Getting vitamins and minerals through IV infusion

Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 March 2020

Receiving vitamins and minerals through IV infusion has become increasingly popular, but what exactly is it and how do they help you? You might typically think of intravenous therapy as being a common part of hospital treatment, where an IV bag is placed beside a hospital bed with a needle attached for purposes of rehydration. Certain IV infusions that contain high amounts of glutathione, vitamin C, and magnesium have become increasingly sought after because of their positive effects on skin and hangover recovery. In addition, shifting your diet to become more whole and balanced is always recommended. Intravenously injecting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals allow for the bypassing of the complex and multifaceted digestive process and goes straight into your bloodstream making them more bioavailable. You may also feel the effects faster than you would be taking them in supplement form.

Some important ingredients found in IV drips include:

Magnesium – plays an important role in glucose metabolism, protein synthesis, cardiac and smooth muscle contractibility, and nerve function

Vitamin C – assists in collagen production, plays a role in neurotransmitter and hormone balance, serves as an antioxidant – protecting our cells from free radical damage, prevents aging, and boosts immune system

Glutathione – found in every cell in the human body, this powerful antioxidant helps to protect our cells from and alleviates oxidative stress that leads to cellular damage and premature aging

Vitamin B12 – regulates red blood cell function; deficiency in b12 includes a type of anemia that will result in weakness and fatigue

Proline – an amino acid that serves as a collagen building block and helps to repair damaged skin. It’s also important for supporting gut health and healing leaky gut

Taurine – the most abundant amino acid, taurine plays an important role in regulating hydration, supporting central nervous system function, and serves as an antioxidant

IV drips are highly sought-after because of their ability to restore hydration within our cells, prevent cellular aging and enhance digestion, among the many other benefits. They are surely making their way out of hospital settings and into the world of preventative medicine and wellness.

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