Fillers in Dubai | 13 September 2018

Dermal fillers are injected with tiny needles into the dermis or just below the dermis, depending on the area being augmented. Little or no pain is experienced because local topical anesthesia can be administered prior to the injections. Most of the top hyaluronic acid fillers available on the market today now include the freezing agent lidocaine in them, so freezing and the injections can happen all in the same step. The anaesthesia is also useful for decreasing any bruising that might occur. Slight swelling and mild irritation can be expected, but any potential client should not dismiss injectable fillers for this reason, as the results outweigh the minimal discomfort. As the initial swelling subsides, the outcome should be exactly what clients expect when injected by a reputable and licensed professional. All fillers will maintain the desired effect for at least 6 months, with some products lasting up to 7 years!

The duration of the filler varies from patient to patient before the body eventually breaks it down and metabolizes it.

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