During your discussion with Dr. Vigo, he will play out an actual assessment and survey your objectives for body lift treatment. Together, you will choose the most gainful mix of techniques to furnish you with the most sensational outcomes that will feature and upgrade your elements. A full body lift might remember any of the accompanying strategies for the upper, mid, and lower segments of your body:

– Abdominoplasty, or stomach fold, eliminates overabundance skin and fat from the midsection for a more tight and more conditioned waist

– Thigh and leg lift eliminates skin and fat stores from the thighs and legs for additional characterized thighs and calves

– Butt cheek lift can cut back skin and excess to lift and reshape the rear end

Arm lift, or brachioplasty, can eliminate overabundance, balancing skin from the upper arms

– Bosom lift eliminates overabundance skin and tissue to arrange the bosoms in a higher position

Every one of these systems will eliminate abundance tissue to fix and tone your skin for further developed shapes in that particular region. Dr. Vigo underlines clear superficial objectives for his patients as a whole.


While every one of these strategies all alone can create quality outcomes, when at least two are joined, your outcomes can be much more sensational. Advantages of a full body lift might include:

– Evacuation of overabundance, hanging skin for a slimmer figure and to kill

  medical problems like rashes or skin contaminations

– Firm, conditioned, and smoother skin that highlights your weight reduction


– End of folds of skin, making individual consideration more straightforward

– Practice and other proactive tasks might be simpler from there, the sky is the limit


– More extensive assortment of attire choices

– Restored and more energetic appearance

– Further developed certainty and mental self view

During your meeting, Dr. Vigo will frame the particular advantages you might see from a full body lift in view of the customized blend of methods you pick.

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