Labiaplasty Has Functional & Cosmetic Benefits

Labiaplasty Dubai | 20 December 2022

During a procedure known as a labiaplasty, the labia minora, or inner vaginal lips, are surgically altered and enlarged. A labiaplasty removes excess tissue that has grown due to heredity, childbearing, stretching, or drastic weight loss. Consider undergoing a labiaplasty if your labia minora droops, is stretched, or causes you pain or discomfort. You could experience relief from:

feelings of embarrassment or discomfort

urinary tract infections frequently

itching and annoyance

labia that are twisted, turned, and tugged cause pain.

pain while riding a motorcycle, horse, or bicycle

awkward or painful interactions

difficulties with personal hygiene

You’ll feel less worried and have a better understanding of how your body will respond after labiaplasty if you know what to expect. Using this information, you may accept your role in contributing to a quick recovery. We’ll discuss what to expect before to, during, and after surgery. Dr. Vigo normally needs one to two hours to complete a labiaplasty. Some procedures, however, move more slowly. Dr. Vigo will give you a rough timeline for the procedure. Dr. Vigo’s clinic will provide you instructions on what time to show up for check-in and presurgical preparation. Dr. Vigo will give you anaesthesia and medicines to ensure that you are pain-free during your labiaplasty and to lessen pain afterward. Your vagina will be numbed prior to the procedure by local anaesthetic administered by Dr. Vigo. For 18 to 24 hours, it will be numb. Dr. Vigo will also recommend medication for post-operative pain control at home.

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