Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 July 2023

The ears may be the first body component to grow to adult size. If the ear stands out too far, it could be seen. 2% of people believe that their ears stick out abnormally. The problem, which is often acquired, is caused by the absence of the unique ligament folds in the ear.

Bullying at school is typically the root cause of the majority of big ear issues in young people. Most medical professionals advise avoiding surgery to treat children’s protruding ears until they are old enough to understand what it entails. The youngster is likely to participate at this age and find pleasure in the outcomes. Keep in mind that not everyone who has an obvious ear wants it corrected. 

If medical operations are performed on children before they are old enough to understand them, they will suffer needlessly. Therefore, because the ear ligament is normally sensitive in the early years, exercises for different ears are rarely carried out on children under the age of five.

The exact modification of easily identifiable ears is referred to as “otoplasty”. The majority of medical professionals advise delaying this therapy until the child’s ears are fully formed, which is often around age eight. The right of the kid to make their own decisions is supported by certain specialists. There are several successful strategies that may be used with each child to address this issue; there isn’t just one.

Children frequently receive therapy that also includes a general sedative, even though adults can receive treatment while under local anaesthetic. A cut is made behind the ear, at the notch between the ear and the side of the head, during the procedure. A little portion of the ligament bowl (concha) may have been cut, the front of the ear may have been cut, or the ligament may have been secured with a fastener hidden in the rear if the ear was reshaped or twisted towards the head. When the skin is sealed off, the region is frequently covered with a bandage or piece of clothing to provide protection.

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