Breast Augmentation Dubai | 13 February 2023

If the areola is facing downwards or, alternatively, if it is located below the natural crease of your breasts, a mastopexy or breast lift is typically necessary (the inframammary overlay.) As a day case operation, it is carried out under general anaesthesia, which means that more advanced sedation techniques are used to help patients recover from their procedures more quickly and return to work more quickly.

Because of the scarring associated with this particular bosom system, the cut destinations will be scrutinised closely during this methodology’s general restoration and reshaping of the bosoms. The following list includes many locations where the entrance points may be placed:

Periareolar mastopexy: This technique for elevating deals with the free/hanging skin or tissue envelope. In this situation, the incision is limited to the areolar perimeter alone and is commonly combined with an expansion to help restore lost volume. Although there is a chance that the added stress of the settling insert would distort the areolar, most patients find this approach to be successful. The advantage is that scarring is kept to a minimum.

Vertical – This technique really helps to reshape the breasts, but there will still be a visible scar running down the centre and underneath of the breasts. This method works well for breast lifts and lowers of any size without enlarging and adding additional weight to the bosom while it heals since the scar eventually blurs with time.

Conventional – This is by far the most popular and well-known treatment of inspire. Typically, your scar will start around the areolar, move upward and along the bottom of the breasts, and then cross the typical bosom wrinkle or inframammary overlay on a level plane. There is undoubtedly a concern about scarring, but with our expert aftercare team, your wounds should heal flawlessly and eventually disappear completely. This method normally integrates an expansion extremely well since the additional weight of your breasts is distributed evenly throughout all of the incision locations.

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