasting scars on the neck after the surgery?

Can you show me neck lift before and after photos to understand the potential effectiveness of the procedure?

How much will the neck lift surgery cost me, including pre- and post-operative expenses?

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