Lip Fillers – Look & Feel Younger – For Longer‎

Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 28 September 2019

Lip enhancements can provide a natural, fuller lip body and contour, and replace collagen loss. This lovely treatment can restore lips to their youthful plumper look.

Over the years have you noticed your lips becoming thinner and disappearing? Restoring the soft collagen in your lips giving you a natural, sexy fuller look again. You can enjoy using your favourite lipsticks and gloss, having the confidence your lips look beautiful and natural, helping frame the face.

Will It Look Natural?

Usually only 1ml of dermal filler is administered to the top and bottom lip. This gives a very natural result. Look Lovely Lip rules to ensure a natural look:

  • The lower lip should always be fuller than the upper lip. If the upper lip becomes bigger this gives a trout pout effect.
  • Full pouty lips can be sexy, but if you look like you are pouting even without making that facial movement, so all the time, you have too much filler in the lip. The full-pout is a clear giveaway you have over done it on the fillers.
  • The lower lip should be around 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip. Ratios are important. The upper lip should be slightly more than half the size of the lower lip to be natural. A thin upper lip can be augmented nicely with fillers to match the classic ratio.
  • do precise injections to give the best possible results.
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