Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 21 January 2021

The skin of youthful hands is clear, has an even tone, is ‘full’ and flexible. Veins are just barely noticeable similar to the ligaments over the rear of the hands and fingers. With maturing and sun harm, the skin becomes dry with loss of flexibility and volume. Pigmentation shows up (age spots) as well as flaky sores, for example, actinic keratoses being potential antecedents of skin malignant growth. Loss of fat in the hand and decay or squandering of the muscles prompts diminishing of the fingers, conspicuousness of the knuckles, veins and ligaments.

With Dr. Vigo, the objectives of hand restoration are to reestablish a more young appearance of your hands, by reestablishing the deficiency of volume and lessening the presence of noticeable veins on the backs of the hands.

Hand restoration medicines can incorporate fat exchange or fillers to reestablish volume, like Ellanse; Laser 360 medicines for skin revival and skin fixing; steam vein evacuation to eliminate unattractive veins. We can likewise offer the expulsion of unattractive hand veins

Dr. Vigo is exceptionally mindful that your outcomes should be as a matter of some importance normal. The objective is to reestablish a more energetic appearance of your hands to praise your face. Utilizing a blend of cutting edge tasteful medicines and methods guarantee that you accomplish regular hand revival. The consequences of your hand program will endure from 6 to a year. Upkeep medicines are prescribed at 3 to 6 month to month spans.

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